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Want to watch films and TV series for children on Netflix? Read about recently added films and TV series suitable for children in all ages at Netflix.

Watch Minions on Netflix

Where did those yellow creatures in Gru come from? For some reasons they became even bigger stars than Gru and now you can watch the film about the Minions on Netflix! In the film Minions we can follow the Minions back to the early days of their history and see how they have evolved and moved on throughout history, always looking for a master who can show them directions and… Read More »

Lion King on Netflix?

Today I noticed that Lion King had just been added to Netflix. It would be quite fair since lots of great films are added to Netflix every single day, like I mentioned in an article yesterday when I wrote that Inside Out had just been added to Netflix. But, there is a little minus to the fact that Lion King is added to Netflix, because it is not the first… Read More »

Watch Inside Out on Netflix

The Oscar Awards are closing up and Inside Out might be awarded as the best animation film in 2015. Now you can prepare for the Oscar Wards by watching Inside Out on Netflix. It is quite amazing, but as I always say, Canadian Netflix is fantastic when it comes to bringing blockbusters and famous films out to Netflix early. In fact they always bring the best and newest films way… Read More »

Watch the Beauty and the Beast on Netflix

A few days ago I wrote about how you can watch Peter Pan, the original Disney film, on Netflix, and now I will tell you how and where you can watch the Beauty and the Beast on Netflix. Because, you can watch it, but again not in the most popular Netflix regions. To watch the Beauty and the Beast from 1991 on Netflix you will need to change your Netflix… Read More »

Watch Peter Pan (Disney) on Netflix

Are you in the mood for a Disney film tonight? Want to watch the original Peter Pan movie from 1953? It can be watched online on Netflix right away! Peter Pan is currently not available in the most popular Netflix regions, but if you are familiar with changing your Netflix region then you will have no problem watching it anyway. It is very easy and you can change your Netflix… Read More »

Can I watch Spongebob on Netflix?

I would love to watch Spongebob on Netflix, but can not really find it. Is Spongebob available on Netflix? Can you please help me! It can sometimes be hard to find what is on Netflix, especially since Netflix is divided into different regions and it is not always easy to get a grip on what is available. Also do not forget that the information I will now write might change… Read More »

Watch Angry Birds Toons on Netflix

The Angry Birds are some crazy birds that started out in a small office in Finland, but suddenly became a fantastic big hit and since then they have teddies you can buy in stores, they have lots of commercial products, lots of games available for Android and iOS systems and they also have their own cartoon TV series. And yes, you can now watch Angry Birds on Netflix. Just recently… Read More »

Watch Home on Netflix

Home is a very nice animated film created by Dreamworks and now you can see it in several Netflix regions, for example in the USA and in most Scandinavian regions. In Home we meet a girl living here on earth whose life is turned quite upside down as she meets some special creatures from outer space looking for a new home here on earth. In the film as you watch… Read More »