Watch the brand new Suits episodes every Friday on Netflix!

When the first episode of Suits season 9 aired on USA Network on July 17th, we had to wait for three days before it was made available on Netflix. Lots of people were surprised by this, and it seemed as if that would be the custom for the rest of the season as well. But, things have changed!

We no longer have to wait until Saturday to stream the brand new episodes of Suits on Netflix. Instead, we can stream them on Netflix already from Friday morning, and that is great, especially for those with lack of patience (like myself).

Mike Ross has returned to Suits season 9
Mike Ross has returned to Suits season 9

And, if you didn’t know it yet, from Suits season 9, episode 5, you will also have the chance to enjoy the company of Mike Ross again. He has returned to help an old friend out, and that old friend is Harvey Specter.

But, how can you watch Suits on Netflix?

Maybe you are surprised by the fact that you can stream the brand new Suits episodes every Friday on Netflix? How is that possible? Maybe you do not even have access to Suits season 8 in your local Netflix region. So, what is this thing I write about?

The truth is, there is a way to stream the brand new episodes of Suits season 9 on Netflix, and I have described it very carefully in this article. So, check it out, or take a look at the following YouTube video to see how it can be done.

If you watch the movie above, follow the instructions and visit the NordVPN website by clicking the button beneath. After that, follow the instructions in the video and get started streaming your favorite show on Netflix in a few minutes.

Unblock Netflix with NordVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)

Maybe you are worried about spending money on a VPN service? Will it work at all? There is no need to worry! NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning that you can ask for a full refund without giving any reason!

Besides this, you can also use NordVPN to access different Netflix regions, and thus, enjoy the chance to stream even more great content on Netflix than just Suits season 9.

Only five more Suits episodes to go!

At the time being, half of Suits season 9 has aired on USA Network (and can be streamed on Netflix currently). So, we have five more episodes left, before the TV show will become history, and we will have to find something else to stream instead.

Are you happy about the final season so far? I would love to hear your thoughts!

What’s up with The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix?

We are still waiting for news about the arrival of The Blacklist season 7 on NBC, but while waiting, why not stream the most recent season on Netflix? But, how to watch The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix? And where to watch the Blacklist season 6 on Netflix?

The Blacklist has turned into one of the flagship TV shows on NBC in the United States. The first season became an instant success and even though he number of viewers has dropped with every season, it still enjoys a lot of viewers, and the most recent season was a breath of fresh air to the story. Can you imagine Raymond Reddington in jail? If you don’t know what I am writing about, it is time to watch The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix.

Where to stream the Blacklist season 6 on Netflix?

It was quite hard to stream the brand new episodes of The Blacklist on Netflix, but it could be done just after they aired in the United States. So, how did I watch The Blacklist season 6 online? Only 24 hours after the episodes aired in the United States, I could stream them online on Netflix. Is that really true? Yes, it is, and it is the same method I use to watch the newest episodes of Suits online.

To get the job done, you need to use the VPN services of Surfshark VPN. Click the button beneath to get a big discount and then follow the instructions in the video above to start streaming The Blacklist on Netflix straight away.

And if you got this going, follow the same instructions to get access to the brand new episodes of The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix once it starts airing on NBC in the United States. But, when will The Blacklist season 7 be released? We don’t know yet, but there are a lot of speculations going on online.

The Blacklist season 6 on Netflix

Will there be a season 8 of The Blacklist as well?

It is hard to say, but NBC decided to renew The Blacklist for a seventh season very early, so I guess we might know more about a couple of episodes of The Blacklist season 7.

Is Knightfall on Netflix?

Are you interested in streaming Knightfall on Netflix, but cannot find it? Is Knightfall coming to Netflix sometime soon? Or is it on Netflix already? If yes, why can’t you find and stream Knightfall on Netflix?

It is easy to imagine that you would like to stream Knightfall on Netflix. It is a very popular historical series created by the History channel. It has been running on different TV channels all across the world, and it has turned into a great success everywhere. So, why can’t you stream Knightfall on Netflix?

Knightfall on Netflix
Knightfall on Netflix

Well, if you take a look at the picture above, you will quickly see that Knightfall is on Netflix. If you cannot find Knightfall on Netflix yourself, it is because it cannot be streamed at your current location. But, if you use a VPN to change your Netflix region, you can easily find Knightfall and stream it on Netflix.

Where can you find Knightfall on Netflix?

If you want to watch the first two seasons of Knightfall on Netflix, simply follow the instructions at, use the recommended VPN provider, and connect to a server in the United States. You will then get access to American Netflix, and you can stream Knightfall season 1 on Netflix and Knightfall season 2 on Netflix straight away.

I was greatly surprised to see how quickly Netflix added Knightfall season 2 in the United States. To be honest, I only believed it would arrive around Christmas in 2019, but instead, we got it served already in the middle of August 2019. That is great news for Knightfall fans, so go ahead and stream it on Netflix straight away!

Do not forget to add a bookmark to this page. Here you will find lots of other interesting Netflix related articles in the future, and this is the best place online for information on VPN services and which to use for Netflix and the different Netflix regions on the market.

Can I watch Netflix with Surfshark VPN?

Have you read articles or maybe a Tweet about Surfshark VPN working with Netflix? Have you seen claims saying that they are able to unblock 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or maybe even more Netflix regions? Is that really so?

Since the big Netflix expansion which led to the blocking of VPN providers in 2016, most VPN providers have been suffering. Everyone wants to surf securely and watch Netflix at the same time, and some people even want to use VPN providers to gain access to content available in other Netflix regions. But, if you use big and famous VPN providers like Private Internet Access, IPVanish, HideMyAss, and PureVPN, you will quickly discover that they do not work well with Netflix. In fact, you will be shown the proxy and unblocker error all the time (no matter which server you connect to), with some very few exceptions.

So, what is up when Surfshark VPN claims to be able to work properly with more than ten Netflix regions all across the world?

Does Surfshark VPN keep their promise?

As you visit the Surfshark VPN website you can see the following banner.

Here it says that Surfshark VPN can help you unblock 8 Netflix libraries.
Here it says that Surfshark VPN can help you unblock 8 Netflix libraries.

Here they say that you can get access to 8 different Netflix libraries using their services, including Dutch Netflix, Japanese Netflix, Australian Netflix, Indian Netflix, and Italian Netflix.

But, they have also given other information in their Twitter feed saying that they can give you access to more than 10 regions, and in the following article you can read about Surfshark VPN letting you stream content in 12 different Netflix countries.

In fact, on June 12th, Surfshark VPN tweeted about how they were able to give you access to 14 different Netflix regions at the same time using their services.

Is Surfshark to good to be true when it comes to Netflix?
Is Surfshark to good to be true when it comes to Netflix?

Now, a lot can happen in short time when it comes to Netflix, but it for sure looks as if Surfshark VPN is an ideal solution for those who want to watch Netflix and surf encrypted at the same time. But, is this too good to be true? I have tested, and here I will share my experiences using Surfshark VPN to unblock Netflix.

My experience using Surfshark VPN for Netflix

I have spent quite some time using Surfshark VPN and tried it with all sorts of different Netflix regions. Here I will share my short summary of the experiment.

  • Surfshark VPN and US Netflix
    Connected and it worked… no trouble, no worries!
  • Surfshark VPN and Canadian Netflix
    I haven’t read that it should work with Canadian Netflix, but this is such an important region that I tested it anyway. Guess what? It worked at once!
  • Surfshark VPN and UK Netflix
    Just connected to the first server and it worked at once!
  • Surfshark VPN and Indian Netflix
    Connected and it worked at once… sweet 🙂
  • Surfshark VPN and Australian Netflix
    Connected to the first server on the list and got access to Australian Netflix and could stream with no trouble.
  • Surfshark VPN and Italian Netflix
    At first, I thought it didn’t work, but then suddenly the Netflix website loaded and I could stream without any error messages at all.
  • Surfshark VPN and French Netflix
    No error messages here either…
  • Surfshark VPN and Japanese Netflix
    Worked from the first second, no hassle and no worries.
  • Surfshark VPN and Turkish Netflix
    I believe Surfshark VPN might be the only provider out there actually working with Turkish Netflix. Congratulations!
  • Surfshark VPN and Brazilian Netflix
    You can find lots of awesome content on Netflix in Brazil, and Surfshark VPN works perfectly!
  • Surfshark VPN and Korean Netflix
    Didn’t find the server in the list of the application so I couldn’t try it.
  • Surfshark VPN and German Netflix
    I didn’t think it would work as the Netflix website loaded for more than a minute. But, then it suddenly loaded, and I could stream German Netflix as well.
Lots of Italian movies available on Netflix in Italy. And yes, you can access it with Surfshark VPN.
Lots of Italian movies available on Netflix in Italy. And yes, you can access it with Surfshark VPN.

It is important to notice that things change quickly, so what works for me today, might not work tomorrow. But, it also seems as if Netflix has slowed down on their VPN blocking zealousness, meaning that there is a great chance that these servers will work in several months from now and even more. If you want to give Surfshark VPN a try, click the button beneath to get a big discount on their normal VPN packages.

Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Netflix right away)

Surfshark VPN has a 30-day full refund policy, and you can use one subscription at an unlimited amount of devices at the same time. It sounds like it is worth trying, doesn’t it?

If you have things you want to add to this (maybe nations not working anymore or other nations working in addition to these, write a comment at the bottom of this article).

Whenever you connect to a VPN server in a country, you will not immediately see any error messages when you use a VPN. The proxy and unblocker error message will only show up at the moment you actually try to stream content on Netflix.

What will happen if you connect to a Surfshark VPN server in a country where they do not support Netflix?

I was curious to see whether or not I could get the proxy and unblocker error message as I connected to a server in a country in which the Surfshark VPN servers are blocked by Netflix.

For that reason, I connected to a server in Slovakia. I visited the Netflix website again, and I quickly realized what is happening… instead of giving me access to Slovakian Netflix with an error message, they make some minor changes, making me able to stream American Netflix instead (without error message).

In other words, if you connect to a server in a country where Surfshark VPN doesn’t work with Netflix, you will immediately be given access to American Netflix instead. That is kind of neat as well, isn’t it?

Can I stream Netflix with Surfshark VPN?
Another picture from the Surfshark VPN website.

Surfshark VPN and Netflix – conclusion

This was really impressive. This might be the best VPN provider on the market if you want to get access to as many Netflix regions as possible. Their VPN application is nice to look at, making it an even greater joy to use Surfshark VPN for Netflix.

They worked with all their promised countries, and that makes it both impressive and charming. Give it a try if you want to use what might be the best VPN provider for Netflix out there.

If you have any comments or questions related to streaming Netflix with Surfshark VPN, write it here in the comment field. I would love to hear from you!

Murder Mystery – A Netflix Original for those who like Adam Sandler, Poirot, and comedy at the same time!

It isn’t often I am happy about the amount of Netflix original content coming to Netflix, but this time I have got to say that I am happy. Murder Mystery is a movie I would gladly have paid to watch in the cinema, and since you never go to the cinema alone, I would probably have spent at least 15 USD to actually watch this movie in the cinema with a friend or someone else.

You can now watch Murder Mystery on Netflix
You can now watch Murder Mystery on Netflix

But, since I pay for my Netflix subscription, I did not have to pay anything extra for this movie, but instead, I could watch it in my own living room with as much popcorn as I wanted to, at my own TV.

Now some might call this a poor movie, but I had such a great time watching it. Not only is it Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, but the movie has a feeling of Poirot to it… and that is amazing. As our detective and his wife (who actually feels more like a real detective than Adam Sandler) find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery, the feeling and the atmosphere of the Hercule Poirot stories come alive. Now, this is a comedy so the atmosphere is different, but still – it reminds me of such stories.

Great humor in Murder Mystery

What makes Murder Mystery so great is the mixture of a real crime story like Poirot and the sweetness of the humor provided by Sandler and Aniston. There are so many good jokes made and the best of them all is the final joke in the movie when it is all actually finished. If you watch the movie and know your Agatha Christie stories you will understand what I am speaking about.

So, get ready to watch Murder Mystery on Netflix and to have a great time. You do not need to change your Netflix region to any other region, because you can simply watch this everywhere considering the fact that it is a Netflix original series.

Finally another movie on Netflix worth keeping your Netflix subscription to watch. There are not many movies like this, but at least a few arrive from time to time. The last hotshot movie was Birdbox, and now Murder Mystery is yet another example of such a movie.

You can also take a look at the trailer of Murder Mystery on YouTube, or you can read more about the movie itself in the following Murder Mystery review on Steemit.

Have you seen it? How did you enjoy the movie?

How can I watch Suits season 9 on Netflix?

Have you watched the eight first season of Suits, and now you want to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix? Can it be done? Of course, it can. But how? Read on to find out how to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix!

Suits season 9 is currently running on USA Network in the USA, but you can also stream the brand new episodes on Netflix.

Get ready for Suits season 9 on Netflix
Get ready for Suits season 9 on Netflix

I have earlier written articles about how you can watch Suits season 1-8 on Netflix, but now the ninth season is even more interesting than the earlier seasons. How come? It is the final season and here we will get to know how the story will end for all our favorite characters, such as Harvey Specter, Louis Litt, Mike Ross, and Donna.

Watch all nine Suits seasons on Netflix

While USA Network is broadcasting Suits in the United States, Netflix is the official Suits broadcaster in the United Kingdom As a result, two days after the episode has aired in the United States, it will be released on Netflix in the United Kingdom (on the Saturdays).

If you have a Netflix subscription, do as follows to get access to UK Netflix and to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix

  • Start by signing up for the VPN services of ExpressVPN, a VPN provider that will actually let you stream English Netflix without any error messages.

ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, meaning that there is no risk in trying. You can use ExpressVPN to access English Netflix, American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, German Netflix, Italian Netflix, and Indian Netflix, in addition to lots of TV channels all across the world (including BBC and ITV in England).

If you click the ExpressVPN button above and sign up, you will get three months for free if you decide to purchase their 12-months package.

  • Once you have signed up with ExpressVPN, download their VPN client to your computer, tablet or phone.
  • Install the app and connect to a server in England.
  • Restart your browser or the Netflix application.
  • You are now ready to watch Suits season 9 on Netflix.

It is so easy, and it will give you lots of fun online, not only streaming Suits season 9, but also giving you access to several other TV networks and streaming services online.

What is a VPN?
Maybe you wonder what this VPN thing is all about? A VPN is a virtual connection that is made between your device and a VPN server somewhere else in the world. This connection is encrypted, making sure that you are safe and anonymous as you surf online. All your traffic online will be sent through the VPN server you are connected to. As a result, you will look like an Englishman to Netflix if you visit Netflix after connecting to an ExpressVPN server in England.

Watch all the episodes of Suits Season 9 on Netflix
What will take place in the final season of Suits?

What will happen in Suits season 9?

We don’t know much yet, but beneath you can watch a short trailer presenting Suits season 9 on YouTube.

Not only will Jessica Pearson return for some episodes, but she will also lead the role in a spin-off of Suits named Pearson. This show will premiere on USA Network just after the season premiere on July 17th.

There are rumors about Ross also returning for the last season, but those rumors haven’t been confirmed yet so we do not know. The other actors from season 8 will continue to take part, including Katherine Heigl. Some rumors have claimed that Meghan Markle will return for a little role in the final season of Suits, but the creator of the series has opposed such rumors. It would be fun if it happened, but it isn’t very likely to take place.

How many episodes will there be in Suits season 9?

The final season of Suits will consist of only 10 episodes. That is fairly little compared to all the other seasons so far. The pilot season started out with 12 episodes, and then it has continued with 16 episodes per season. But, I guess the air is about to get out of the balloon and the fat cat is singing its last verse, and thus they have decided to run the final season of suits with only 10 episodes. But, maybe it will cause everything to happen at a faster pace and making it even more entertaining to watch? I don’t know yet, but I am really curious to find out.

When will Suits season 9 have its finale in the USA?

Since the season will start on July 17th (Wednesday) and there will be ten episodes, we might come to the conclusion that the Suits season 9 finale will air on September 25th in the USA. But, maybe they will run a double episode once, or maybe there will be some weeks in which no episode will air, so we cannot 100% predict it yet. But, as of know, our guess is that the final episode of Suits will air on USA Network in the USA on September 25th.

Are you ready to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix?

I hope you are ready to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix right now. If you still need any help, or just want to share your thoughts about the new season, write a comment. I always enjoy reading the comments of my readers, and I also try to answer questions as quickly as possible!

Brene Brown on Netflix – is it cool or what?

Last week, I had the chance to finally check out the Brene Brown “show” on Netflix. I noticed it a while back, but it was when I couldn’t fall asleep for some reason that I decided to finally watch this.

Now you can watch Brene Brown on Netflix
Now you can watch Brene Brown on Netflix

Brene Brown – The Call To Courage… that is the name of the show that was recently added to Netflix. And do you know what, I am really happy about it being added to Netflix. Not because it is so incredibly amazing, but because it is different from most of the other content you can find on Netflix currently. And that is why it is so great to find it there.

You know, many people consider Netflix to be a streaming portal for movies and TV shows, but by adding the Brene Brown – The Call to Courage, it suddenly turned into a streaming portal at which you can develop yourself, develop your own skills, and it just got way more attractive to quite a lot of people, including myself.

What is the Brene Brown show about?

A few days after I watched Brene Brown on Netflix, I sat in a conversation with a psychologist. We spoke about all sorts of stuff (it was a quite large group of people), and I told everyone how I had been watching this Netflix show in which a woman spoke about vulnerability and the importance of it. My friend who is a psychologist immediately asked it if was Brene Brown, and I said yes… I guess this woman has a name in the industry and that people actually know who this is. Probably says a lot more about me that I didn’t actually know who Brene Brown was before I bumped into her on Netflix.

But, vulnerability… I have been trying to pronounce it a lot of times, but it always makes my tongue feel strange. As a result, I am glad it is not me who is out there sharing this message, because I would have a hard time just saying vulnerability without laughing. But, maybe that is what it is all about… because if you do not dare to be vulnerable, you will never achieve success, as there is no success and new steps ahead without opening up to vulnerability. Even though this lecture didn’t revolutionize my life, I still had a great time watching it, and there was a lot of wisdom in what was said, and I enjoyed it greatly. Now I am just hoping that Netflix will add more similar content in the near future to let me grow more and learn more on how to live my life, just like I did by watching Brene Brown.

How to watch Brene Brown on Netflix?

The Brene Brown show is a Netflix original. As a result, you can watch it in every single Netflix region, and there is no need to change your Netflix region or do similar activities. If you have followed my instructions on how to get access to US Netflix, Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix, German Netflix and more, it might be tempting to your use VPN simply for the joy of using it… and if that is so, why not watch Brene Brown on UK Netflix instead of in your home region? But, if you first have access to UK Netflix, why not stream the newest season of Suits there instead?

But, once again – Brene Brown made Netflix much better, and it made me better. That is a great combination, and I want to say thank you to Netflix for adding this, and I also encourage and hope that they will add more similar content in the near future.

Want to know more about what will come to Netflix in June 2019? I haven’t seen any news about it yet, but you will find more articles about it here at this site and also at

Maybe I should buy a Brene Brown book as well?

Watching the Brene Brown show on Netflix also made me consider actually buying a book she has written on more. I am still just considering it, but it is absolutely worth investing time and money in growing as a person and learning about important topics such as vulnerability. Again, thanks Netflix for bringing this to me and so many else!

Making sure that you are able to watch Netflix during your summer holiday!

The summer holidays are coming up, but how are you going to stream all your favorite content from your Netflix home region while abroad? Are you worried? You don’t have to be, because is up to date with information on how you can get access to your home Netflix region, and lots of other regions as well?

This morning I have spent a lot of time looking through all the articles here at our page to see that they are all up to date. What does that mean? I have written articles on important topics such as:

These articles (and many others) are all great, but if they become outdated, they are no longer working and will scare away readers. But, to make sure that readers who come to this site will find updated information that actually works and will do the job, I am constantly updating the articles to make sure that all the information you find here is up to date.

Get ready to stream Netflix abroad during the summer of 2019!

It is hard work to follow the VPN bans of Netflix

Making sure that this page is up to date requires hard work. A VPN working with Netflix today doesn’t have to work with Netflix tomorrow. And as a result, I have to constantly test this to find out what is working and what’s not working.

For example, a few weeks ago I found a method working with Australian Netflix and I wrote about it here. But, then I tried the method again, only to discover that it didn’t work. So, I updated the article with a secondary method.

Earlier today, I did some more testing, and I discovered another VPN provider that will help you get the job done, and thus I have a working method for those who want to stream Australian Netflix abroad.

That is where most other websites are in trouble, they write the articles once, only to forget about them, and thus you as a visitor will suffer as you find outdated information that doesn’t do the job anymore.

That is why you need to place a bookmark at to stay up to date and always find the information you need to get access to the Netflix region you are most interested in!

Are you ready to stream Netflix during your summer holiday in 2019?

Follow the instructions in this article, and you will be more than ready to stream all your favorite Netflix content this summer as well. Not only will you find out how to access your home region, but you will also get access to lots of other content in other regions that you didn’t know about earlier.

Doesn’t that sound cool? If you still need any help, write a comment here or ask a question about the region you are interested in and I will do my best to help you out!

Is there a way to stream Holby City on Netflix?

I am a big fan of Holby City, but I do not live in the UK anymore. Is there a way to watch Holby City on Netflix?

You probably know a lot about Holby City if you are a fan, and one of the things you might know is that it is a British TV series airing on BBC1 once a week. Well, with 52 episodes coming every year, it isn’t exactly Netflix streaming material, and thus you will not find Holby City on Netflix anywhere in the world.

The only place to stream Holby City online is on BBC iPlayer. But, if you are abroad, that is a bit difficult as well, but if you follow the instructions on on how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad, you will have success and still be able to stream Holby City online, even though it might not be on Netflix.

You can also watch the following YouTube video for more information related to Holby City on Netflix.

Holby City isn’t the only BBC show not coming to Netflix. Fleabag cannot be streamed on Netflix either. But, lots of BBC series can be streamed on Netflix, and examples of such shows are Cuckoo, Line of Duty, Dr. Who, and also Bodyguard.

Murder Mystery – a Netflix original looking good!

Two days ago, Netflix published a brand new trailer for their action-comedy named Murder Mystery which is set for release on Netflix in the middle of June 2019. This seems to be a promising project once again, clearly standing out in the midst of a whole lot of poor and boring productions.

Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming Netflix original movie named Murder Mystery
Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming Netflix original movie named Murder Mystery

It is easy to understand that this is a bit most costly production for Netflix by looking at the characters involved. In Murder Mystery, we meet Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in the main roles. They have been married for a long time, but finally they are taking a holiday from their jobs (after 15 years) to relax and enjoy life in Europe. But, on the flight they get to know this billionaire, and somehow they ends up joining him on his luxury yacht.

Everything seems perfect, until they wake up in the middle of the night hearing a gunshot. Someone has been killed, and the characters of Aniston and Sandler are suspected of being the killers. This is when the action starts and we get to follow them as they try to find the real killers, without getting caught themselves by the police.

Murder Mystery trailer

Do you want to know more about Murder Mystery yourself? Check the trailer beneath.

It might be worth knowing that this is a Netflix original production. As a result, we should get access to this all across the world at the same time. There has been a few examples when things have been otherwise, for example, with the recent Jenifer Aniston movie named Dumplin. The movie was released on Netflix in the USA and in Canada, but in lots of nations in Europe, it was first showed in the theaters, and it still cannot be streamed on Netflix.

If that should be the case, find out more on how you can watch content in other Netflix regions here at