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    20 great movies to watch on Indian Netflix in 2019

    Are you living in India and want to find a great movie to watch on Netflix tonight? Or do you have access to Indian Netflix (outside India) and now you wonder what to stream tonight? Here I will present to you 20 great movies worth watching on Indian Netflix in 2019. India is an exciting country, and Indian Netflix is just as exciting as the country itself. Here you will find a fantastic mixture of local content and international content. In this article I will mention 20 movies that I believe will entertain you on Netflix in India. How can you access Indian Netflix abroad? Check this article! Since I…

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    Which are the best Christian movies on Netflix in 2018?

    Are you out there looking for a great Christian movie that you can watch on Netflix? I have just compiled a list and a video presenting the eight best Christian movies on Netflix (based on my knowledge and research). I will write more about the movies beneath, but first, take a look at the 3-minute YouTube video for more information about the different movies, and for a little taste about what they are all about. Notice that the video was created in November 2018, so this compilation will most likely remain true in 2019 as well. In other words, if you read this article or watch the video in 2019,…

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    What to watch on Netflix for Christmas 2018?

    It is finally here, the Christmas season. All across Europe, the annual Christmas markets are about to open, and Christmas music is banging the loudspeaker in malls all across the world. But, what are you gonna watch on Netflix for Christmas in 2018?  I have just made some hours of research looking for the best Christmas movies on Netflix at the moment. I wrote a similar article a few years ago, but since then the information is out of date, and new movies have been made. Well, not really – the best Christmas movies are the classics, those that just stays eternal, and you know there is no Christmas without…

  • Batman: The Dark Knight on Netflix
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    The Best Action Movies on Netflix in 2018

    It is September 2018, and the year is soon to end. But, why not watch a fantastic action movie on Netflix? Here you can see a list presenting some of the top picks in the action movie category on Netflix as of September 2018. The best way to know more about the best action movies on Netflix is by watching the video presentation beneath. Take a look at the movie to hear a small introduction of the movies, and to see some clips from all of them. Would you rather get a short written summary of the best action movies on Netflix? Here you can see a very short introduction…

  • Moana on Netflix Summer 2017
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    10 movies to stream on Netflix this summer (2017)!

    The summer has already started and you might be looking for inspiration and advises on what movies to stream on Netflix this summer. Here are my advises and tips! New movies are often the most interesting to stream, because you haven’t seem them before. But, there are also some great old movies that is worth recommending. Here is a list of 10 movies that I can recommend to any movie-lover for the summer of 2017. I should tell you that not all movies can be found on US Netflix, meaning that the movies described here can be found in a mixture of Dutch, Canadian, US, UK and German Netflix. Luckily…

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    The best Christmas movies on US Netflix [2016]

    Christmas is soon here and you are desperate to get in the right Christmas mood. Why not watch a Christmas movie on US Netflix? Which movie to choose? I wrote an article back in 2015 presenting the best Christmas movies on Netflix then. Since that article was written a lot of things have changed. Most importantly it has become much harder to change your Netflix region, meaning that you will probably just watch in the Netflix region you are currently in. And, which Netflix region is the most popular with most subscribers? US Netflix! So, here comes the list presenting the best Christmas movies on US Netflix in 2016. If…

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    Which is the best Netflix region?

    I have been using Netflix for years and I have been working with this site related to Netflix regions for a long time. Based on my personal experience this is the best Netflix region! Yesterday I went to a restaurant to eat trout. I really enjoyed my meal and considered it to be the best fish meal I have had for a good while. Some of the other people around the table tasted the trout as well, and they said: It’s not good at all… It lacks salt… It has to much fish taste to it… What’s the point? I ate a fantastic fish, while the others around the table…

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    Top movies on Canadian Netflix right now!

    Take a look at this new compilation presenting the top movies on Canadian Netflix right now. You will for sure be inspired! Have a look and start watching! Before you continue I would like to say that those located outside Canada should keep on reading. Even though you might currently be in the USA without access to Canadian Netflix, that is something that can be arranged. If you want to get access to these films on Canadian Netflix from abroad, simply press the link to find out how it is done. Best movies on Canadian Netflix right now If you read the articles in this blog continuously you already know…

  • Best films on Valentines Day
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    Best Valentines Day films on Netflix

    Valentines Day is approaching and maybe you want to make this a fantastic day with the one you love, and what can be better to do on such a day than to watch a romantic film? I have earlier written an article on romantic films on Netflix, but this is even more up to date, so here you will get some suggestions for some really romantic films worth watching on Netflix on Valentines Day in 2016. Do not forget that I can not guarantee for how long these films will remain available on Netflix and if you want to watch one of the films mentioned but use another Netflix region,…

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    Best action films on Netflix

    I like a good action film and since I have a Netflix subscription a good action film on Netflix is perfect entertainment for an evening together with some nachos and some salsa dip. But, which are the best action films on Netflix at the moment? Here you can find some of my favorites! Be aware of the fact that these films are all available at the time of writing, but I can not guarantee that they will be available at the time you read this article. Hopefully they will be though! If you want to know more about watching Netflix in different regions with one Netflix subscription, read the «Netflix…