• How I Met YOur Mother
    US Netflix news

    How I Met Your Mother season 9 on US Netflix

    Are you a fan of How I met your Mother? Have you seen everything, except from the last season of How I Met your Mother? Then this is good news, because the last season of How I Met Your Mother can now be seen on US Netflix. How I Met Your Mother is the amazing story where Ted tells his children how he met their mother. The last season is therefore very interesting, because that is when we actually get to the end of the story, and we get to know their actual mother and the circumstances in which they met. So, if you have not seen it yet, go…

  • Veggietales on Netflix
    General Netflix News

    Veggietales coming to Netflix

    Quite some years back in time Veggietales was made available on Netflix, but at the moment you can unfortunately not watch them online anymore. However, in one month from now a brand new Veggietales production named Veggietales In The House will come to Netflix, presented as a Netflix Original production. This new production will be produced by Dreamworks (together with BigIdea) and since we have not seen any of the episodes yet, we can not guarantee anything, but it will probably keep up the faith spreading messages from the Bible as you get to know the famous charactery such as Larry the Cucumber, Bob the Tomato, Junior Asparagus, Madame Blueberry…

  • Homeland
    TV Series,  UK Netflix news

    Homeland season 3 on Netflix

    Homeland is one of the most popular series seen in the world today, and just recently the fourth season had its premiere on US TV. On the same day as the premiere of the new season, the previous season (season 3) was made available to Netflix users in the United Kingdom. If you are new to Homeland it can be useful to know that the first three Homeland seasons are available on UK Netflix, so if you get yourself a UK IP address and a UK subscription to Netflix, you can easily watch all the first three seasons legally and easily online. If you have an American or some other…

  • The Blacklist
    US Netflix news

    Watch The Blacklist on Netflix!

    We have good news to people who have seen The Blacklist season 1 already, and if you have not yet seen it, but you are looking for a very good TV show with James Spader as the main actor, then this is it. I have personally watched some The Blacklist episodes earlier in the year, and I truly liked them. They can at times be a bit brutal, not not at all bad compared to other TV series and shows available out date, so if you want some action, then take a look at The Blacklist, you will for sure enjoy it. And what is great with Netflix is that…

  • Thomas and Friends on Netflix
    Questions and answers

    Can I watch Thomas and Friends on Netflix?

    If you have kids in your home, then they will love Netflix. But, if you are currently considering whether to sign up or not, and one of the things that matter is whether you can watch Thomas and Friends on Netflix or not, then here comes your answer. I just checked both the UK and the US Netflix, and there are quite a lot of Thomas and Friends film available currently. It is though important to know that from time to time films are added and films are removed from Netflix, so I can not guarantee that all these films will be there if you want to watch them in…

  • 5 reasons to sign up for a netflix account

    Five reasons to sign up for a Netflix account

    Want to sign up for a Netflix account? Or maybe you are insecure? Here you can find five reasons that we believe might convince you to sign up for a Netflix account and to get started today watching and enjoying the shows and programs available online. Five reasons to sign up for a Netflix account Fantastic Netflix productions You can watch fantastic TV shows produced by and for Netflix. Such shows are for example: Lilyhammer, Hemlock Grove, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and several others. Whenever and wherever you want to You can watch Netflix whenever you want and wherever you want. If you wait in line…

  • netflix-and-vpns

    Netflix and VPNs

    Are you using a VPN to watch Netflix? That can be a very wise thing, and there are several reasons why you might be using a VPN to watch Netflix. Many people believe the only reason to use a VPN to watch Netflix is to be able to watch Netflix in countries in which it is unavailable, but they are really wrong to believe that. One of the reasons we are writing this article at the moment are the recent news telling about the fact that Netflix might do their uttermost to block users using a VPN from their services. In other words, people with IP addresses known to belong…

  • Doctor Who

    Watch Doctor Who on Netflix

    Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Now you can see lots of seasons and Doctor Who episodes on UK Netflix, of course if you have a subscription. Doctor Who is the famous time traveling doctor who takes us back and forth in history in his little blue box. So you want to watch Doctor Who on UK Netflix, but you are not located in the UK? Luckily that is something that can be fixed easily, and if you want to watch UK Netflix from outside the UK you can read more about that here. In addition to Doctor Who there are also lots of other series available on UK…

  • Watch Netflix in Egypt
    Netflix in Asia

    How to watch Netflix in Egypt?

    Egypt is a beautiful country with the pyramids, the Nile and other attractions worth experiencing. But, there is also something scary about the culture, not being able to drink the tap water and so on, and that is why while in Egypt you may long for some of the stuff available and possible for people in other parts and countries in the world, for example the privilege of watching Netflix. As you probably know Netflix is not yet available in Egypt, so as you try to visit the Netflix homepage from Egypt you will simply be told that it is not possible and not available in the country in which…

  • Doctor Who
    General Netflix News

    Netflix to launch on September 16th in Germany

    September 16th is the date on which Netflix will be launched in Germany. Can’t wait for it to happen, right? There will of course be lots of Hollywood productions and films included in the catalogue available to subscribers from day one, but in addition Netflix has gotten the rights for some very popular German productions such as Stromberg, Die Sendung mit der Maus and several others. Just wait for some more days, and you are ready to watch Netflix in Germany soon!