• get access to portuguese netflix
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    Get access to Portuguese Netflix [Working in 2019]

    Have you left the fantastic nation of Portugal, but want to get access to Portuguese Netflix? Miss the Portuguese subtitles, audio or maybe some content only available there? If you want to get access to Portuguese Netflix, then this is what you will need to do. Notice that these instructions work at the time of writing this article, but since Netflix work to block all services giving you access to Netflix in other regions I can not guarantee that this will last forever. If you should ever follow these instructions and get trouble simply write a comment and let me know and I will share with you some other working…

  • get access to french netflix
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    Get access to French Netflix! [Working in 2019]

    Would you like to watch some French films on Netflix or maybe you miss the French subtitles or French audio? This is how you can get access to French Netflix outside France! The French language is a beautiful one and if you love it, you will, of course, love French Netflix. There are also quite a lot of programs and films available on French Netflix that can not be found elsewhere, and that is why lots of people miss French Netflix when going abroad. But, how can you get access to French Netflix when abroad? This is how it is done! This method is working at the time I am…

  • Netflix in Finland
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    Get access to Finnish Netflix [Working in 2019]

    Want to get access to Finnish Netflix from outside Finland? Here is a solution that should work even in the world after Netflix blocked IPs to VPN providers all around the globe. This solution is working as I am writing this article, but I can of course not guarantee that it will be working forever. That is why I ask you to try it and if you experience trouble and it is not working for you, please write a comment and I will update this article and write another method that will be working instead. Watch Finnish Netflix To get access to Netflix in Finland you can use the VPN…

  • Watch Netflix in Albania
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    How to watch Netflix in Albania?

    If you are a fan of good films then you probably like Netflix, and if you like good films and Netflix, then maybe you have seen Taken 1 and 2? And do you remember which nation the bad guys in these films are from? You guessed correct, from Albania. So what can you do to watch Netflix in Albania? To watch Netflix in Albania you will need to make some magic steps. It is very easy and what you need to do is to create the illusion that you are currently somewhere else, and not in Albania. You will need to create the illusion that you are in a country…

  • Horrbile Bosses 2 on Netflix
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    Horrible Bosses 2 on Netflix

    Did you like the first Horrible Bosses film? Now it is time for the follow up and again we can watch the guys who are big failures try to reach out for great success. In Horrible Bosses 2 they decide to make up their own company, but things simply turn out harder than they thought. First of all they are tricked to create products for a super big order, but the problems occur when the one ordering suddenly turns his back on the guys and do not want to buy what he ordered anyway. So, there the guys are standing with a major loan, lots of products to sell, but…

  • The Island on Netflix
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    The Island on Netflix

    Netflix has only been in Spain and Portugal for about two weeks, and they are already loading some great new films onto their services. One such new film is The Island, a quite old, but great film, with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. The topic of The Island is cloning and in a special world somewhere underground there are people living in perfect health. Once in a while there is a lottery and the lucky winners get to travel to The Island. But, who knows what The Island actually is? It seems to be a great place, but none has ever returned from that place. Ewan McGregor is not behaving…

  • Aloha online
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    Now you can watch Aloha on Netflix

    A while back I mentioned that it is possible to watch the film Aloha with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams on Amazon Instant Video. Now you do not need to pay extra for this anymore, because if you have a Netflix subscription then you can now watch it on Netflix as well! Aloha is a quite amusing film, though not a film I would watch more than once. It is partly a romantic film as well, but if you want a romantic film, then there are much more romantic films available on Netflix and in other places. That is why this is a film that is kind of…

  • Netflix in Italy
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    Netflix coming to Italy today!

    It has been two amazing days in Netflix history as they just launched in Spain on October 20th and in Portugal on October 21st. Today it is October 22nd and it is time for the historic launch of Netflix in Italy! In three days Netflix has extended their services to three new countries and more than 100,000,000 new people. That is quite amazing and I am sure that thousands of Italians rejoice at the fact that they no longer need to use a VPN to watch Netflix in the country anymore, but just visiting Netflix.com they will be able to subscribe, watch and enjoy all the goodies available on Netflix.…

  • Netflix in Portugal
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    Netflix coming to Portugal today

    Yesterday I wrote about the fact that Netflix arrived to Spain on October 20th. Today it is October 21st and guess what, Netflix is coming to Portugal today. As of this day you do no longer need to trick any system to be able to watch Netflix in Portugal, but while on holiday in Lisbon you can watch and enjoy films on Netflix in between watching the beautiful attractions of the city. With Netflix coming to Portugal as well Netflix is really expanding in Europe and soon about half of the countries in Europe will have access to Netflix. Tomorrow Italy will also gain access to Netflix, so no need…

  • Netflix in Spain
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    Netflix coming to Spain today

    Today is a big day in Spain and for many it will feel as if it is a new national day, because after many years of waiting Netflix is finally coming to Spain today! So, on October 20th, that is the day when Netflix turned available in Spain and you do no longer need to use VPNs and SmartDNS services to watch Netflix in Spain. But, even though Netflix just turned available in Spain you may want to use a SmartDNS service like described in the following article anyway, because in Spain most films will not have English subtitles available, so if you are visiting Spain or living temporarily in…