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    Netflix in Africa,  Questions and answers

    Get access to South African Netflix [Working in 2019]

    Would you like to get access to South African Netflix while living somewhere else? Maybe you are out on a holiday somewhere? This is how you can access South African Netflix while abroad. It can be frustrating to go abroad and visit Netflix.com. Maybe you have been watching a film on Netflix or are in the middle of a TV series. Now you just want to continue watching, but once abroad you discover that you cant watch the film or TV series that you watched in South Africa, simply because it is not available in your current Netflix region. So, what can you do to access South African Netflix while…

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    Netflix in Africa

    How to watch Netflix in South Africa?

    Are you located in South Africa and want to watch Netflix‘? Have you visited the Netflix website and all you receive is the message that Netflix is unavailable at your location yet? Find out how to sole this and how to get started watching Netflix in South Africa! The problem as you visit the Netflix website is that they check your current IP address and based on that they also discover your location. Since Netflix is unavailable in South Africa they automatically give you the message that you can not watch Netflix at your destination yet as they see that you have an IP address in South Africa. But, to…

  • Watch Netflix in Morocco
    Netflix in Africa

    Watch Netflix in Morocco

    Morocco is a nation with more than 30 million people living there, and on a warm day (of which there are way to many every year) it can be extremely nice to sit back in a nice chair and watch some Netflix. But, how can you watch Netflix in Morocco? Netflix is the number one video portal online with thousands of films, series, documentaries and interesting content available, and there are more than 50 million Netflix users registered worldwide. For example in Australia, a nation in which Netflix is unavailable, there are millions of users as well, and just like it is possible to watch Netflix in Australia, it is…

  • Netflix in Nigeria
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    Best way to watch Netflix in Nigeria

    If you live in Nigeria and really want to watch all the films and series available at Netflix, you have already found out a long time back that if you visit Netflix.com in Nigeria you will only get a message telling you that you can not watch Netflix at your location. After getting that message you might get very discouraged at once, but then you sit down and type down your complaints in Google or in Bing asking for help to find out how you can watch Netflix in Nigeria anyway. It really is a good thing that you have not given up yet, because you are just about to…