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Want to enjoy some hours with a good action film on Netflix? Take a look this list presenting some newly added action films on Netflix!

Watch Fast & Furious 6 on Netflix

Are you a fan of the Fast & Furious series who would love to stream Fast & Furious 6 on Netflix? It can now be done, so read on and find out how and where! A brand new Fast & Furious movie can currently be seen in theaters all across the world, and it has mostly received bad critics. There are of course hard-core fans who love what they are… Read More »

Watch Exodus: Gods and Kings on Netflix

Exodus: Gods and Kings is a movie based on the story about Moses from the Bible. Would you like to watch Exodus: Gods and Kings on Netflix? The movie Exodus: Gods and Kings has not received the best critics online, but it has still got its fans here and there. On Rotten Tomatoes it only has a 27% score, while the iMDB audience is nicer and gives the movie a… Read More »