Can I watch Braveheart on Netflix?

Can I watch Braveheart on Netflix? The answer is that since April 1st you can watch Braveheart on US Netflix, but unfortunately it is not yet available on UK Netflix (yet). So, that is the answer at the moment, but hopefully it will change in the future and become available worldwide on all the different Netflix subscriptions in all nations! If you want to sign up for a US Netflix… Read More »

How to watch Netflix in Ukraine?

Do you live in the amazing nation of Ukraine? Even though it might be a bit messy politically, it is still a beautiful nation with nature, hills, great biathlon talents and lots of people who love a good film. So, what can those film lovers do to be able to watch Netflix in Ukraine? Since Netflix in not available in Ukraine you need to make some changes that will make… Read More »

Why will I enjoy a Netflix subscription?

Did you know that there are daily new films and series added to Netflix? It is not a made and finished catalogue, but a catalogue on the move, always getting better and bigger for every single day. There are tons of films and documentaries already available at Netflix, but just take a look at this list presenting new films and series that were added on March 1st, 2014. Netflix keeps… Read More »

How can I watch US Netflix on Xbox, Playstation and Wii from abroad?

If you are abroad and have your Xbox, Playstation or Wii in your suitcase brought with you so that you can watch US Netflix from your current location, then you will be sad as it does not work in the first place, and then you will soon become happy as you find out how to make it work anyway! Keep on reading to find out how to watch US Netflix… Read More »

Do I need a UK card to pay for UK Netflix?

Maybe you consider getting yourself a subscription to the UK Netflix. Or maybe you consider whether to go for a UK Netflix or a US Netflix account. This can be a hard decision, but one thing that might talk in favor of the UK Netflix is that it is easier with payment. To pay for your US Netflix account you need a US Payment card, or you need a US… Read More »

Why can’t I watch Netflix on my tablet abroad?

If you are located outside the nation in which you have your Netflix subscription, you will get some trouble as you try to watch Netflix on your tablet. If you do not have a Netflix subscription at all you will not even be allowed to download the Netflix application from Google Play. Luckily there is a solution to both problems! I can not download the Netflix app from Google Play… Read More »

Why can’t I download the Netflix app from Google Play?

If you are in a nation in which Netflix does not really exist and try to download the Netflix app to your Android phone or Android tablet, you will be surprised to find out that you do not even find the app in Google Play.So, what can I do to find the Netflix app and download it in such a situation? Google Play uses a so called geo-block which makes… Read More »

How to watch Netflix in Pakistan?

Are you currently in Pakistan and want to watch Netflix? Do you already have a Netflix subscription and want to enjoy it, even when on holiday in Pakistan? Or are you living permanently in Pakistan and just want to sign up for Netflix and enjoy their services in Pakistan? If you have come to this page, you have probably seen the following picture before arriving. That is a screenshot showing… Read More »

How to watch Netflix in Turkey?

Are you located in Turkey and long for a good film? Maybe some friend at Facebook has told you about this great show available at Netflix, and now you are willing to do anything to watch it yourself. The only problem is that the Netflix site give you the following error message: “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet. Enter your email & we’ll let you know when… Read More »

Can I pay for US Netflix with Payoneer?

Payoneer is a wonderful way of getting a MasterCard, a debit card, which can be ordered online and everyone can get it. In addition they have a great solution, meaning that if you let us refer you as you sign up, you will get a 25 USD bonus! Of course that is great, but more important, can I use Payoneer to pay for my US Netflix account? The problem is… Read More »