How to access Indian Netflix abroad?

By | June 24, 2016

Indian Netflix abroadDo you want to access Indian Netflix when you are in another nation? Do you have some Indian TV series or film that you want to watch that is available only for Netflix members in India? This is how you can access and watch Netflix in India while abroad.

If you want to watch Netflix in India when abroad you will need to get yourself a subscription to a VPN provider with servers in India. But, that is not enough because most VPN providers are blocked by Netflix, but there are some still working and here in this article I will tell you which VPN service you can still use for the purpose of getting access to Indian Netflix when abroad.

If you try this and bump into trouble please tell me as you write a comment beneath and I will come up with another working method instead. But, unless you read something else the method here should be working very nice and you can try it and use it to watch Indian Netflix. To get access to other Netflix regions follow these instructions.

This is how you get access to Indian Netflix

To watch Indian Netflix abroad, do as follows.

  • Get yourself a subscription to the VPN provider IPVanish.
    Visit the IPVanish website
  • Download the IPVanish client to your platform.
  • Connect to IPVanish server in India
    • Not all servers are working, but these are for sure working: bom-c05 (Mumbai), del-c02 (New Delhi)
  • Restart your browser or Netflix application and you are now ready to access Indian Netflix while abroad.

Enjoy watching and if you have questions or comments, just write a comment. And do not forget that you can use your Indian IP address also watch the fantastic TV channel StarSports in India online.

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