Can I stream Miracles from Heaven on Netflix?

Are there miracles in this world today? Maybe it would be a miracle if you could stream Miracles from Heaven on Netflix? It can be done, but maybe not in your region! If you want to know more about Miracles from Heaven, then I suggest you read the following Miracles from Heaven review for more information. In short the movie is about a Christian family who suddenly gets their lives… Read More »

Can I watch Finding Dory on Netflix?

Finding Dory is the big Pixar production from 2016, following up the legendary Finding Nemo. Now you can watch Finding Dory on Netflix, but in which regions? People who love a good animated movie, will for sure enjoy Finding Dory. It is among the best animated movies created in 2016, but unfortunately it did not end up on the list of the five nominated movies for an Academy Award in… Read More »

Can I watch Arrival on Netflix?

Arrival is by many said to be one of the best movies in 2016. Would you like to stream Arrival on Netflix? Is it possible to watch Arrival on Netflix? If yes, where? I have read the opinions of quite a lot of people concerning the best movies in 2016. On quite a lot of lists the movie Arrival was included, and that is why I looked very much forward… Read More »

Watch One Direction: This Is Us on Netflix

Would you like to watch This Is Us on Netflix, the NBC series? You can not do so at the moment. But, if you want to watch One Direction: This Is Us  then you have a way better chance of success. In the start of February 2017 the One Direction: This Is Us  was added to lots of Netflix region. Among the lucky people living in for example Ireland, Canada,… Read More »

Watch Pixels on Netflix

I remember watching Pixels in the cinema and I really enjoyed it. Now two years later I still like the movie, but I would probably not watch it on Netflix again! Since I watched Pixels in the cinema I have watched it once more at home. I enjoyed the movie the second time as well, but then I watched it with some people who did not really enjoy games in… Read More »

Can I watch 24: Legacy on Netflix?

24: Legacy just premiered on Fox following Super Bowl 2017. I have just watched the pilot episode and enjoyed it. But, can I watch 24: Legacy on Netflix? Or where to watch it? I must admit that as I watched 24: Legacy I did not do so on Netflix. And luckily I did not have to download it illegally using a Torrent system or so on. Unfortunately 24 Legacy can… Read More »

Watch Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix

Pitch Perfect is a movie about a group of girls singing a cappella and turning into big stars. In Pitch Perfet 2 the girls return, but this time their goals is to win an international competition. I watched Pitch Perfect 2 a while ago and I must admit that the movie was quite okay to watch. It wasn’t a movie I will want to watch repeatedly, but just like its… Read More »

Watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on Netflix

It has been a while since I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I am still quite depressed thinking about the movie, but if you want to watch it, then you might be lucky. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now on Netflix! I like Batman, at least most of the time, and I like Superman. I therefore had great hopes for Batman v Superman, even though the… Read More »