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New EU regulations on streaming Netflix abroad

As of April 1st, there are new rules related to streaming Netflix and other streaming services abroad. You can now bring your subscription with you, and watch your “home” content, even when abroad. If you have traveled to another country in the EU before and opened your Netflix subscription, you have for sure noticed that you get access to totally different content. That is because there are copyright regulations making… Read More »

Watch Jason Bourne on Netflix

Are you a fan of Jason Bourne and Matt Damon? You can watch all the Jason Bourne movies on Netflix. Find out which movies you can watch in the different Netflix regions. Unfortunately, I do not have access to any application that gives me information about content on all Netflix regions all across the world, but I do have access to a database presenting content in the most important Netflix… Read More »

Why does Netflix call something “Netflix Original” when it for sure isn’t?

One of my favorite TV series at the moment is Designated Survivor. But, whenever I stream an episode on Netflix it says “Netflix Original,” when I know for sure that Designated Survivor is an original ABC tv series. I know lots of people ask themselves the same question. How come Netflix call TV series “their own” and call them Netflix Original content, when the content isn’t produced by Netflix. Designated… Read More »

Watch Juventus on Netflix

If you are a soccer fan, and a fan of Italian football, then there is a big chance that Juventus is your favorite team. Would you like to know more about the team for Turin (Torino)? A brand new documentary consisting of 3 parts has now been made available on Netflix. Each episode lasts for about 40 minutes, and in each episode, you will get a glimpse of what life… Read More »

Watch Banking on Bitcoin on Netflix

Bitcoin is on the move in and in the wind, but what do you know about the most famous cryptocurrency? How did it come to pass? What makes it worth thousands of dollars? Get to know the number one cryptocurrency as you watch Banking on Bitcoin on Netflix. I am a big cryptocurrency enthusiast, and I truly believe in the technology behind it, the blockchain technology. I might not be… Read More »

Japan is the biggest Netflix region

We all know that American Netflix is the biggest and most famous Netflix region. But, things are changing, and right now, the biggest Netflix region in the world is Japanese Netflix. Based on a check on the number of titles available at Netflix, Japanese Netflix passed by American Netflix in January 2018, and Japanese Netflix now has a larger amount of titles available than American Netflix. That might not really… Read More »

Relax and watch Mr. Bean

I just did a search on Netflix for Mr. Bean, but I couldn’t find anything. Luckily, you can find most Mr. Bean content on YouTube, so no need to worry! Today is a very red day in the world of cryptocurrencies. A red day is an expression for a day in which everything goes down, and most people end up with values worth 25% less than before. But, that is… Read More »

While waiting for the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics will be arranged in South Korea between February 9th and February 25th. Most people of the world doesn’t really care about this event, but in the United States, Canada and in large parts of Europe, this is a giant event. Are you looking forward to it? What does the Winter Olympics have to do with Netflix? Nothing at all. But, if you look forward to the Winter… Read More »

Happy New Year!

2018 is no longer a year far away in the galaxy, but it is now upon us. Movie lovers have a lot to look forward to, and I believe Netflix will give us thousands of reasons to spend thousands of hours streaming content also in 2018. Hopefully, you will not spend 1000s of hours streaming content on Netflix, because that would make it an average of more than 3 hours… Read More »