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Want to enjoy some hours with a good action film on Netflix? Take a look this list presenting some newly added action films on Netflix!

Watch Exodus: Gods and Kings on Netflix

Exodus: Gods and Kings is a movie based on the story about Moses from the Bible. Would you like to watch Exodus: Gods and Kings on Netflix? The movie Exodus: Gods and Kings has not received the best critics online, but it has still got its fans here and there. On Rotten Tomatoes it only has a 27% score, while the iMDB audience is nicer and gives the movie a… Read More »

Watch Jurassic World on Netflix

Jurassic World was a very nice movie in the Jurassic Park series. It was the only Jurassic Park movie I ever watched in the cinema, and now you can watch Jurassic World on Netflix as well. It did take a while for Jurassic World to arrive on Netflix. It has been on HBO Now already (and disappeared from there as well since then), but the first Netflix region to lay… Read More »

Watch Nice Guys on Netflix

Want to watch some nice guys on Netflix that ain’t really such nice guys after all? If the answer is yes then go ahead and watch Nice Guys on Netflix! There are few times I watch a movie only to stop watching by half time and never finishing it. In fact, that is going against every single principle in my body. What I start to watch I have to finish.… Read More »