Can I watch This Is Us on Netflix? (NBC series)

This Is Us was one of the most popular of all new TV series launched in the 2016-17 season. It received fans all across the world, and now you can watch This Is Us season 1 on Netflix.

The first season of This Is Us was a fantastic journey. The first episode is a bit strange, but once you truly understand the story, you will fall in love with all parts of it. Can you imagine following a family in the present day, but at the same time follow the same family in the past (as if it was in present day). How does the past influence the present life of the family? The creators of This Is Us has done a fantastic job creating this series, and it is no wonder that it was renewed for two new seasons at once (while all other TV series were renewed for one season only). People love This Is Us, and if you start streaming it, you are most likely to fall in love with This Is Us as well.

This Is Us on Netflix yeah

The second season of This Is Us will premiere on NBC on September 26th, but if you want to stream the first season of This Is Us on Netflix before that, then you better hurry up.

Watch This Is Us season one on Netflix

The first season of This Is Us will arrive on Canadian Netflix on September 20th. You will, therefore, have six days to watch the entire season if you want to be finished before the start of the second season on September 26th. The first season consisted of 18 episodes, which means that you can watch three episodes a day and be finished with the first season when the second starts on September 26th.

Doesn’t that sound great?

But, how can I stream This Is Us season 1 on Canadian Netflix if you live somewhere else?

It is quite easy to get access to Canadian Netflix. I have written an article on the subject in which I explain how you can watch Netflix in Canada abroad quite easily. This is a fantastic region, and in September users with access to Canadian Netflix can watch Beauty and the Beast, Why Him?, Assasin’s Creed, XXX: The Return of Xander and much more.

What about This Is Us season 2 on Netflix?

The second season will premiere on NBC on September 26th. It will probably take approximately one year for the second season of This Is Us to come to Netflix. If you do not want to wait that much, then you can stream this easily on the NBC website or on Hulu. Find out more about how you can watch Hulu from abroad or NBC from abroad by clicking the links.


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  1. Have you seen This Is Us yet? If not, get started right away. It has got to be the TV series of the decade, can’t wait for the new season to come!

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