How to watch The Spy Who Dumped Me on Netflix?

Are you in the mood for some Mila Kunis action? Then you should watch The Spy Who Dumped Me. But, is the movie on Netflix yet? How and when can I stream The Spy Who Dumped Me on Netflix?

Last month, I wrote quite a lot of articles about The Spy Who Dumped Me coming to both Hulu and Amazon Prime in the United States. But, what about Netflix? When will The Spy Who Dumped Me come to Netflix? As a matter of fact, it is already there, just not in your country.

Did you know that the content on Netflix is very different from country to country? So, if you want to watch The Spy Who Dumped Me on Netflix, there is only one country in the world at the present time that will get the job done for you, and that is England (UK).

When will the Spy who Dumped Me come to Netflix?
Can I watch The Spy Who Dumped Me on Netflix? Yes!

How to watch The Spy Who Dumped Me on UK Netflix?

If you are eager to watch the movie on Netflix, this is what you need to do!

  • You need to buy a VPN subscription to NordVPN.
Unblock Netflix with NordVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)
  • Click the button above, sign up and download the NordVPN client.
  • Open the program (this works on computer, tablets, phones) and connect to a server in England.
  • Restart your browser or your Netflix application.
  • You will now have access to the entire UK Netflix catalog, including The Spy Who Dumped Me. Enjoy streaming the movie!

It wasn’t hard at all, was it? And once you have access to Netflix in the UK, you can also use it to stream Suits season 9 on Netflix, Jane the Virgin season 5 online (the final season of that show), lots of great British movies, and so much more.

Mila Kunis in The Spy Who Dumped Me
Mila Kunis in The Spy Who Dumped Me

Is it worth buying a VPN subscription for this movie?

I might not say that the movie itself is worth a VPN subscription, but considering all the bonuses you get with a VPN subscription, it is completely worth it. As mentioned earlier, you can use NordVPN to access all the content on Netflix in the UK, and that is awesome. You can also use NordVPN to watch all the content on Netflix in Canada, in the United States, in the Netherlands, and even in Japan, so you better give it a try!

Did I like The Spy Who Dumped Me?

To be honest, I have only watched half the movie, but I am planning to finish it soon. I started streaming it, but then I was disturbed and couldn’t finish it straight away. It might not be a legendary movie, but if you are in the mood for a comedy with a bit boring humor and average jokes, The Spy Who Dumped Me might do you good!

Have you seen The Spy Who Dumped Me? Did you like the movie? I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments about the movie!

Is Holy Goalie a Netflix summer movie for 2019?

Are you looking for a movie to watch on Netflix this summer? Have you seen all the big Hollywood movies and now you are looking for a hidden gem that would serve you as the perfect summer movie on Netflix in 2019?

Yesterday, I found a movie on Netflix that might qualify as a perfect Netflix summer movie for the summer of 2019. Well, the movie wasn’t created in 2019, but it is a 2017 movie. In other words, maybe you have seen it already, but I do believe this is a gem that has gone into history without a lot of people noticing it.

Is Holy Goalie a perfect summer movie on Netflix for 2019?
You can now watch Holy Goalie on Netflix.

Did you like Sister Act 2?

But, what is Holy Goalie all about? Well, have you ever watched Sister Act 2? Do you remember what the story is all about? Someone wants to close down the St. Francis school in San Francisco, and now the nuns and the leader of the school turns to Mary Francis for help (Whoppi Goldberg). That is the basic storyline of Sister Act 2, and in a way it is quite similar to the story in Holy Goalie.

This time it is about a school for priests that will leave its current location to keep on their teachings at another location. Their current place will be turned into a luxury hotel. Just before this news is shared with the leader, they are also given a new teacher, a guy who transferred money from the Vatican bank to pay for a debt he had. He is almost excommunicated from the church, but instead he is sent to the middle of nowhere to serve there.

As the new teacher discovers the truth about the future of the community (with its building turning into a hotel), he discovers a way to save it all… by creating a fantastic football team that will spread its news all the way to the Vatican. And now the story keeps going and they are playing football to save their buildings.

Holy Goalie is a funny movie and it might become a really nice hit for many people during the summer of 2019. It is also worth noticing that there is a romantic story intertwined into it all, but what will the priest do about it? Will he quit the priest school to marry and have kids, or will he throw away all obstacles to stay on the path to the priesthood?

Stream Holy Goalie on Netflix

This is a Spanish movie and you can find it right here on Netflix. I have a feeling the movie is available in almost all Netflix regions, meaning there will be no need to change your Netflix region in order to stream this movie. if you still cannot find it, simply visit US Netflix, Canadian Netflix or UK Netflix, and you will be able to stream Holy Goalie on Netflix straight away.

Holy Goalie has a 5,2/10 score on IMDB, while it hasn’t received any ratings yet on Rotten Tomatoes. I would probably give it a 6,5/10 score or something like that, but I have got to say that this is a movie with potential and I believe that many people will love this. I didn’t love it, but I still had a great time watching it.

Holy Goalie trailer

Take a look at the trailer right here.

What are your thoughts about Holy Goalie? Is this the perfect summer movie on Netflix in 2019? Is this a hidden gem on Netflix that you just discovered? Share your thoughts and let me know what is on your mind!

Murder Mystery – A Netflix Original for those who like Adam Sandler, Poirot, and comedy at the same time!

It isn’t often I am happy about the amount of Netflix original content coming to Netflix, but this time I have got to say that I am happy. Murder Mystery is a movie I would gladly have paid to watch in the cinema, and since you never go to the cinema alone, I would probably have spent at least 15 USD to actually watch this movie in the cinema with a friend or someone else.

You can now watch Murder Mystery on Netflix
You can now watch Murder Mystery on Netflix

But, since I pay for my Netflix subscription, I did not have to pay anything extra for this movie, but instead, I could watch it in my own living room with as much popcorn as I wanted to, at my own TV.

Now some might call this a poor movie, but I had such a great time watching it. Not only is it Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, but the movie has a feeling of Poirot to it… and that is amazing. As our detective and his wife (who actually feels more like a real detective than Adam Sandler) find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery, the feeling and the atmosphere of the Hercule Poirot stories come alive. Now, this is a comedy so the atmosphere is different, but still – it reminds me of such stories.

Great humor in Murder Mystery

What makes Murder Mystery so great is the mixture of a real crime story like Poirot and the sweetness of the humor provided by Sandler and Aniston. There are so many good jokes made and the best of them all is the final joke in the movie when it is all actually finished. If you watch the movie and know your Agatha Christie stories you will understand what I am speaking about.

So, get ready to watch Murder Mystery on Netflix and to have a great time. You do not need to change your Netflix region to any other region, because you can simply watch this everywhere considering the fact that it is a Netflix original series.

Finally another movie on Netflix worth keeping your Netflix subscription to watch. There are not many movies like this, but at least a few arrive from time to time. The last hotshot movie was Birdbox, and now Murder Mystery is yet another example of such a movie.

You can also take a look at the trailer of Murder Mystery on YouTube, or you can read more about the movie itself in the following Murder Mystery review on Steemit.

Have you seen it? How did you enjoy the movie?

Watch I Feel Pretty on Netflix

One of the best memories I have from the cinema in 2018 is the time when I watched I Feel Pretty. It isn’t an extraordinary movie, but I had such a great time watching it.

I am not at all a big fan of Amy Schumer, but watching this movie I laughed and laughed. I know, the reviews on the Internet might not be the best, but who cares – I had a great time watching I Feel Pretty.

In November 2018, I Feel Pretty will have its arrival on Netflix. It will not come to all regions, but it will come to Canadian Netflix. So, if you want to watch I Feel Pretty on Netflix that is possible. But, what to do if you live outside Canada and still want to stream I Feel Pretty on Netflix? It can be done quite easily. Follow these instructions to find out how you can watch Canadian Netflix outside the United States.

watch i feel pretty on netflix
From November 2018 you can watch I Feel Pretty on Netflix

Have you seen the movie yourself? How did you like it? It only has a 5,3/10 score on IMDb, but on Rotten Tomatoes it gets even worse, as it currently has a 34% audience score there. But, I have said it before, and I will say it again… these scores don’t really matter. Often the best movies are those I am most bored at, while those with poorer ratings are much easier to enjoy. But, I would love to hear your thoughts about I Feel Pretty, so if you have seen the movie, please write a comment and let me know what you think!

I Feel Pretty trailer

Want to know even more about the movie? Take a look at the trailer beneath!

Canadian Netflix is often the best region for new movies, but in November 2018, there will not be a lot of great titles coming. Of course, the last season of House of Cards is a highlight, but when it comes to movies, I Feel Pretty might be the hottest of them all. Fans of Harry Potter will probably enjoy Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them which was added to Canadian Netflix on November 7th.

One more movie that could be mentioned is Passengers, with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, which will come to Canadian Netflix on November 29th!

Watch The Internship on Netflix

The Internship was one of my favorite films in 2013 and I saw it once again in the winter of 2014. Now I am very pleased to see that the film just arrived on Netflix, meaning that Netflix fans can watch it for free with their current Netflix subscription!

The Internship is not available in all Netflix regions, so if you visit US Netflix for example then you will not be able to watch it. But, how can you watch The Internship on Netflix then?

The Internship at Google

At the moment, you can watch The Internship in the following Netflix regions:

  • Italian Netflix
  • Canadian Netflix
  • Swiss Netflix
  • Japanese Netflix

But, how can you get access to these regions if you live somewhere else?

It is possible and I have written a dedicated article on this subject at so just click the link and read the article and you can find yourself enjoying content from all sorts of Netflix regions online at once.

If you would rather watch The Internship on, then you can read my article on how that can be done right here.

In The Internship you can watch Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as they try to win the jobs available at Google, but to get there they will first need to go through a hard internship period with lots of tests that are quite above their skills, but still they have some other skills that help them no matter what!

Watch The Boss on Netflix

If you are a fan of Melissa McCarthy, then you have probably watched The Boss already. If you haven’t, then now is your chance to stream The Boss on Netflix.

The Boss on Netflix

I am a big fan of Melissa McCarthy myself, and I normally enjoy her movies a lot. For that reason, I watch The Boss on Google Play a while back, but I must admit that I did not enjoy this as much as her other movies. She was fantastic in The Spy, and she has been fantastic in most other movies, but The Boss was boring. I watched it to the end, but even Melissa McCarthy could not make The Boss an interesting movie. There were some funny moments, but the story itself was boring.

But, I understand that you want to give Melissa McCarthy and The Boss a chance. So, where can you stream The Boss on Netflix?

Watch The Boss on Netflix

If you want to watch The Boss on Netflix, then you can currently stream it in one single Netflix region.

  • The Boss on Netflix in Portugal

You can stream the movie on Netflix in Portugal. If you live somewhere else, follow my instructions on how to get access to Portuguese Netflix right here.

Have you watched The Boss? Did you enjoy the movie, or do you share my thoughts on the movie? At IMDb it has a 5,3/10 score, while the Tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes gives a more true impression, 22% only. That is the critics’ score. The audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is a bit better, and it has a 39% audience score. What score would you give the movie?

Is Going in Stye on Netflix?

Going in Style is the 2017 movie with Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, and Michael Caine. They play the roles of three old guys who have little to look forward to on their older days.

Going in Style was recently released on DVD, and the consequence is that it is still unavailable on Netflix. It will probably take at least a couple of months before it will be available in the first regions. This is, however, only guessing from my side. It might even take a year, but normally it shouldn’t take that much time.

If you are in a hurry, then go ahead and buy the movie on a website like It is easy, even if you live outside the USA. If you do not have any extra cash to use, then wait for Going in Style to arrive on Netflix.

Going in Style
Watch Going in Style on Netflix

When will Going in Style come to Netflix? And in which Netflix region(s)?

As I already mentioned, I do not know when it will arrive. I would say in about 3 months from now, but it might turn out to become even more, or maybe less. Since Going in Style didn’t become a big success, it might arrive faster, but that is only speculation.

But, in which Netflix region(s) will Going in Style arrive to when it first comes? That is also impossible to predict. I would probably guess that Canadian Netflix will be the first Netflix region to get the movie. That is based on common life and the fact that Canadian Netflix often is the first region to receive Hollywood blockbusters to their region.

Is Going in Style worth waiting for?

I just watched the movie, and I would probably give it a 6,5/10 score. It wasn’t an amazing movie, but it was a family-friendly, and easy movie to watch. The actors are great, and they played their roles with conviction, probably because they are getting older themselves. I wouldn’t run to see the movie in the theater, but if you suddenly find the film in your Netflix region, go ahead and watch it.

What do you think?



You can now watch Trainwreck on Netflix

Watch Trainwreck on NetflixTrainwreck is a movie with Amy Schumer, LeBron James and Bill Hader, and now you can stream Trainwreck on Netflix. Curious to find out where and how?

If you have a Netflix subscription, you have the chance to get access to all different Netflix regions. You do not need a different subscription for a different country, but one subscription is enough. The consequence of this, is that you actually have the chance to get access to all Netflix regions, you only need to make Netflix believe that you are in a different country. And yes, if you want to watch Trainwreck on Netflix, you will have to change your Netflix region (most likely).

Watch Trainwreck on Netflix

At the moment the Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck can only be seen in one single Netflix region, and that region is in Netherlands. You will in other words need to make Netflix believe that you are in the Netherlands in order to watch this movie. If you want to find out more about how you can get access to Dutch Netflix outside the Netherlands just press the link.

Since April 2nd you can also watch Trainwreck on Portuguese Netflix.

Is it worth changing your Netflix region because of Trainwreck?

I must admit that I haven’t watched this movie, and watching the trailer I did not feel a desire wake up inside of me to actually watch this movie. There are so many other great movies I would rather watch, but if you are a LeBron James fan, an Amy Schumer, or maybe you just really want to watch Trainwreck on Netflix, then this is a great chance to do so.

Do not forget that it is easy to change your Netflix region to other regions as well, and you can read more about how it is done here at

If you do not know whether or not you want to watch the movie, take a look at the Trainwreck trailer above and make up your mind after that only.

Have you seen Trainwreck? Did you enjoy it? Write a comment using the comment field beneath and tell me your opinion.

Watch Pixels on Netflix

Watch Pixels on NetflixI remember watching Pixels in the cinema and I really enjoyed it. Now two years later I still like the movie, but I would probably not watch it on Netflix again!

Since I watched Pixels in the cinema I have watched it once more at home. I enjoyed the movie the second time as well, but then I watched it with some people who did not really enjoy games in the 80s, and they were even less fans of Adam Sandler, and thus the atmosphere around the second show of the movie wasn’t as good as the first one.

But, if you like a good comedy and feel a warmth and good memories come forth as you hear about Donkey Kong, Pacman, Space Invaders and similar arcade games, then Pixel is a movie you simply have to watch!

Watch Pixels on Netflix

Currently Pixels can only be seen in one single Netflix region and that is Russian Netflix. Hopefully it will come to even more Netflix regions within shortly, but at the moment I am writing this article it is only available on Russian Netflix. I do not even know how to access Russian Netflix from abroad at the moment, so I can not help you with that. But, if you want information on how you can access other Netflix regions from abroad, then you can find that information at

Pixels has not received the best critics online and it only has a 5,5/10 score on iMDB. At the very critical Rotten Tomatoes Pixels has a score of 16% (by the critics). It should however serve as a good point for the movie that the audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is 46%, meaning that the audience is much more likely to enjoy Pixels than the critics.

Go ahead and watch Pixels yourself and feel free to write a comment afterwards telling me whether or not you liked the movie.

Watch Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix

Pitch Perfect is a movie about a group of girls singing a cappella and turning into big stars. In Pitch Perfet 2 the girls return, but this time their goals is to win an international competition.

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 a while ago and I must admit that the movie was quite okay to watch. It wasn’t a movie I will want to watch repeatedly, but just like its predecessor it gave nice entertainment for around 90 minutes. The story works fine and if you like a cappella music and singing in movies, then this might be a movie you will like.

Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix

Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix

At the moment, you can only watch Pitch Perfect 2 in two different Netflix regions. Those regions are the Netherlands and in Portugal.  It will for sure show up in more Netflix regions in the coming months but so far this is all you have got. For more information on how you can watch Pitch Perfect 2 on Netflix in the Netherlands, read my instructions on how to access Dutch Netflix abroad in this article. Notice that you can find more information in general on how to watch Netflix from abroad here at this site.

Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2? Did you enjoy the movie? Feel free to write your own comments, thoughts or maybe even questions using the comment field beneath.