Do you get the Netflix streaming error message?

Are you one of the many people suffering from Netflix streaming errors like the following: F7111–1331–5059 (or an error code somewhat similar)? Those getting this error message all have one thing in common and that is that they have been using either a VPN service or maybe a DNS service to watch Netflix. Maybe you did not even know about it, or maybe you knew, but now you have a… Read More »

My First Love – a New Netflix original from South Korea

Netflix seems to like South Korea and South Korean creativity, because for the second time in a short while they have announced another South Korean production to go global on Netflix. Last week I wrote about The Love Alarm, a series based on an alarm that goes off whenever someone has romantic feelings for you within a 10 meters proximity. On September 14th, a brand new cooperating was announced. The… Read More »

Love Alarm – sounds like a great series!

Netflix just announced that they will launch the Korean series Love Alarm to the international audience sometime in 2019. What is Love Alarm all about? Can you imagine walking around on the street, and whenever someone within a radius of 10 meters has a romantic feeling for you, the love alarm starts beeping on your mobile phone? That is the storyline of the Korean series Love Alarm, which will go international… Read More »

Have you tried the (Net)Flix Roulette? Is it worth it?

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the nEnhancer. Today, I have tried the so-called Flix Roulette, a tool that will help you find random content on Netflix based on your preferences. We live in a world in which it is quite easy to get bored, at least if you have too much time left-over after work (or instead of work). Maybe you are a super smart student… Read More »

New on Canadian Netflix in September 2018

September is the month when we return to our normal lives after a long summer holiday. But, what are you going to stream on Canadian Netflix in September? If you scroll through the list of content coming to Netflix in Canada in September 2018, there are a few things I noticed. First of all, the arrival of Black Panther on September 5th. This (almost) brand new Marvel movie has already… Read More »

When can I watch Cuckoo season 4 on Netflix?

The fourth season of Cuckoo premiered on BBC 3 in England on August 3rd. I have watched all six episodes already, but the question on everybody’s mind is, when will Cuckoo season 4 come to Netflix? We all had to wait for a long time for the fourth season of Cuckoo. It took years for BBC to produce the season, but then it suddenly showed up in August 2018. I… Read More »

Watch The Foreigner on Netflix

Yesterday I wanted to check if my instructions on how to access UK Netflix still works. As I did the test, I discovered the movie The Foreigner with Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan! I didn’t know anything about the movie, but it was something about it that made me curious. I have never seen a Jackie Chan movie earlier, so I thought now would be a perfect time to give… Read More »

Using the Netflix Enhancer (nEnhancer) – Is it worth it?

I will be testing some Netflix plugins in the coming days, and share my thoughts about them here. Today I have tested the so-called Enhancer, or Netflix Enhancer, or nEnhancer… different names for the same plugin. The Netflix Enhancer plugin is a plugin that will help you understand more about a movie before you start watching it. The most important function I have discovered is the way it shows you… Read More »