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Can I watch Silence (2016) on Netflix?

Silence (2016) is a movie that shouts, while it speaks about the silence of God, when you eagerly long to hear God’s voice in the midst of trouble and hardships. And yes, that is what Silence is about. The Martin Scorsese movie tells us the story about Jesuit priests traveling to Japan to share their faith and help believers in the 17th century. They are also there to find their… Read More »

Easter approaching – Enjoy it with Netflix!

Easter is approaching, and when a holiday draws near, people get prepared for watching some great movies and TV series with the ones they love. Netflix has a lot to offer, so be prepared! As you probably already know, there is a wide difference in what you will find available in the different Netflix regions. In some regions you will find tons of Christian movies and documentaries (which might be… Read More »

Can I watch Arrival on Netflix?

Arrival is by many said to be one of the best movies in 2016. Would you like to stream Arrival on Netflix? Is it possible to watch Arrival on Netflix? If yes, where? I have read the opinions of quite a lot of people concerning the best movies in 2016. On quite a lot of lists the movie Arrival was included, and that is why I looked very much forward… Read More »

Watch One Direction: This Is Us on Netflix

Would you like to watch This Is Us on Netflix, the NBC series? You can not do so at the moment. But, if you want to watch One Direction: This Is Us  then you have a way better chance of success. In the start of February 2017 the One Direction: This Is Us  was added to lots of Netflix region. Among the lucky people living in for example Ireland, Canada,… Read More »

Prime is stepping up in their battle against Netflix

The battle between Netflix and Amazon is like the battle between two cats. They have similar power, they are eager to win and they get a nice hit on the other one from time to time. Only two weeks has passed since I reported that Netflix just introduced offline viewing for lots of the TV series and movies available in the Netflix application. This was Netflix hitting back at Amazon,… Read More »

Everything you need to now about watching Netflix offline!

Netflix just went offline! That doesn’t mean that Netflix isn’t working, it simply means that you can watch Netflix offline as well! Questions and answers related to viewing Netflix offline. It was only a question of time before Netflix would become available offline, just like Amazon Prime and similar service. It wasn’t long time ago that the leaders in Netflix said that they had no intention of turning available offline,… Read More »

Is Amazon following in the footsteps of Netflix?

I am not only blogging about Netflix, but also about Amazon Prime. Recently I have seen an increase of comments from people blocked by with the 4601 error message, also when using a VPN. For a long time it seemed as if Netflix was hunting down the IP addresses used by VPN providers all by themselves. No other streaming service or TV network seemed to take the battle against… Read More »

Can I watch Designated Survivor on Netflix?

Designated Survivor is a brand new TV series from ABC featuring Kiefer Sutherland as the President of the United States. Can you and I watch Designated Survivor on Netflix? Earlier this morning I watched the first episodes of Designated Survivor on Hulu. I really liked it and thought I should write an article about whether or not you can watch Designated Survivor on Netflix. Now, I had never thought in… Read More »

Great alternatives to Netflix

Are you tired of Netflix? Tired of fighting with VPN blocks and proxy errors? Want to watch your favorite TV show online, right now? Here are some great alternatives to Netflix! If you want to watch some fantastic TV shows or movies online, then Netflix is one of the best streaming services for this purpose. Here you can watch thousands of movies and TV series without commercials and without interruptions.… Read More »