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Can I watch Silence (2016) on Netflix?

Silence (2016) is a movie that shouts, while it speaks about the silence of God, when you eagerly long to hear God’s voice in the midst of trouble and hardships. And yes, that is what Silence is about. The Martin Scorsese movie tells us the story about Jesuit priests traveling to Japan to share their faith and help believers in the 17th century. They are also there to find their… Read More »

Can I stream Miracles from Heaven on Netflix?

Are there miracles in this world today? Maybe it would be a miracle if you could stream Miracles from Heaven on Netflix? It can be done, but maybe not in your region! If you want to know more about Miracles from Heaven, then I suggest you read the following Miracles from Heaven review for more information. In short the movie is about a Christian family who suddenly gets their lives… Read More »

Watch God’s Not Dead 2 on Netflix

One of the most anticipated Christian productions in 2016 was God’s Not Dead 2. It was released during early summer in 2016 and by the end of November 2016 you can watch God’s Not Dead 2 on Netflix. Well, you can not watch it in all Netflix regions. To be honest you can only watch it in one single Netflix region at the moment, and that region is Canadian Netflix.… Read More »

Watch War Room on Netflix

Did you know that Netflix can help you get a hold on your spiritual life? There are some fantastic movies on the topic of prayer, and now the best of them all is on Netflix. Do not miss out on War Room on Netflix! I will not write a whole lot about the film War Room, but if you would like to read a War Room review just press the… Read More »

Watch Woodlawn on Netflix

Woodlawn is a quite serious film telling the story of how racial segregation destroy, while the love of God comes to reconcile and bring peace. Now you can watch Woodlawn on Netflix! In Woodlawn we are taken to a school in which the black and white people are separated from one another, except from on the football ground. And when a preacher comes to the school inspired by the Jesus… Read More »

Watch Fireproof on Netflix

Not long ago I wrote about how you can watch Courageous at Netflix, and now a similar film has been made available as well, Fireproof. Fireproof is a must see film for those who are married and have a good marriage, who are planning on getting married or who are fighting in what can be called a bad marriage. Fireproof tells the story of a guy who is having trouble… Read More »

Watch Heaven is for Real on Netflix

Heaven is for Real is a very interesting film about a four year old boy who has an accident and nearly dies. But, during this accident and his time in coma he sees and experiences things that can not really be understood. The father of the little boy is a pastor of a church, but even he has a hard time grasping everything as the little boy starts to describe… Read More »

Watch The Holiday on Netflix

I just can’t believe it! Christmas is just over and 2016 has begun, and now Netflix in Canada is starting the new year with adding The Holiday to their catalogue of available films. A couple of weeks to late, but still fantastic, after all this is one of the best romantic films and best holiday films available. And I guess that means that I will have to make a new… Read More »