Netflix coming to new nations and other stuff

Netflix is growing bigger and bigger, and that is why they will soon open up in six new nations in Europe. For many that is great news, because by then it will be possible to watch Netflix in Germany without using a VPN, because it will be a very own Netflix available in Germany. If you want to know more about in which other nations Netflix will open, and when,… Read More »

Seinfeld coming to Netflix?

The rumors about Seinfeld coming to Netflix is all around the Internet, and we are probably not the only ones hoping for this to turn into a reality within shortly. Jerry Seinfeld was a fantastic comedy show that reached millions of people worldwide, and if it would now turn available on Netflix it would make old visitors and fans extremely happy, and of course make the show reach out to… Read More »

Luther Season 3 on UK Netflix

Luther Season 3 has just been made available on UK Netflix. This popular BBC series has turned really popular worldwide, and if you want to see how Luther solve strange cases in quite special ways, then this is the TV show for you. It is worth knowing that Luther can be quite brutal and it is not a totally standard crime story like Sherlock Holmes or maybe Bergerac. The stories… Read More »

Netflix coming to Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxemburg in September

Netflix has had an amazing year so far and they recently passed more than 50 million users worldwide. That number will soon grow with several million within a very short time, because in September Netflix will be made available in six new European nations; Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxemburg. We do not have the exact date yet for the time when Netflix will be made available in these… Read More »

Baby Daddy Season 3 on US Netflix

Get to know Ben, a guy who suddenly became a dad as someone dropped of a baby by his house. Now he is working his but of to make things work, meanwhile learning the joys and sorrows of parenthood. Baby Daddy is the name of the show and season 3 has just been made available on US Netflix. In other words, if you are ready for watching Baby Daddy and… Read More »

Watch Orange is the New Black, Lilyhammer, Hemlock Grove and other Netflix series and shows on Netflix all across the world

Netflix is no longer just a site at which you can watch series and films made by others. Netflix produces more and more stuff themselves, and their home made series are award winning and simply great to watch. The most famous and popular shows at the moment are Lilyhammer, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove and let us not forget House of Cards. These are all incredible series and… Read More »

Hitch now on US Netflix

If you are a fan of Will Smith and Hitch, then you will be pleased to find out that this film from 2005 has now been made available on Netflix in the USA. This is a comedy with Will Smith in the main role, playing a guy with expertise in the area of helping men find their dream girl. But, as always in films such as this one, the dating… Read More »

Hemlock Grove season two now available on Netflix

Maybe you have been waiting even more for season two of Hemlock Grove than you have been waiting for season two of Lilyhammer? In both cases July 11th is a beautiful day for you, because today Netflix made season two of both series available online on Netflix. Hemlock Grove is a kind of dark story about a girl that has been murdered, and now they are looking for the one… Read More »

Lilyhammer season 2, now on Netflix

Lilyhammer is a very popular Netflix series that received lots of praise and good critics for its first season. This week the second season was made available on Netflix as well, so if you are interested in watching Lilyhammer Season 2, then you can do so now. Lilyhammer Season 2 has been made available on both US Netflix, UK Netflix and for example Norwegian Netflix, so there are lots of… Read More »