Watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix

Can I watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix? When will it come? Yes, you can watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix. Find information on how and where!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released before Christmas in 2017, and it was a great success, just like the other Star Wars movies. Personally, I enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens a bit more, but I had a great time watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the cinema as well. This morning I sat down to check out some Netflix news, and to my great surprise, I noticed that Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be added to Netflix in June 2018. It will for sure come to more Netflix regions within shortly, but Canadian Netflix is the first region to get this snack!

Watch Star Wars the Last Jedi on Netflix

On June 26th, Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be added to Canadian Netflix. I have said it many times before, and still say it… Canadian Netflix is probably the best Netflix region when it comes to blockbusters. Want me to prove it? In June 2018 they will not only add Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but they will also add Lady Bird and another of my favorite movies, Thor: Ragnarok.

So, how can I stream Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix?

If you want to stream this movie on Netflix, you will need to get access to Canadian Netflix. That is an easy job because you need a VPN subscription to one certain VPN provider that will give you access to the region? Which VPN provider is that? I will not write it in this article, but if you read my guide to stream Canadian Netflix abroad you will find the answer.

More great news, from the same date you can also stream Star Wars: The Last Jedi on American Netflix, meaning that Canadian Netflix isn’t the only place to stream this movie.

Why don’t I write it here? From time to time VPN providers are blocked. So instead of giving an answer in all my articles that will be outdated with time, I keep one article in which the answer is given to make sure that you always find an up to date answer on how to stream Canadian Netflix from abroad.

What should I do until Star Wars: The Last Jedi is added on June 25th?

I know what I am going to do. I will stream Thor: Ragnarok on June 5th, and then I will watch a lot of football during the FIFA World Cup starting on June 14th.

How did you like Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Feel free to write a few words to share your thoughts about the movie. If you have a question about how to watch the movie on Netflix, please write in the comment field as well.


Watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard on Netflix

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is a brilliant movie from 2017 starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. It tells us a story very different from The Bodyguard, as Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of a crazy criminal that is supposed to be protected by Ryan Reynolds.

If you take a look at the trailer above you will quickly see the difference between The Hitman’s Bodyguard and The Bodyguard. But, listen to the music in the trailer. They are having fun with The Bodyguard, almost like making fun of the movie.

But, would you like to watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard on Netflix? It just came to HBO Now a few days ago, but imagine what, it has already been on Netflix for a couple of weeks. But, where? If you cannot find The Hitman’s Bodyguard in your Netflix region, then you better follow my instructions on how to get access to Canadian Netflix, because that is the region in which you can currently stream The Hitman’s Bodyguard and lots of other brilliant movies. I always say that Canadian Netflix is the best region for those who want to watch a Hollywood blockbuster, and yet again they proved that to be true.

December 2018: You can also watch the movie on Netflix in the UK!

The Hitmans Bodyguard on Netflix

Well, they haven’t come up with Wonder Woman yet (which can be seen on Australian Netflix and on Scandinavian Netflix), but still… it is by far the best region for those in love with new Hollywood movies.

If you wonder how to critics received the movie, then it has a 40% score on Rotten Tomatoes (from the critics). But, it doesn’t surprise me at all that the audience is much more positive, and therefore it has a 70% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. What do you think? What kind of percentage would you give the movie?

Watch The Hitman’s Bodyguard on Netflix first, and share your thoughts on the movie afterward!

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, now on Netflix

Vin DieselHave you missed Vin Diesel in the role as agent xXx? I have, but now he has returned. You can watch xXx: The Return of Xander Cage on Netflix from September 30th, 2017.

I didn’t stream XXX: The Return of Xander Cage on Netflix because I did not have the patience to wait for its arrival. I have read lots of bad reviews of this movie, but I must admit, I loved it! This is exactly what I hoped for as I sat down to watch an xXx movie. It was explosions, crazy stunts, typical Vin Diesel humor and everything I have been waiting for since the last xXx film.

If you visit Rotten Tomatoes, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage has only got a critics score of 42% and the audience score is even lower. I don’t care about that. If you like the gender of the xXx movies, I believe you will utterly enjoy this one as well. If you just said “dah” and “that is just stupid” as you watched the first two movies, then this will not be after your taste either.

I guess you are reading this article because you are interested in streaming xXx: The Return of Xander Cage on Netflix. That can be done as of September 30th, 2017. This is how and where to stream the film.

Watch xXx: The Return of Xander Cage on Netflix

If you want to stream xXx: The Return of Xander Cage on Netflix there is one region in which it can be done. That is as of September 30th, 2017, Canadian Netflix. At Canadian Netflix, you can also stream lots of other fantastic movies, and for that reason, I find Canadian Netflix to be my favorite Netflix region. Would you like to give it a try?

After you have streamed xXx on Netflix, please return to this article and share your thoughts on the movie. I loved it, but it might be that you want. Please write down your thoughts in a few sentences beneath. I would love to hear from you!

Can I watch Wonder Woman on Netflix?

One of my favorite movies so far in 2017 was Wonder Woman. When can I watch it on Netflix? Where can I watch it on Netflix? Is it available at all on Netflix?

I didn’t have high expectations as I went to the theatre to watch the Marvel movie Wonder Woman. I didn’t have anything against it, but in the same way, I didn’t expect much good from Doctor Strange either. I didn’t spend much time in the comfortable seat in the theatre with my popcorn before I understood that this is gonna be good. Since then Wonder Woman has received really good critics almost everywhere online and offline, and theaters around the world still show the movie, because of the big interest.

Gal Gadot is doing a fantastic job in her role as Wonder Woman in the movie. She has a great sense of humor, but she is also an awesome superhero. I find her much more interesting and sympathetic than Doctor Strange, Captain America and most of the other guys. I guess my favorite combination would be Wonder Woman and Thor; those are the best heroes with the best humor.

Wonder Woman on Netflix

Wonder Woman on Netflix

Would you like to watch Wonder Woman on Netflix? It hasn’t been made available yet, but my guess is that just before Christmas 2017 it will be made available in the first regions. The first region is most likely to become Canadian Netflix, but nothing can be said for sure until I have facts on the table.

Wonder Woman is a movie that I could imagine watching twice, something that is very uncommon for me to do. There are so many great movies out there, so why waste time watching the same film twice? Wonder Woman is, however, a movie I could imagine watching once more, entirely for the joy of watching it again.

For that reason, I look forward to the arrival of Wonder Woman on Netflix. I do not know to which regions it will arrive, but no worries, I know how to get access to different Netflix regions around the world.

How did you like Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman isn’t just about the Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot. It is a movie produced by a woman, Patty Jenkins, and that makes her kind of a wonder woman as well. Did you like it? Are you gonna watch it for a second, third or maybe fourth time?

Watch Jack Reacher: Never Go Back on Netflix

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is the successor of Jack Reacher. Want to see this action movie from 2016? It can now be seen on Netflix.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back was directed by Edward Zwick, and produced by Tom Cruise and two other guys. In this movie he has to help an Army Major played by Cobie Smulders, better known for her role as Robin Scherbatsky in How I Met Your Mother. As he starts helping out, not only does he see mistakes in the system, but discovers a big conspiracy that needs to be unveiled.

Watch Jack Reacher: Never Go Back on Netflix

This brand new Jack Reacher movie can be streamed on Canadian Netflix. If you haven’t seen the first movie yet from 2012, then you can for example stream that on UK Netflix and on Portuguese Netflix.

To find out more about how you can get access to all sorts of different Netflix regions, click the link.

Jack Reacher Never Go Back on Netflix

Is Jack Reacher: Never Go Back worth changing your Netflix region for?

If you want to stream Jack Reacher: Never Go Back on Netflix outside Canada, you will need to change your Netflix region. For that to happen you will need to subscribe to a VPN provider, which will cost you some money. Is it worth it?

The original Jack Reacher movie has a 7,0/10 score at iMDB, while Never Go Back has a 6,1/10 score. On Rotten Tomatoes the original movie has a 67% audience score, while the successor Never Go Back has a 42% score. It can therefore be seen that most people find the successor to be worse than the original, but based on my very own experience I would say that the movie is worth streaming if you like Tom Cruise and a good action movie. The story might not be splendid, but to relax in front of the TV with some crazy stunts and Tom Cruise as a super soldier, this works just great.

What do you think?

Have you seen Jack Reacher: Never Go Back yet? Did you enjoy it? Why don’t you take a minute to write down your thoughts? If you have questions related to streaming it on Netflix, feel free to write down your questions as well in the comment field.

Where to watch War Machine online? On Netflix of course!

Did you know that the War Machine (2017) movie was created for and by Netflix? That is why you will not find it on other streaming services. Want to watch War Machine online? Visit

Netflix is on the move when it comes to producing movies, and they are going crazy bringing movies straight to the user, instead of first showing them in theaters and then releasing them to the public 4-5 months later. This is a move made by Netflix that might scare of some of the big movie companies, but it is very likely that both brands and methods will be able to work next to one another, without creating trouble for the other part.

War Machine on NEtflix

War Machine is a movie I have matched on Netflix, and I must admit that I agree with a review I read somewhere. In that review that said that the movie is hard to get, at times it feels like a comedy and parody, while it at other times seem to be a bit more serious. But, it isn’t funny enough to be a comedy, but it is not all serious enough to be taken seriously. So, I found the movie hard to get, and for that reason I was tempted to stop watching continuously throughout the movie.

At the moment you can stream War Machine in all Netflix regions out there, meaning that you do not need to worry about changing your Netflix region or so on, after all this is a Netflix production, made by Netflix as a gift to Netflix subscribers all around the globe.

Have you seen War Machine already? Did you enjoy it? Do you agree with me, or would you rather call this a masterpiece, or maybe a total bummer? The audience score of the movie at Rotten Tomatoes is currently 39% which is very low, meaning that the average viewer is far from satisfied. What about you?

When will Hacksaw Ridge come to Netflix?

There are thousands of Hacksaw Ridge fans waiting for the movie to come to Netflix? When will it arrive?

It is quite easy to answer that question at the moment, because it actually arrived to Netflix yesterday. It might be that you do not know about it, because it only exists in a few regions, but if you are in any of those regions, then you can already stream Hacksaw Ridge online.

wATCH Hacksaw Ridge on Netflix

At the moment you can watch Hacksaw Ridge in the following countries:

  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica

Those who live somewhere else have no reason to cry. Here at I have shared instructions which can tell you how to get access to Brazilian Netflix, and as you follow those instructions you will at once be able to stream Hacksaw Ridge on Brazilian Netflix. And with the same method you can also get access to other Netflix regions, so it truly is a great method for fans of movies and TV series.

Do not forget to bookmark this page, so that you can receive news and updates about movies and TV series coming to Netflix. You will also find working and updated information on how to access other Netflix regions, and thus get access to content available in other Netflix regions than your current one.

Have a great time streaming Hacksaw Ridge on Netflix, and if you have further questions or comments, use the comment field beneath.

Watch Fast & Furious 6 on Netflix

Are you a fan of the Fast & Furious series who would love to stream Fast & Furious 6 on Netflix? It can now be done, so read on and find out how and where!

A brand new Fast & Furious movie can currently be seen in theaters all across the world, and it has mostly received bad critics. There are of course hard-core fans who love what they are served, but most people with little or no relationship to the Fast & Furious series, find the newest movie to be a total disaster.

If you are like me, then you haven’t watched any single Fast & Furious movie at all. I gave the series a try a few months ago, but after a few minutes I turned of the TV only to do something else instead. But, you are not here to find out why I do not felt compelled to watch Fast & Furious on Netflix (or somewhere else). You are rather interested in how you can stream Fast & Furious 6 on Netflix, and this is how and where it can be done!

Fast and Furious 6 on Netflix

Watch Fast & Furious 6 on Netflix

Currently you can watch this Fast & Furious movie in the following Netflix regions:

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland

Would you like to stream this movie on Netflix, but live somewhere else? No problem! Read more about how you can get access to other Netflix regions in the following article.

What are you gonna do tonight? Are you gonna stream Fast and Furious on Netflix? Or maybe something else instead? There are so much other great stuff to watch on Netflix, so I recommend that you get access to Canadian Netflix and watch a great movie there instead. That is at least what I would do in your place!

Feel like watching Iron Man 3 on Netflix?

Iron Man 3 on NetflixWhile waiting for Thor Ragnarok to arrive in the cinemas in November 2017, you might want to fill your mind with other Marvel creations. So, why not watch Iron Man 3 on Netflix?

I have earlier written about how you can watch Iron Man on Netflix, but if you have already seen the first film, and maybe also the second, then it is time to watch number three right now. But, where can you watch it? Is it possible to stream Iron Man 3 on Netflix?

If you have followed the Iron Man movies, you probably know that the Iron Man isn’t an easy guy to be. He has lots of trouble in his personal life, and he might not be the nicest guy at all times. But, at the same time he always does his uttermost to save the world, and that is happening again in Iron Man 3.

Watch Iron Man 3 on Netflix

If you want to watch Iron Man 3 on Netflix, you can currently do so in the following Netflix regions:

If you want to get access to any of these Netflix regions I recommend that you press the links above to find out how you can access those regions. For more information in general about streaming Netflix from abroad, visit

It is also worth noticing that these regions mostly give you access not only to Iron Man 3, but these will also let you stream Iron Man and Iron Man 2. I guess you are up for a night with the Iron Man tonight? Am I right or am I right?

Is there an Iron Man 4 coming up?

As far as I know there is no such movie coming up. Robert Downey Jr. is finished in his role as the Iron Man, at least so the rumors say, and without him, there might not be any future Iron Man. But, who knows… maybe an Iron Girl will continue his legacy? According to the movieweb there will however come a new Iron Man movie, but with a new lead actor in the role as Iron Man.

Where to watch Star Wars: Rogue One on Netflix?

Star Wars: Rogue One was a fantastic Star Wars movie that was released just before Christmas in 2016. Where can you watch Star Wars: Rogue One on Netflix?

Star Wars Rogue One on Netflix
Watch Star Wars Rogue One on Netflix

Rogue One should be considered as Star Wars 3 1/2, at least when it comes to the story and its location among all the other Star Wars movies. It was a fantastic movie, and I truly enjoyed it, even though I was a bit sad as well when I left the cinema. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then you have a lot to look forward to as you sit down to stream Rogue One on Netflix. But, can you actually watch Star Wars: Rogue One on Netflix? If the answer is yes, then where can you stream it, because I can for sure not find it in my Netflix region!

[stbpro id=”info”]I know the title of the movie is “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” but I will still refer to the movie as Star Wars: Rogue One in this article.[/stbpro]

How to watch Star Wars: Rogue One on Netflix?

From July 18th in 2017 you will be able to stream Star Wars Rogue One on Canadian Netflix. That is fantastic, and it is not the first time Canadian Netflix is the first region to give access to other fantastic movies. In the month of July 2017 you will also be able to stream Snowden, Arrival and Hacksaw Ridge on Canadian Netflix, so your summer should be safe.

Would you like to get access to Canadian Netflix? You can use the VPN provider StrongVPN to get a Canadian IP address that work with Canadian Netflix, and thus you will be able to stream the fantastic content on Canadian Netflix right away.

Visit StrongVPN(and watch Netflix from abroad)

As you can see the same pattern is followed when it comes to releasing Star Wars: Rogue One on Netflix as was used when it had to do with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Aren’t you happy about that?

Do not forget to bookmark this page so that you will get updates on other fantastic movies on Netflix, and of course find information on how to get access to Canadian Netflix and all sorts of other Netflix regions.