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Ready for a family evening in front of the TV? Want to watch a family friendly film on Netflix? In this category we will present to you family friendly films on Netflix.

Watch The Bucket List on Netflix

Recently a new and quite amusing film was added to US Netflix, The Bucket List. Do you want to watch The Bucket List on Netflix outside the US? Read on! In the Bucket List we meet Morgan Freeman and and Jack Nicholson. They are both old and almost ready to die, but that is when they decide to make a Bucket List and get ready to put an X next… Read More »

Watch The Holiday on Netflix

I just can’t believe it! Christmas is just over and 2016 has begun, and now Netflix in Canada is starting the new year with adding The Holiday to their catalogue of available films. A couple of weeks to late, but still fantastic, after all this is one of the best romantic films and best holiday films available. And I guess that means that I will have to make a new… Read More »

Watch Home on Netflix

Home is a very nice animated film created by Dreamworks and now you can see it in several Netflix regions, for example in the USA and in most Scandinavian regions. In Home we meet a girl living here on earth whose life is turned quite upside down as she meets some special creatures from outer space looking for a new home here on earth. In the film as you watch… Read More »

Do you Believe? on Netflix

I am about to create an article within shortly presenting the best Christian films on Netflix, and it is very possible that this film will be in that list. In Do You Believe a pastor is asked a question by a street evangelist and their meeting changes the life of the pastor. After this we can see how he influences the lifes of people around him and how this has… Read More »

Watch Selma on Netflix

Selma is a film I have not yet seen, but I remember a couple of months back it was a film I really wanted to see, and now I have gotten a golden opportunity as Selma now can be found on Netflix. Currently Selma has been added to Canadian Netflix, meaning that you will need to jump between the regions for this to work if you are located somewhere else… Read More »