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    Watch Irrational on Netflix

    Irrational Man is a typical Woody Allen film which will give joy to lots of people. Now you can watch Irrational Man on Netflix, and this is how it is done! Emma Stone is almost a permanent character in lots of Woody Allen films, and in Irrational Man she is acting again. This time she has the main role together with Joaquin Phoenix and Parker Posey. Mr. Phoenix is an artist who has lost all his inspiration and he is looking to get his life back together. Emma Stone is playing one of the students of Mr. Phoenix, while Parker Posey seems to be a person that knows how to…

  • The Hundred-Foot Journey on Netflix
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    Watch The Hundred-Foot Journey on Netflix

    It took a long time for The Hundred-Foot Journey to arrive on Netflix, but now it is here. If you want to watch the film, go ahead and watch it right away. The Hundred-Foot Journey tells the story of an Indian family who left the nation and moved to England. But, after a while their journey made them go to France and that is where they end up starting their own Indian restaurant. But, when the Indian restaurant opens its door on the other side of the road to a Michelin starred restaurant, things do get complicated. The owner of the other restaurant played by Helen Mirren does anything in…

  • Woodlawn on Netflix
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    Watch Woodlawn on Netflix

    Woodlawn is a quite serious film telling the story of how racial segregation destroy, while the love of God comes to reconcile and bring peace. Now you can watch Woodlawn on Netflix! In Woodlawn we are taken to a school in which the black and white people are separated from one another, except from on the football ground. And when a preacher comes to the school inspired by the Jesus People and the Jesus Movement a major change takes place in the hearts of the players and the coach, and they suddenly turn into a big example for their surroundings. Woodlawn on Netflix If you want to watch Woodlawn on…

  • The Bucket List on Netflix
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    Watch The Bucket List on Netflix

    Recently a new and quite amusing film was added to US Netflix, The Bucket List. Do you want to watch The Bucket List on Netflix outside the US? Read on! In the Bucket List we meet Morgan Freeman and and Jack Nicholson. They are both old and almost ready to die, but that is when they decide to make a Bucket List and get ready to put an X next to all goals placed on that list. That is the start of a quite amusing story about how the guys get into both trouble, romances and other fun as they travel across the world to see their dreams come true.…

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    Now you can watch Billy Elliott: The Musical on Netflix

    Billy Elliott: The Musical is a fantastic and very popular musical that has been on display in for example London for a very long time. Now you will not have to travel far away anymore to see it, because Billy Elliott: The Musical can now be seen on Netflix. If you want to see Billy Elliott: The Musical on Netflix then all you have to do right now is to get yourself access to Canadian Netflix and then you will be able to watch it right away. If you do not know quite yet how to get access to Canadian Netflix, then I suggest that you read the following article…

  • Can I watch The Holiday on Netflix
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    Watch The Holiday on Netflix

    I just can’t believe it! Christmas is just over and 2016 has begun, and now Netflix in Canada is starting the new year with adding The Holiday to their catalogue of available films. A couple of weeks to late, but still fantastic, after all this is one of the best romantic films and best holiday films available. And I guess that means that I will have to make a new film presenting the best Christmas films on Netflix within shortly. So, The Holiday is now available on Netflix in Canada. What does that mean for you? If you are located in Canada you can right away visit the Netflix website…

  • The Sound of Music on Netflix
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    Can I watch The Sound of Music on Netflix?

    The Sound of Music is one of the big classics in the film world and it contains some of the most beautiful songs known from films. But, can I watch The Sound of Music on Netflix? For a long time, the answer to that question has been no, but I have constantly been paying attention to this movie, and I have been looking for news about the movie being added to Netflix in one region or another. And guess what, the patience has given results because you can now watch The Sound of Music on Netflix. The Sound of Music on Netflix December 2018: I have just done more testing, and…

  • Home on Netflix
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    Watch Home on Netflix

    Home is a very nice animated film created by Dreamworks and now you can see it in several Netflix regions, for example in the USA and in most Scandinavian regions. In Home we meet a girl living here on earth whose life is turned quite upside down as she meets some special creatures from outer space looking for a new home here on earth. In the film as you watch it with the original voices you can hear the voice of Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Sheldon (from Big Bang Theory) and lots of other stars, and this is a quite funny film which is ideal for children families or maybe as…

  • Maleficent on Netflix
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    Watch Maleficent on Netflix

    I just noticed a new title that was added to Netflix today and it was just a coincidence that I noticed. Normally I check what is up with new titles on Netflix in USA, Canada and in the UK, but today I decided to check some more nations, and that is when I suddenly bumped into Maleficent. If you want to see it then you will of course be interested in knowing more about in which Netflix region the film has been added, and the answer to your question is that you can now watch Maleficent on Netflix in the following nations: Maleficent on Netflix (updated July 5th, 2017) Canada…

  • Courageous on Netflix
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    Watch Courageous on Netflix

    It has just been a week since I published my article on the best Christian movies on Netflix, and then suddenly I recognized a film that for sure should have been on that list; Courageous. Courageous is a film made by Alex Kendrick, the guy behind Flywheel, Faith like Giants and Fireproof. Courageous is another film made by the same guys and while Faith Like Giants is about having faith and believing God for miracles and Fireproof is about fighting for marriage, Courageous is a film about raising children in a godly way. In this film you meet different parents in different situations, but they all decide to go together…