Can I watch Blade Runner on Netflix?

Blade Runner 2049 is currently in theaters across the world, and I just watched it. But, I haven’t seen the original movie yet. Can I watch the original Blade Runner movie on Netflix? The original Blade Runner movie was made back in 1982. It has turned into a cult-movie, and it has millions of fans worldwide. The original movie still has a great 8,2/10 score at IMDb, and people were… Read More »

What should I watch on Netflix tonight?

Are you looking for suggestion on what to stream on Netflix tonight? Let me encourage you to think out of the box! Are you a person who like to ask Google questions? Maybe that is what you just did, and your question was simply: “What should I watch on Netflix tonight?” Google probably didn’t answer your question, but hopefully, I will help you out with this article. I want to… Read More »

Always up to date on how to stream American Netflix abroad

Are you looking for a method that will let you stream American Netflix abroad. Look no further, as this blog is updated several times a week to make sure that the methods we recommend work. Would you like to find out how you can access American Netflix right away? Click the link above, and you will be taken to my dedicated article, telling you, how to access American Netflix all… Read More »

Coming to Canadian Netflix October 2017

October will be  quite a boring month on Canadian Netflix, at least if you expect big Hollywood movies to arrive. If you rather appreciate Netflix originals, then October will be a thrill! Canadian Netflix is normally my favorite Netflix region for one simple reason; this is were you can stream the Hollywood blockbuster movies first. Every month they normally add some great new titles for us film fans to stream,… Read More »

Coming to US Netflix in October 2017

Would you like to know what’s coming to US Netflix in October 2017? Look no further, the complete list is right here! As you scroll through the list you will be amazed at the amount of original Netflix productions on the list. In October we will be able to stream several Netflix original movies, for example The Babysitter (a movie about which I could not find any trailer online), Wheelman… Read More »

The Saint is now on Netflix

Would you like to watch The Saint on Netflix? In this action movie, you will meet Simon Templar, a thief stealing from the wealthy/bad and giving to the needy. The Saint is now available in all Netflix regions (I think), but please correct me if I am wrong. Write a comment and let me know if you live in a nation in which you cannot stream The Saint on Netflix.… Read More »

Do different Netflix plans get different movies?

Someone just told me that I could watch this great movie on Netflix, but I couldn’t find it, even though my friends can. What is wrong? Is it because they have a more expensive subscription or something like that? As you might know, there are different Netflix subscriptions available. But, those subscriptions have nothing to do with content, purely with how many devices you can use simultaneously and the quality… Read More »

Have you watched Naked on Netflix yet?

Did you enjoy the movie Groundhog Day? If your answer is yes, you might enjoy Naked as well. Or you might just hate it! Naked is a Netflix original movie that was released on August 11th in 2017. I was immediately interested in the movie, mostly because it had a plot quite similar to Groundhog Day. I remember when Edge of Tomorrow was released a few years ago, I was… Read More »

Is it possible to stream The Dressmaker on Netflix?

The Dressmaker is a movie from 2015 starring Kate Winslet. She has received lots of praise for her role, even though the movie itself has gotten mixed critics. I remember watching the movie on Amazon Prime and at the start of the movie I saw the text presenting the movie as an Amazon Original. For that reason, I never expected The Dressmaker to come to Netflix. In the same way… Read More »