Coming to Canadian Netflix July 2017

July is gonna be one of the most crazy months on Canadian Netflix ever with fantastic titles arriving like Rogue One, Arrival and Hacksaw Ridge. As I just scrolled through the list of titles arriving to Canadian Netflix in July, I was simply shocked. It was a total awesome list, and not just because of the new blockbusters from 2016, but also because of the great old movies returning to… Read More »

10 movies to stream on Netflix this summer (2017)!

The summer has already started and you might be looking for inspiration and advises on what movies to stream on Netflix this summer. Here are my advises and tips! New movies are often the most interesting to stream, because you haven’t seem them before. But, there are also some great old movies that is worth recommending. Here is a list of 10 movies that I can recommend to any movie-lover… Read More »

Watch Lion on Netflix

The movie from 2016 titled Lion was among the highlights of the year. It is based on A Long Way Home, a book written by by Saroo Brierley with Larry Buttrose. Now you can stream the movie Lion on Netflix. The movie Lion was nominated for as much as six Academy Awards, but it did not win any single statues. It has however won lots of other prices and it… Read More »

Watch Timeless (NBC series) season 1 on Netflix

Timeless is the name of an NBC TV series that was launched in the autumn of 2016. It only survived its first season, and that season can now be streamed on Netflix. I was very open to Timeless, and I streamed the first episode on Hulu just after it aired in the United States on NBC. I did not fall in love at once, and the biggest problem was that… Read More »

Where to watch War Machine online? On Netflix of course!

Did you know that the War Machine (2017) movie was created for and by Netflix? That is why you will not find it on other streaming services. Want to watch War Machine online? Visit Netflix is on the move when it comes to producing movies, and they are going crazy bringing movies straight to the user, instead of first showing them in theaters and then releasing them to the… Read More »

House of Cards season 5 is now online

The new House of Cards season just went online. If you haven’t started yet, find some popcorn and start watching the fifth season right away. I am not a big fan of House of Cards myself, but I have several friends who are crazy about the series, and who have been waiting for the new season to arrive for months. Well, the waiting time is now over, and the most… Read More »

Coming to Canadian Netflix in June 2017

June will be a month on Canadian Netflix without big blockbusters. But, fans of original Netflix productions will still have a lot to look forward to. A new season of Orange is the new Black is of course among the highlights on Netflix in June. But, the original Netflix productions do not only come to Canadian Netflix, but all other regions as well, so that might not be that interesting.… Read More »

When can I watch Grey’s Anatomy season 13 on Netflix?

I would love to watch the 13th season of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. When will it arrive? Do I have to wait much longer? I am not a big Grey’s Anatomy fan myself, but during the first two seasons I was. Now I only have family-members following Grey’s Anatomy, and because of Hulu they have already seen the episodes in season 13 already. but, if you are a fan of… Read More »

Coming to US Netflix in June 2017

With June the first month of summer is upon us, and this summer a new season of Orange is the New Black might be the biggest highlight on US Netflix. Here you can take a look at the full list of titles coming to US Netflix in June 2017. June 1 1 Night (2016) 13 Going on 30 (2004) ( Arrow: Season 5 (2016) Burlesque (2017) Catfight (2016) Catwoman… Read More »