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Want to watch Netflix in Europe? Are you in Germany, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria or some other nation? Watch Netflix in Europe! Find out how to watch Netflix in your nation, and if your nation is not listed, then just read about one of the other nations, because the principles are the same if you want to watch Netflix in France, in Spain or let us say in Ukraine. So go ahead, and find out how to watch Netflix in Europe.

Get access to Spanish Netflix

Are you in the mood to watch some content on Spanish Netflix? Having trouble doing so or simply wonder how it can be done? This is the way! To watch Spanish Netflix you will need a VPN subscription, but life isn’t just that easy since Netflix now blocks most IP addresses provided by VPN providers all around the world. But, there are still some holes in the wall, and here… Read More »

Get access to Finnish Netflix

Want to get access to Finnish Netflix from outside Finland? Here is a solution that should work even in the world after Netflix blocked IPs to VPN providers all around the globe. This solution is working as I am writing this article, but I can of course not guarantee that it will be working forever. That is why I ask you to try it and if you experience trouble and… Read More »

How to watch Netflix in Albania?

If you are a fan of good films then you probably like Netflix, and if you like good films and Netflix, then maybe you have seen Taken 1 and 2? And do you remember which nation the bad guys in these films are from? You guessed correct, from Albania. So what can you do to watch Netflix in Albania? To watch Netflix in Albania you will need to make some… Read More »

The Island on Netflix

Netflix has only been in Spain and Portugal for about two weeks, and they are already loading some great new films onto their services. One such new film is The Island, a quite old, but great film, with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. The topic of The Island is cloning and in a special world somewhere underground there are people living in perfect health. Once in a while there is… Read More »

Netflix coming to Italy today!

It has been two amazing days in Netflix history as they just launched in Spain on October 20th and in Portugal on October 21st. Today it is October 22nd and it is time for the historic launch of Netflix in Italy! In three days Netflix has extended their services to three new countries and more than 100,000,000 new people. That is quite amazing and I am sure that thousands of… Read More »

Netflix coming to Portugal today

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that Netflix arrived to Spain on October 20th. Today it is October 21st and guess what, Netflix is coming to Portugal today. As of this day you do no longer need to trick any system to be able to watch Netflix in Portugal, but while on holiday in Lisbon you can watch and enjoy films on Netflix in between watching the beautiful attractions of… Read More »

Netflix coming to Spain today

Today is a big day in Spain and for many it will feel as if it is a new national day, because after many years of waiting Netflix is finally coming to Spain today! So, on October 20th, that is the day when Netflix turned available in Spain and you do no longer need to use VPNs and SmartDNS services to watch Netflix in Spain. But, even though Netflix just… Read More »