Netflix to launch on September 16th in Germany

September 16th is the date on which Netflix will be launched in Germany. Can’t wait for it to happen, right? There will of course be lots of Hollywood productions and films included in the catalogue available to subscribers from day one, but in addition Netflix has gotten the rights for some very popular German productions such as Stromberg, Die Sendung mit der Maus and several others. Just wait for some… Read More »

Good Morning Vietnam on US Netflix

It has only been a few weeks since the death of Robin Williams shocked the world. Now the film that by many is considered to be the greatest of all in which Robin Williams played has been released on US Netflix, Good Morning Vietnam. Good Morning Vietnam is the story of the DJ played by Robin Williams who is sent to run the radio station in Vietnam. The film was… Read More »

Asterix films on UK Netflix

Just today Netflix added two new Asterix films to UK Netflix, meaning that Netflix subscribers in the United Kingdom can watch their favorite heroes Asterix and Obelix as they go out on big adventures and annoy Ceasar.   The two films that was added to UK Netflix today were: Asterix: The 12 tasks Asterix the Gual Both films are old classics, but they are just as much fun as newer… Read More »

Tintin has arrived on UK Netflix

The Adventures of Tintin, the legendary cartoon detective, has finally arrived on Netflix in the United Kingdom. What is great is that it is not only one season of Tintin that has arrived, but they just added three seasons at once, so be ready for some great adventures as you watch Tintin, born in Brussels, on Netflix. Be aware of the fact that Tintin might be scary for the smallest… Read More »

BoJack Horseman on Netflix

One of the main reasons to get yourself a Netflix subscription is to be able to watch the original Netflix series. We all know House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Lilyhammer, but as of August 22nd we have been introduced to a new guy, BoJack Horseman. If you want to get to know BoJack Horseman, you just need a Netflix subscription, and you will then be able… Read More »

The Biggest Little Hero Axel on US Netflix

If you are in for a quite no name film with the voices of no name actors/actresses, the Axel: The Biggest Little Hero might be what you are looking for. The film has not received to good critics, and in the film you can follow a young man who turns into a big hero as he goes on a quest with a mission to find the Bonta Oasis. Might not… Read More »

How to watch Netflix in Portugal?

In a few weeks Netflix will be launched in six more nations in Europe, but Portugal is not among them. In other words, if you want to watch Netflix in Portugal you will need to make some minor steps to make it work. Read on! Netflix is only available in a few nations worldwide, and if you try to watch Netflix in Portugal, you will simply get an error message… Read More »

Oz The Great and Powerful on Scandinavian Netflix

Care for some magic? Ready to watch the terrible Oz fight some evil witches? Take a look at Oz The Great and Powerful which has just been added to Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish Netflix. Dont know if you really want to watch the film? Take a look at the trailer and make your own decision. Personally this film was not much of a highlight, in fact I found it… Read More »

Mission Blue on Netflix

Have you ever thought about how important the ocean is to the earth? If you haven’t thought about it recently, you are not alone, but Mission Blue is the documentary that will open up your eyes to the importance of our oceans and the importance of protecting them. Today overfishing and pollution are two great problems. The film has been directed by Fisher Stevens and the mind and person in… Read More »

New on US Netflix last week

We do not always have time to write separate articles whenever a film is added to US Netflix, but here you can see some of the titles that have been added to US Netflix during the last week. If you are a fan of cartoons, then The Nut Job might be a favorite of yours and a film to enjoy, but if you are more into action, then Drons from… Read More »