Watch Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix

My favorite Marvel super-hero is without a doubt, Thor. He is strong, but he has a lot of humor. He is much more enjoyable to watch than Iron Man, he has a charm like few others, and his humor is even better than the one of Deadpool. So, how can you (and I) stream Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix?

There is something about the charm of Thor. He isn’t afraid when he faces death, he simply solves the problems with strength, a hammer, and with humor. It is so easy to watch the Thor movies, and I must say that I am a big fan.

thor ragnarok on netflix

The latest Thor movie is Thor: Ragnarok and it was released in November 2017. It was a great movie, and I enjoyed watching it. The movie isn’t short, so make sure to bring something to drink and some popcorn, because you will be stuck in front of your TV or monitor for more than 2 hours once you start streaming Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix.

But, how and where can you stream Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix? I have already written an article with general information on how and where to stream the Thor movies on Netflix but the most recent movie deserves a separate article, and you are reading it right now.

How to watch Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix

From June 5th you can stream Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix in Canada. This is the best Netflix region, simply because they give you access to the newest blockbuster movies first. You can read more about how to access Canadian Netflix in this article (if you live outside of Canada).

Great news – From June 5th you can also watch Thor: Ragnarok on American Netflix. Enjoy!

How did you like Thor: Ragnarok?

I totally enjoyed it, but I am a big fan, so I will enjoy the Thor movies no matter what. But, the conversations between Thor and the Hulk, for example, their battles, their friendship… it just makes this a legendary movie! But, I should not forget about Loki either, he is unpredictable, and he makes the Thor movies even more interesting. Do not miss out on Thor: Ragnarok, nor the other Thor movies… they are fantastic!

Watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix

Can I watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix? When will it come? Yes, you can watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix. Find information on how and where!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released before Christmas in 2017, and it was a great success, just like the other Star Wars movies. Personally, I enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens a bit more, but I had a great time watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the cinema as well. This morning I sat down to check out some Netflix news, and to my great surprise, I noticed that Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be added to Netflix in June 2018. It will for sure come to more Netflix regions within shortly, but Canadian Netflix is the first region to get this snack!

Watch Star Wars the Last Jedi on Netflix

On June 26th, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be added to Canadian Netflix. I have said it many times before, and still say it… Canadian Netflix is probably the best Netflix region when it comes to blockbusters. Want me to prove it? In June 2018 they will not only add Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but they will also add Lady Bird and another of my favorite movies, Thor: Ragnarok.

So, how can I stream Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix?

If you want to stream this movie on Netflix, you will need to get access to Canadian Netflix. That is an easy job because you need a VPN subscription to one certain VPN provider that will give you access to the region? Which VPN provider is that? I will not write it in this article, but if you read my guide to stream Canadian Netflix abroad you will find the answer.

More great news, from the same date you can also stream Star Wars: The Last Jedi on American Netflix, meaning that Canadian Netflix isn’t the only place to stream this movie.

Why don’t I write it here? From time to time VPN providers are blocked. So instead of giving an answer in all my articles that will be outdated with time, I keep one article in which the answer is given to make sure that you always find an up to date answer on how to stream Canadian Netflix from abroad.

What should I do until Star Wars: The Last Jedi is added on June 25th?

I know what I am going to do. I will stream Thor: Ragnarok on June 5th, and then I will watch a lot of football during the FIFA World Cup starting on June 14th.

How did you like Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Feel free to write a few words to share your thoughts about the movie. If you have a question about how to watch the movie on Netflix, please write in the comment field as well.


Coming to Canadian Netflix in June 2018

After some borings months, June will be a fantastic month if you live in Canada or know how to access Canadian Netflix from abroad. Thor: Ragnarok, Lady Bird, The Last Jedi – need I say more?

star wars the last jedi on netflix

If you like old classics, Notting Hill, Charlie Wilson’s War and Sense and Sensibility, might cheer you up. But, there is no doubt that most people will turn to Canadian Netflix in June to watch the three mentioned movies, Thor: Ragnarok, Lady Bird and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It is almost unbelievable that these movies can be streamed on Netflix already, but you read it now, it is true. From June 3rd you can stream Lady Bird, from June 5th Thor: Ragnarok, and from June 26th Star Wars: The Last Jedi. No need to worry about what you will do in between the matches played during the FIFA World Cup (which will start on June 14th)… you can stream these and other movies on Canadian Netflix.

It should also be mentioned that quite a lot of original Netflix movies and series will be added in June 2018, so check them out as well if you don’t like waiting for the next football match to start. You can check the full schedule for the FIFA World Cup here if you want to plan everything!

More important than anything… If you do not know how to access Canadian Netflix, check this article. It is up to date, and it will help you stream and watch Canadian Netflix content from all across the world. It is up to date, meaning that the method described works, and it will help you, even as of June 2018.

Coming to Canadian Netflix in June 2018

June 1

About a Boy
Baby Mama
Barbie: Video Game Hero
The Bone Collector
The Boxtrolls
Busted! – Netflix Original
The Cave
Charlie Wilson’s War
Cinderella Man
The Disaster Artist
Gridiron Gang
Hail, Caesar!
The Indian Detective: Season 1
Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Monster High: Electrified
Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef
Monster High: New Ghoul at School
Monster High: Scaremester Collection
The Mothman Prophecies
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Notting Hill
November 13: Attack on Paris – Netflix Original
Panic Room
Sense and Sensibility
W1A: Season 3
Welcome to Monster High: The Origin Story

June 3

The Break with Michelle Wolf – Weekly Episodes Every Sunday – Netflix Original
Lady Bird

June 5

Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok
Mr. D: Season 7

June 8

Alex Strangelove – Netflix Film
Ali’s Wedding – Netflix Film
All I See Is You
The Hollow – Netflix Original
Marcella: Season 2 – Netflix Original
Sense8: The Series Finale – Netflix Original
The Staircase – Netflix Original
Treehouse Detectives – Netflix Original

June 11

Lights Out
The Shallows

June 12

Champions – Netflix Original

June 14

Marlon – Netflix Original

June 15

Lust Stories – Netflix Film
Maktub – Netflix Film
The Ranch: Part 5 – Netflix Original
Set It Up – Netflix Film
Sunday’s Illness – Netflix Film
Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 6 – Netflix Original

June 16


June 17

Club de Cuervos presenta: La balada de Hugo Sánchez – Netflix Original

June 18

Unsolved: Tupac & Biggie – Netflix Original

June 19

Kim’s Convenience: Season 2
Hannah Gadsby: Nanette – Netflix Original

June 22

Brain on Fire – Netflix Film
Cooking on High – Netflix Original
Derren Brown: Miracle – Netflix Original
Marvel’s Luke Cage: Season 2 – Netflix Original

June 24

To Each, Her Own (Les Goûts et les couleurs) – Netflix Film
The Last Laugh

June 26

Secret City – Netflix Original
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro – Netflix Original

June 29

Bullet Head
Churchill’s Secret Agents: The New Recruits – Netflix Original
GLOW: Season 2 – Netflix Original
Harvey Street Kids – Netflix Original
Kiss Me First – Netflix Original
La Forêt – Netflix Original
Nailed It!: Season 2 – Netflix Original
Paquita Salas: Season 2 – Netflix Original
Recovery Boys – Netflix Original
TAU – Netflix Film

June 30

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore: Oblitus Copernican Theory – Netflix Original

Coming to Canadian Netflix in May 2018

May will be a month for those in love with good TV series at Canadian Netflix. The fourth season of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will be released, children will enjoy PJ Masks and lots of Pocoyo content, while those looking for a new TV series to watch, should take a look at The Rain.

The Rain on Netflix

Scandinavian crime stories (books, TV-series, and movies) are very popular. Recently I watched all four seasons of The Bridge on Hulu, a Swedish-Danish TV series, and I did not find rest for my soul until I finished all the seasons. Last year Snowman was released in theaters worldwide, a movie based on the book with the same name, written by the Norwegian Jo Nesbø. Unfortunately, the book was way better than the movie, and that was also the general feedback from viewers, but it still says something about lots of greatness coming from Scandinavia. The latest addition to the story is The Rain, a Danish TV series, that will be released as a Netflix original content on May 4th.

In The Rain we meet two children who have been living underground in five years, after a dangerous rain weather that caused everyone to die who touched the water. Now they decide to leave their bunker, and they soon meet a group of other people fighting to survice, just like themselves. Take a look at the trailer beneath for more information and inspiration.

I really like the look of it, so I could, in fact, imagine that I would spend some evenings watched the episodes of The Rain on Netflix.

Those looking for brilliant new movies on Canadian Netflix will get disappointed. There will be no big-shots coming to Canadian Netflix in May 2018, so you will have to watch some older content, or maybe go out and get some fresh air instead.

Beneath you can find the full list of content coming to Canadian Netflix in May. Enjoy the list, and if you want to know more about how you can get access to Canadian Netflix abroad, read this article.

New on Canadian Netflix in May 2018

May 1

27: Gone Too Soon
28 Days
47 Ronin
The Angry Birds Movie
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Coffee For All
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
The Carter Effect
CIA: Comrade in America
Did You Hear About the Morgans?
Duck Butter
Erin Brockovich
Food On The Go
Friends with Money
Honey 2
How High
iZombie: Season 4
Jeepers Creepers 3
John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous Live at Radio City – Netflix Original
My Girl
My Perfect Romance
The Other Boleyn Girl
Patch Adams
PJ Masks: Season 1
Please Give
Pocoyo & Cars
Pocoyo & The Space Circus
Pocoyo Carnival
Pocoyo Halloween: Space Halloween
Pocoyo Halloween: Spooky Movies
Pocoyo Special Sports
Seven Years in Tibet
Sometimes – Netflix Film
The Thirteenth Floor

May 2

The 100: Season 5
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments: Season 3 – Weekly Episodes from May 2 – Netflix Original
The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes: Season 1

May 3

Riverdale: Season 2 – Weekly Episodes from May 3 – Netflix Original
Star: Season 2 – Weekly Episodes from May 3

May 4

Anon – Netflix Film
A Little Help with Carol Burnett – Netflix Original
Busted!: Season 1 – Weekly episodes from May 4 – Netflix Original
Dear White People: Volume 2 – Netflix Original
End Game – Netflix Original
The Exception
Forgive Us Our Debts – Netflix Film
Kong: King of the Apes: Season 2 – Netflix Original
Manhunt – Netflix Film
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman: Tina Fey – Netflix Original
The Rain: Season 1 – Netflix Original

May 5

Dynasty: Season 1 – Weekly Episodes from May 5 – Netflix Original
Pup Star: World Tour

May 6

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale – Weekly Episodes May 6 and May 13 – Netflix Original

May 7

Danny Collins
Mike Tyson Mysteries: Season 3 – Weekly Episodes from May 7

May 8

Hari Kondabolu: Warn Your Relatives – Netflix Original

May 11

Bill Nye Saves the World: Season 3 – Netflix Original
Central Intelligence
Evil Genius: the True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist – Netflix Original
The Kissing Booth – Netflix Film
Spirit Riding Free: Season 5 – Netflix Original
The Who Was? Show: Season 1 – Netflix Original

May 13

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife – Netflix Original

May 14

Hello, My Name Is Doris

May 15

Animal Intervention: Season 1
Brain Games: Season 2
Call the Midwife: Series 7
Crimes Against Nature: Season 1
Disaster Earth: Season 1
Doomsday Preppers: Season 1
How Big Can It Get: Season 1
Inside Cocaine Wars: Season 1
Unusual Cultures: Season 1

May 16

A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits

May 17

The Little Prince

May 18

Cargo – Netflix Film
Catching Feelings – Netflix Film
The Foreigner
The Legend of Tarzan

May 19

Beatriz at Dinner

May 21

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 5
Money Monster

May 22

Men on a Mission: 2018
Mob Psycho 100: Season 1 – Netflix Original
Terrace House: Opening New Doors: Part 2 – Netflix Original
Tig Notaro Happy To Be Here – Netflix Original

May 23

Explained – Weekly Episodes from May 23 – Netflix Original

May 24

Fauda: Season 2 – Netflix Original

May 25

24 Hours to Live
Ibiza – Netflix Film
Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your LifeThe Toys That Made Us: Season 2 – Netflix Original
Trollhunters: Part 3 – Netflix Original

May 26

Sara’s Notebook – Netflix Film

May 27

The Break with Michelle Wolf – Weekly episodes from May 27 – Netflix Original

May 28


May 29

Disney Pixar’s Coco

May 30

Animal Kingdom: Season 2
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 4 – Netflix Original

May 31

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman: Howard Stern – Netflix Original

Watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard on Netflix

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is a brilliant movie from 2017 starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. It tells us a story very different from The Bodyguard, as Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of a crazy criminal that is supposed to be protected by Ryan Reynolds.

If you take a look at the trailer above you will quickly see the difference between The Hitman’s Bodyguard and The Bodyguard. But, listen to the music in the trailer. They are having fun with The Bodyguard, almost like making fun of the movie.

But, would you like to watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard on Netflix? It just came to HBO Now a few days ago, but imagine what, it has already been on Netflix for a couple of weeks. But, where? If you cannot find The Hitman’s Bodyguard in your Netflix region, then you better follow my instructions on how to get access to Canadian Netflix, because that is the region in which you can currently stream The Hitman’s Bodyguard and lots of other brilliant movies. I always say that Canadian Netflix is the best region for those who want to watch a Hollywood blockbuster, and yet again they proved that to be true.

December 2018: You can also watch the movie on Netflix in the UK!

The Hitmans Bodyguard on Netflix

Well, they haven’t come up with Wonder Woman yet (which can be seen on Australian Netflix and on Scandinavian Netflix), but still… it is by far the best region for those in love with new Hollywood movies.

If you wonder how to critics received the movie, then it has a 40% score on Rotten Tomatoes (from the critics). But, it doesn’t surprise me at all that the audience is much more positive, and therefore it has a 70% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. What do you think? What kind of percentage would you give the movie?

Watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard on Netflix first, and share your thoughts on the movie afterward!

Transformers: The Last Knight on Netflix

Are you in the mood for watching Transformers: The Last Knight on Netflix tonight? The movie was released worldwide in 2017, and as of March 2018, you can stream it on Netflix.

transformers on netflix

I am not the biggest Transformers fan in the universe, but I know a lot of people who are. Especially teenage boys love Transformers and the way a truck suddenly turn into a superhero saving the planet. There is not a coincidence that so many Transformers movies have been made, there is a market for them, and there are millions of fans worldwide who love everything that has to do with Transformers. So, would you like to watch Transformers: The Last Knight on Netflix? You can do it!

Watch Transformers: The Last Knight on Netflix

The most recent Transformers movie was added to Canadian Netflix on March 9th in 2018. You might reside somewhere else (most likely you do), but it is still possible to stream the movie on Netflix. If you want to get access to Canadian Netflix, read the instructions in this article on how it can be done. And, if you follow those instructions you will also get access to several other Netflix regions, so it is completely worth the job.

At Canadian Netflix you will also find lots of other awesome movies and blockbusters, so look around, and you will for sure have movies to stream for the upcoming evenings.


Get access to Canadian Netflix [Working in 2019]

I have been looking for a while around for ways in which you can watch Canadian Netflix from outside Canada. Now I have found it, and this is how you can watch Canadian Netflix as well!

Since the end of January 2016, everything has changed when it comes to Netflix and changing your Netflix region. It has been made very much harder, almost impossible, but luckily there are ways in which you can still get access to different Netflix regions, like for example Canadian Netflix.

Now at Canadian Netflix

I can not guarantee that this will work forever, but at the time writing this is working and this will give you access to Canadian Netflix if you follow these instructions. If you should try it and it does not work, please write a comment, and I will update the article at once with a new working method instead.

Watch Canadian Netflix abroad

If you want to watch Canadian Netflix abroad you will need to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN. They have several hundred servers all around the world, and most importantly, they have servers working with Canadian Netflix. To watch Canadian Netflix from abroad using ExpressVPN, do as follows.

  • Visit the ExpressVPN website and sign up for their services.
    Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)
  • Connect to a server in Canada (for example a server in Toronto)
  • Once connected you will be able to watch Netflix in Canada.
    • If you should get any trouble just contact their customer service.

This article was updated in October 2019!
You can also see the date of the last update at the start of the article. I always work to keep these instructions fresh, making sure that all my readers who want to stream Canadian Netflix in the USA and elsewhere in the world will succeed if they follow my instructions.

In other words, you can just press the button above, sign up for their services and connect to one of their servers in Canada and you are ready to watch Canadian Netflix in a few minutes. You can also use this to watch Netflix in other regions, for example, to stream American Netflix.

Watch the video beneath to find out how I use ExpressVPN to watch Canadian Netflix from abroad!

Watch Canadian Netflix in the USA and elsewhere – but why?

Now, it is okay that you can easily get access to Canadian Netflix in the USA and any other country in the world. But what is the purpose of it? Is it worth spending your Dollar’s or other money on buying a VPN in order to get access to Canadian Netflix? That is, without a doubt, a very valid question, and I believe the answer will be just as good!

As I keep writing about movies coming to Netflix, Canadian Netflix is the region that gets most attention from me (compared to all the other regions). The reason is simple, lots of great movies and TV series are added to Netflix in Canada before they get to any other Netflix region. Some of the movies that have been added to Canadian Netflix recently before being added to other countries recently include: Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Book Club, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and lots of others. With time, they are normally added to other regions as well, but Canadian Netflix is normally the first one out to add them!

In addition, you will also be able to find quite a lot of original Canadian Netflix on Netflix in Canada. These are movies and TV shows created in Canada for the Canadian audience, which now can be streamed on Netflix in Canada. You will find some of this content in other Netflix regions as well, but the selection is very little compared to what you will find on Canadian Netflix.

Blockbuster movies on Canadian Netflix (per February 2019)
Blockbuster movies on Canadian Netflix (per February 2019)

I have been to a lot of Netflix regions, but at Canadian Netflix they have a separate genre named “Blockbuster movies.” The reason is simple – there are a lot of them available! You can see a screenshot from the blockbuster movie category on Netflix in Canada from February 2019 above. This is freshed up with great new content every month, so this is for sure something worth checking out as you gain access to Canadian Netflix in USA, in Europe, or wherever you might be in the world.

Do you need help getting access to Netflix in Canada?

If you need help streaming Netflix Canada overseas, or wherever you might be in the world, please write a comment beneath and I will do my best to help you out!

News related to Canadian Netflix

Movies coming to Canadian Netflix March 2018

I love Canadian Netflix, and I have written it over and over again that it is the Netflix region with the best movies available. So, what movies can we expect in March 2018?

I often compare Canadian Netflix to HBO Now, because they get access to the brand new movies almost simultaneously. But, in March 2018 that doesn’t seem to be entirely true. HBO Now broadcasted Wonder Woman in February 2018, but it is still far away from Canadian Netflix (unfortunately). This is only one example, but there are quite a lot of great movies coming to HBO Now in March 2018, that doesn’t come to Canadian Netflix. That doesn’t make Canadian Netflix bad (it is still better when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters than any other Netflix region), but just a little bit more boring than HBO Now.

Steve Jobs on Canadian Netflix

Here is the list of movies coming to Canadian Netflix in March 2018


March 1
2 Fast 2 Furious
Adel Karam: Live from Beirut
Fast & Furious
Fast Five
Love Beats Rhymes
Sleeping With Other People
Steve Jobs
Stomp The Yard
The Fast And The Furious
The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift
The Forest
The Rundown
The Tale Of Despereaux
True To The Game

March 3
The Stanford Prison Experiment

March 4
Expedition China

March 5
The Brothers Grimm

March 6
The Brothers Grimsby
Benji (1974)
Benji: Off The Leash
For The Love Of Benji
Gad Elmaleh: American Dream

March 8
Ladies First

March 9
The Outsiders
Transformers: The Last Knight
Wind River

March 12
Kygo: Live At The Hollywood Bowl
Troy: The Odyssey
What To Expect When You’re Expecting

March 13
St. Vincent
Ricky Gervais: Humanity

March 15
Before The Flood

March 16
Benji (2018)
The Hitman’s Bodyguard
Take Your Pills
The Legacy Of A Whitetail Deer Hunter

March 21
Bob The Builder: Mega Machines

March 23
Game Over, Man!
Layla M.
Roxanne Roxanne

March 29
Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

March 30
Eye In The Sky
First Match
Happy Anniversary
The Titan

March 31
A Walk Among The Tombstones
Clerks 2
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
The Fifth Element
Underworld: Awakening
Underworld: Evolution
Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans
Let Me In
Lucky Number Slevin
Spy Kids
Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams
Spy Kids: All The Time In The World
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Back-Up Plan
The Crazies
The Man
Winter’s Bone

I have no trouble finding some interesting movies on the list. I still haven’t seen the Steve Jobs movie, so maybe March will be the month when I finally do? I am not sure yet. What are you planning to stream on Canadian Netflix in March 2018? Do you want to know how you can get access to Canadian Netflix in Europe? Click the link!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is now on Netflix

guardians of the galaxy 2 on netflixWe have been waiting for it for a long time, but you can now stream Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Netflix. Do you wonder how and where?

I was just visiting Canadian Netflix today. My goal was to check that my method for streaming Canadian Netflix from abroad still works, to make sure that what I recommend here on this site is valid and up to date. As I connected to a Canadian server with my VPN and visit I thought I could just as well check if there was any interesting content available. My eyes lightened up as I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on the list of movies recently added to Canadian Netflix.

Have you seen the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie? It is kind of a crazy science-fiction comedy, but it received lots of praise all around the world. For this reason, lots of people looked forward to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The sequel is now on Netflix, and if you want to stream Guardians of the Galaxy 2, then all you have to do is to get access to Canadian Netflix, and you will be ready to go right away.

Is Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as good as its predecessor?

To be honest, I do not know now. I haven’t had the chance to watch the movie yet, but since it can now be streamed on Canadian Netflix, I will do my best to stream it as soon as possible. At IMDb, it has a7,8/10 score, while it has an 83% score at Rotten Tomatoes. The first has an 8,1/10 score at IMDb and a 91% score at Rotten Tomatoes. It might be that the sequel isn’t as good as the first, but based on the fact that most sequels are terrible, this seems quite promising based on the score.

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Did you enjoy it?

Coming to Canadian Netflix January 2018

Are you already looking for information on what’s coming to Canadian Netflix in the first month of 2018? Feel like watching Spotlight, Mr. Holmes or maybe Mortdecai on Canadian Netflix? You have this and plenty of other options available.

Beneath you can see the full list of movies and TV series coming to Canadian Netflix in January 2018. I have tried to select some of the highlights from the list, so if you do not want to read through the full list, just read my summary here.

cars 3 on Canadian Netflix in January 2018
cars 3 on Canadian Netflix in January 2018

I know that there are loads of Suits fans out there, and in January 2018 you will get access to even more Suits episodes from the sixth season. Well, if you are up to date, you probably know that the seventh season is out there already, so why wait for episodes from the sixth season to come to Netflix? You can read more about how to stream Suits on Netflix right here.

One of the most famous movies coming to Canadian Netflix in January 2018 is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. This is the newest movies about Jack Sparrow, a movie that was released in 2017. I haven’t seen it yet, and I have no intention of watching it. The first movie was fine, but the rest has been super boring. I watched the third movie in the theater, but remember one of the persons I watched it with leaving the cinema to go shopping in Tesco instead of watching. I felt the same, but I remained in the theater until the end.

On January 18th there will be some interesting movies coming to Canadian Netflix. The most famous is probably Spotlight, the Academy Awarded movie. It has been on Canadian Netflix earlier but was then removed, but now it will return again. On the same day you can also stream Mr. Holmes on Netflix, and if you want to watch a terrible comedy, stream Mortdecai. The latter is a comedy with lots of famous actors, but it is a complete tragedy. I really hoped for it to be a funny movie, but it was a giant disaster.

Also coming to Canadian Netflix on January 18th is The 5th Wave. I watched this movie last year, and it was an okay movie, but nothing more than that. It seems as if they planned to create a second movie (at least the movie ended in that way), but I will not watch the second movie if it comes because the first was more than enough for me.

If I am going to watch one movie on Canadian Netflix in 2018, it will probably be a film coming on January 31st. The newest animation movie in the Cars series (Cars 3) will then come to Canadian Netflix, and I believe it might be worth watching.

Coming to Canadian Netflix in January 2018

January 1
13 Minutes
Age of Shadows
Anne With An E – Season 1
Cast: Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James, R.H. Thomson
Camp Cool Kids
Chonda Pierce: Enough
Eastsiders – Season 3
Glacé – Season 1 – Netflix Original
Lovesick – Season 3 – Netflix Original
Maddman: The Steve Madden Story
Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World
Murder on the Cape
Not Alone
Open Season: Scared Silly
Penn & Teller: Fool Us – Season 1
Cast: Penn Jillette, Teller, Jonathan Ross
Splash and Bubbles – Season 1
Super Dark Times
The Babadook
The Layover
Cast: Alexandra Daddario, Kate Upton, Kal Penn
The Rehearsal
The Vault

January 2
Cheapest Weddings – Season 1
Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Mustang Island
Shameless (U.S.) – Season 7
Zumbo’s Just Desserts – Season 1

January 3
6 Days
A Ghost Story

January 5
All Eyez on Me
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Collections – Netflix Original
DEVILMAN crybaby – Season 1 – Netflix Original
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – Season 2 – Netflix Original
Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha
Rotten – Netflix Original
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2

January 6
House of Z
Killing Ground
The Journey

January 10
Alejandro Riaño Especial de stand up – Netflix Original

January 12
Boyka: Undisputed
Disjointed – Part 2 – Netflix Original
Somebody Feed Phil – Netflix Original
The Man Who Would Be Polka King
The Polka King – Netflix Film

January 14
Tom Segura: Disgraceful – Netflix Original

January 15
Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards
Rip Tide

January 16
Helix – Seasons 1-2
Katt Williams: Great America – Netflix Original

January 17
Arango y Sanint: Ríase El Show – Netflix Original

January 18
Bad Day for the Cut
Dear White People
Dynasty – Season 1 – Netflix Original – New Episodes Weekly
Kill the Messenger
Mr. Holmes
Riverdale – Season 1 – Netflix Original – New Episodes Weekly
The 5th Wave
Tiempos de guerra – Temporada 1 – Netflix Original

January 19
Drug Lords – Season 1 – Netflix Original
Grace and Frankie – Season 4 – Netflix Original
In The Deep
The Open House – Netflix Film
Trolls: The Beat Goes On! – Season 1 – Netflix Original
Van Helsing – Season 2 – Netflix Original

January 23
Black Lightning – Season 1 – Netflix Original – New Episodes Weekly
Todd Glass: Act Happy – Netflix Original

January 24
Ricardo Quevedo: Hay gente así – Netflix Original
The Good Catholic

January 25
Acts of Vengeance
Suits – Season 6 – New Episodes

January 26
A Futile and Stupid Gesture – Netflix Original
Dirty Money – Netflix Original
Kavin Jay: Everybody Calm Down! – Netflix Original
Llama Llama – Season 1 – Netflix Original
One Day at a Time – Season 2 – Netflix Original
Sebastián Marcelo Wainraich – Netflix Original
The Adventures of Puss in Boots – Season 6 – Netflix Original
Mau Nieto: Viviendo sobrio… desde el bar – Netflix Original

January 28
El Ministerio del Tiempo – Season 3 – Netflix Original

January 29
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Patient Seventeen
The Force

January 30
Babylon Berlin – Seasons 1-2 – Netflix Original
Retribution – Season 1 – Netflix Original

January 31
Disney/Pixar Cars 3