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Want to find out what is the best content currently available on Netflix? In the posts in this category you can read more about the best films on Netflix in different categories, so get ready to find out which are the best romantic films on Netflix, the best actions films on Netflix, the best Christmas films on Netflix, the best Christan films on Netflix, the best thrillers on Netflix and so much more! Here you will simply get the best of Netflix!

10 movies to stream on Netflix this summer (2017)!

The summer has already started and you might be looking for inspiration and advises on what movies to stream on Netflix this summer. Here are my advises and tips! New movies are often the most interesting to stream, because you haven’t seem them before. But, there are also some great old movies that is worth recommending. Here is a list of 10 movies that I can recommend to any movie-lover… Read More »

The best Christmas movies on US Netflix [2016]

Christmas is soon here and you are desperate to get in the right Christmas mood. Why not watch a Christmas movie on US Netflix? Which movie to choose? I wrote an article back in 2015 presenting the best Christmas movies on Netflix then. Since that article was written a lot of things have changed. Most importantly it has become much harder to change your Netflix region, meaning that you will… Read More »

Top movies on Canadian Netflix right now!

Take a look at this new compilation presenting the top movies on Canadian Netflix right now. You will for sure be inspired! Have a look and start watching! Before you continue I would like to say that those located outside Canada should keep on reading. Even though you might currently be in the USA without access to Canadian Netflix, that is something that can be arranged. If you want to… Read More »

Best action films on Netflix

I like a good action film and since I have a Netflix subscription a good action film on Netflix is perfect entertainment for an evening together with some nachos and some salsa dip. But, which are the best action films on Netflix at the moment? Here you can find some of my favorites! Be aware of the fact that these films are all available at the time of writing, but… Read More »

Best children films on Netflix

Netflix has understood the importance of reaching the children and for children to love Netflix already fro young age. In that way they will for sure keep on using the services on their older days. That is why Netflix is packed with children films, and here I will mentioned some of the best children films on Netflix in these days. Notice that these films are available in the mentioned regions… Read More »

Best Comedies on Netflix

There is nothing like a good laughter and a good laughter is supposed to make our lives longer. So, why not take some hours to watch a good comedy on Netflix tonight? Here are some advices for funny films that you can watch on Netflix right now! Before you continue, please notice the following! At the time of writing all these titles were available on Netflix in the mentioned nations/regions.… Read More »