Can I watch Star Wars on Netflix?

By | December 4, 2015

Are you a Star Wars fan who would like to see one or all of the Star Wars films on Netflix? That is a good question, and to help you out I have written this article to give you information about available Star Wars films on Netflix!

I can not guarantee that this article will be up to date at all times, but I will do my best to give you information about whether or not you can watch Star Wars films on Netflix, and if yes, in which regions!

A new Hope Star Wars

So, can I watch Star Wars on Netflix?

At the moment you can watch the first of all Star Wars films, Star Wars IV: A New Hope. This film can currently be seen in South American Netflix regions, meaning that you can watch it in Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Argentina and in Costa Rica.

You can also watch The Force Awakens on Netflix (since July 26th in 2016). More information about The Force Awakens on Netflix can be found here.

What about the other Star Wars films on Netflix?

And what about the other films? At the moment you can not watch those on Netflix, but if I get information about any of them being added to Netflix, then I will write an article, or update this one as soon as possible!

If you have a problem with patience then you can watch all the Star Wars films on, so just click the link to get more information about that!

Also, if you want to watch Star Wars on Netflix, but can not do so because you are in a different region, then you can read more about changing Netflix regions in the following article.

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