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Hilda is beautiful, but scary!

Hilda is the name of a brand new Netflix original series created for kids. It is recommended for kids aged 7 or older, but I would have my doubts letting seven-year-old kids watch this all by themselves. Hilda is a beautifully created children series. The drawings/animations feel old-fashioned, but that is exactly what makes them so nice. With Hilda, Netflix has managed to mix an old look, with a brand… Read More »

Wonderland – New Netflix Original movie with Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke

Netflix just released information about a brand new Netflix original movie named Wonderland, starring Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke. The movie, Wonderland, will be directed by Pete Berg. It tells us the story of a guy named Spenser who just got out of prison. Even though he wants to start over, it is hard as he is dragged back into the underworld of Boston where he gets to hear about… Read More »

What’s coming to Netflix in October 2018?

Are you wondering which movies and TV series will come to Netflix in October 2018? Here is the full list presenting what’s new on American Netflix in October 2018. Looking through the list I can see a whole lot of Netflix original content. I have done some discussion on Steemit with other authors, and while many are big fans of the original content, I often prefer content from other networks.… Read More »

My First Love – a New Netflix original from South Korea

Netflix seems to like South Korea and South Korean creativity, because for the second time in a short while they have announced another South Korean production to go global on Netflix. Last week I wrote about The Love Alarm, a series based on an alarm that goes off whenever someone has romantic feelings for you within a 10 meters proximity. On September 14th, a brand new cooperating was announced. The… Read More »

Love Alarm – sounds like a great series!

Netflix just announced that they will launch the Korean series Love Alarm to the international audience sometime in 2019. What is Love Alarm all about? Can you imagine walking around on the street, and whenever someone within a radius of 10 meters has a romantic feeling for you, the love alarm starts beeping on your mobile phone? That is the storyline of the Korean series Love Alarm, which will go international… Read More »

When can I watch Cuckoo season 4 on Netflix?

The fourth season of Cuckoo premiered on BBC 3 in England on August 3rd. I have watched all six episodes already, but the question on everybody’s mind is, when will Cuckoo season 4 come to Netflix? We all had to wait for a long time for the fourth season of Cuckoo. It took years for BBC to produce the season, but then it suddenly showed up in August 2018. I… Read More »

Using the Netflix Enhancer (nEnhancer) – Is it worth it?

I will be testing some Netflix plugins in the coming days, and share my thoughts about them here. Today I have tested the so-called Enhancer, or Netflix Enhancer, or nEnhancer… different names for the same plugin. The Netflix Enhancer plugin is a plugin that will help you understand more about a movie before you start watching it. The most important function I have discovered is the way it shows you… Read More »

What’s up with South Korean Netflix?

I like to stay up to date on movies coming to Netflix, and recently South Korea has popped up several times as an interesting Netflix region. At I write about movies coming to Netflix, how to access different Netflix regions and other Netflix related news. Recently, I have been looking for a way to access South Korean Netflix, but I haven’t found a way yet. But, why did I… Read More »