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    How to watch Book Club (2018) on Netflix?

    Book Club was a big success in 2018, and even though some people referred to it as a movie about grandparent sex, it still attracted crowds to cinemas worldwide. Are you interesting in streaming Book Club on Netflix? I have got to be honest, I haven’t seen the movie myself, and the description referred to in the introduction didn’t really make me more interesting. I kind of feel as if this is a bit of a boring movie with lots of conversations without much happening, and thus I never really felt like watching it, and whenever someone came up with the idea of watching it in cinema, I always came…

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    Bird Box – a fantastic Netflix original movie

    Finally I got the chance to watch the superpopular Netflix original movie Bird Box. Even though the critics have been negative, I was positively surprised. Bird Box has been a giant success for Netflix. More than 50 million people streamed it the first week after it was released, and it has gotten tons of attention in media. In the recent days, it has taken off completely, due to the so-called #birdboxchallenge in which people try to walk around blindfolded doing different tasks. That is kind of cool, but yesterday Netflix actually warned their fans about it, saying that it is dangerous and can cause big accidents if people do not…

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    Watch Ant-Man and The Wasp on Netflix

    How can I watch Ant-Man and The Wasp on Netflix? Where can I watch Ant-Man and The Wasp on Netflix? It is easy! I have seen quite a lot of enjoyable movies in 2018, and Ant-Man and The Wasp was one of them. I didn’t especially enjoy the first Ant-Man movie a lot, and I have never seen The Wasp before, so I didn’t come with great expectations to this movie. The truth is, I had seen all other movies of interest in the cinema, so this was the most interesting of all the movies I had no intention of watching. Luckily, it was way better than I expected, and…

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    Watch The Incredibles 2 on Netflix

    One of the best movies of all in 2018 was The Incredibles 2. Not often does a successor become better than the original, but to me, The Incredibles 2 was even better than the original movie.  The Incredibles 2 made it to the list of the top 10 grossing movies in the world in 2018. And considering that it is an animated movie, that is a brilliant job. The truth is, this is a movie that even adults will enjoy. I am way up in my adult years, and I was an adult when I watched the first movie, but I enjoyed the first movie about the incredible family, and…

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    Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story on Netflix

    Are you wondering how to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story on Netflix? Or maybe you are wondering where you can watch the Star Wars movie about Han Solo on Netflix? The answer is here! Yes, I do know that Solo: A Star Wars story didn’t become a great success, and after the failure of the movie, Disney decided to take a break from the spin-off stories. But, even though it wasn’t a big hit, I still had a fantastic time watching it in the cinema, and I have no regrets spending my time and my money at this movie. I could even watch the movie once more, but I…

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    Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle is now on Netflix

    Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle is the brand new Netflix original movie directed by Andy Serkis (who also has the voice of Baloo in the movie).  The movie was released on Netflix in December 2018, and it is one of the highest expected Netflix original movies ever. The fact that it is a Netflix original also means that it will come directly to Netflix, and that it can be seen in all sorts of Netflix regions all across the world, without any need of changing your Netflix region. The name Andy Serkis might not say a lot to you, but this is a guy who played a part in Black…

  • Watch Bradley Cooper as he turns limitless in the movie Limitless on Netflix
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    Watch Limitless on Netflix

    Limitless isn’t only a 2011 movie with Bradley Cooper, it is also a TV series created by CBS in 2015. Would you like to watch the Limitless movie, or maybe the Limitless TV series on Netflix? It can be done! A few weeks ago, some friends of mine recommended me the movie Limitless. For some reason, the movie never came to my attention, so I hadn’t heard about it, nor watched it. As I got home, I visited Netflix to see if luck was on my side. And guess what, it was! But, not only did I find the Limitless movie, but I also discovered a TV series carrying the…

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    Watch Beatriz at Dinner on Netflix

    Beatriz at Dinner tells the story about a holistic therapist/Mexican immigrant (Salma Hayek) who finds herself stuck at an Orange County dinner party with, amongst others, a loud-mouthed celebrity real estate developer (John Lithgow). I have seen the trailer for this movie several times, and I have mentioned Beatriz at Dinner in several articles recently. Whenever I mention it, I say to myself, I should really watch this movie sometime soon. But, I still haven’t watched it. Now I have got yet another chance because recently they added Beatriz at Dinner to American Netflix. I get a feeling that the movie is sometimes making fun of Donald Trump, especially when they…

  • avatar on Netflix
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    Watch Avatar on Netflix

    Avatar is a fantastic movie from 2009. It tells the story of a marine who travels to the planet Pandora as an avatar. His task on the planet is to help the Americans mine unobtainium, and in order to do so, he needs to integrate into the “society.” You have heard similar stories before, and it is very easy to understand, that complications arise as our marine officer travels to Pandora as an avatar. The movie received lots of praise, and it is one of the James Cameron’s greatest masterpieces. It has an awesome 82% score on Rotten Tomatoes (both among the critics’ and the audience), and that shows well…

  • Here I am watching Dunkirk on Netflix
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    You can now watch Dunkirk on Netflix!

    One of the greatest war-movies in 2017 was Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan. You can now watch Dunkirk on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet. You can, of course, watch Dunkirk on Netflix even if you have seen it before, but if you are like me, then watching Dunkirk once is more than enough. It was a good movie, but it wasn’t a movie I would spend time watching once more. I know it won several awards, and I know that Mr. Nolan did a great job with the movie… but I still only enjoyed it a bit. Maybe I had to big expectations, or maybe it just didn’t…