• The Lost World on Netflix
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    The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) is now on American Netflix

    The Jurassic Park movies are amazing, and right now you can watch the newest one in theaters worldwide. But, why not get back to the beginning to watch The Lost World: Jurassic Park from 1997 on Netflix? This movie has been quite a lot in and out of different Netflix regions, but on July 1st in 2018 it was yet again added to US Netflix. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is your chance. Have you seen it 10 times already? This is your chance to stream it online on Netflix and watch it for the 11th time. It is for sure worth it. The Lost World is the…

  • thor ragnarok on netflix
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    Watch Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix

    My favorite Marvel super-hero is without a doubt, Thor. He is strong, but he has a lot of humor. He is much more enjoyable to watch than Iron Man, he has a charm like few others, and his humor is even better than the one of Deadpool. So, how can you (and I) stream Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix? There is something about the charm of Thor. He isn’t afraid when he faces death, he simply solves the problems with strength, a hammer, and with humor. It is so easy to watch the Thor movies, and I must say that I am a big fan. The latest Thor movie is Thor:…

  • Watch Star Wars the Last Jedi on Netflix
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    Watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix

    Can I watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix? When will it come? Yes, you can watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix. Find information on how and where! Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released before Christmas in 2017, and it was a great success, just like the other Star Wars movies. Personally, I enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens a bit more, but I had a great time watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the cinema as well. This morning I sat down to check out some Netflix news, and to my great surprise, I noticed that Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be added to…

  • passengers on netflix
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    Watch Passengers on Netflix

    I remember watching Passengers last year. I had read lots of poor critics of the movie, and after watching it myself, I kind of agreed! I did not come with great expectations, as I went to see Passengers. The director did a great job with The Imitation Game, and I hoped that he would manage to create a similar success movie again. The fact that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt had the main roles only suggested that this would become a giant success. But, it didn’t! Somehow the movie never managed to grab a hold of me, and for that reason I found it to be quite boring. The movie…

  • La La Land Netflix
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    La La Land is now on Netflix

    The big winner at the Academy Awards 2017, La La Land, can now be streamed on Netflix. Would you like to know how and where? A couple of months ago, I wrote an article titled: When will La La Land come to Netflix? I did not have the answer back then, but my original guess was that it would arrive on Canadian Netflix first. Let me say it at once; I was wrong. Just like The Circle (a movie with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson), it did not come to Canadian Netflix first, nor to US Netflix. Where to stream La La Land on Netflix? If you would like to…

  • The Dressmaker on Netflix
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    Is it possible to stream The Dressmaker on Netflix?

    The Dressmaker is a movie from 2015 starring Kate Winslet. She has received lots of praise for her role, even though the movie itself has gotten mixed critics. I remember watching the movie on Amazon Prime and at the start of the movie I saw the text presenting the movie as an Amazon Original. For that reason, I never expected The Dressmaker to come to Netflix. In the same way original Netflix content never turns available on Amazon Prime, I did not expect Amazon original content to turn available on Netflix. But, I was kind of wrong. The Dressmaker is now available on Netflix. One of the reasons for this…

  • Adonis Creed
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    Watch Creed on Netflix

    Did you enjoy the original Rocky movies? Would you like to see what Rocky is like as a coach? Watch the movie Creed on Netflix. Sylvester Stallone might not be the hottest actor in the world at the moment, but in Creed, he does a fairly good job. He is the coach of Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed. Rocky’s job is to help the young guy turn into the best boxer in the world, but will he succeed? Michael Jordan plays the role as Adonis Creed, though not the basketball guy, but Michael B. Jordan, a guy you might know from TV series such as Parenthood, Friday Night…

  • Room on Netflix
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    Finally you can watch Room on Netflix

    Room was one of the most unique movies in 2016, and in September 2017 the film finally became available on Netflix. Would you like to stream Room on Netflix? Room tells us the extraordinary story of a mother and her five-year-old child. The mother was taken captive by a man who tricked her to help him, and the son was a product of sexual activity during her life in captivity. She does her uttermost all the time to help her little boy, but life isn’t easy for any of them. What would life be like if they managed to escape? They are about to find out, and they are about…

  • Watch Gold on Netflix
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    You can now stream Gold on Netflix

    We live in a time when people lose faith in banks and paper money, while cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and gold grow in value. What better to do in these days than to stream Gold on Netflix? Gold is a movie from 2016 starting Matthew McConaughey. We have seen Matthew in lots of interesting roles in the recent years, and yet again he is doing a fantastic job. Maybe his most spectacular role in recent time was in Dallas Buyers Club, for which he even won an Oscar award, if I remember correctly. Right now you can watch Matthew McConaughey in theaters all around the world in the movie The Dark…

  • The Exception on Netflix
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    Can I watch The Exception on Netflix?

    Do you like historical movies from the Second World War? The Exception might not be true to history, but it is still a movie worth watching. The Exception is a movie that has received mostly good critics online. At Rotten Tomaotes it has a 78% Critics Score. I should, however, mention that it only has a 68% audience score. At IMDb the score is 6,8/10, meaning quite similar to the audience score at Rotten Tomatoes. In The Exception, we meet Jai Courtney playing the role as the German Captain Stefan Brandt. He is sent to the house of Kaiser Wilhelm II (Christopher Plummer) to find out if the house is…