• Now you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix
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    Now you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix

    Life of Crime is an action comedy from 2014, and it just arrived on Netflix. Find out how and where you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix. It might be that I am starting to forget things easily, but as far as I remember I did watch Life of Crime a few years ago. But, since I do not actually remember much of it, it might be that I didn’t actually watch the film, I only wanted to watch it. But then again, I do think I watched it, because I remember the jokes and the full story from the trailer. Or, maybe I just watched the Life of…

  • Howard Stern Private Parts on netflix
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    Watch Howard Stern Private Parts on Netflix

    Howard Stern Private Parts is a really old film, and not at all a good one, but if you are interested in watching Howard Stern Private Parts on Netflix, it can be done! I remember watching this thousands of years ago when it was still new, and it gives us all some insight in the crazyness of Howard Stern. If you haven’t seen the film you should now that Howard Stern hosts a radio show, and he doesn’t exactly follow the standards and rules for most regular radio hosts. That is what this film is about, and you will follow Howard Stern not only in the studio, but also in…

  • watch Neighbors on Netflix
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    Watch Neighbors on Netflix

    Neighbors 2 is in the cinemas right now, and what better time to premiere Neighbors on Netflix. This is how and where you can watch it on Netflix. Neighbors was not at all a film after my taste. It was very predictable and almost boring, but still – it had some good humor. It might fall into the taste of parents who got a kid not long ago. There is lots of humor that speaks of raising a child and how it takes all your attention. But, what happens to the couple and their child as a group of crazy students become their closest neighbors? And that is not just…

  • The Intern on Netflix
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    Watch The Intern on Netflix

    The Intern is a new film with Robert de Niro and Anna Hathaway. It has received great critics and now you can watch The Intern on Netflix. The Intern is a nice film that tells us the story of s successful business woman. She has managed to build up a business in less than two years. With lots of employees and a high level of success there is still lots of stress and trouble in her life. Her marriage and family suffer from her success, and maturity is needed to run the business and make it grow. At this point they decide to employ senior citizens. The goal is to…

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    Watch Irrational on Netflix

    Irrational Man is a typical Woody Allen film which will give joy to lots of people. Now you can watch Irrational Man on Netflix, and this is how it is done! Emma Stone is almost a permanent character in lots of Woody Allen films, and in Irrational Man she is acting again. This time she has the main role together with Joaquin Phoenix and Parker Posey. Mr. Phoenix is an artist who has lost all his inspiration and he is looking to get his life back together. Emma Stone is playing one of the students of Mr. Phoenix, while Parker Posey seems to be a person that knows how to…

  • music and lyrics on Netflix
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    Watch Music and Lyrics on Netflix

    One of my favorite films is Music and Lyrics. I have seen it lots of times and now I just noticed that you can watch Music and Lyrics on Netflix! Music and Lyrics is a film with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore in which Hugh Grant plays the character of an old star with few fans left, but some big hits in the past. He then gets one big chance to write a song for a modern and popular young artist, but lyrics don’t come that easy anymore. Drew Barrymore is the girl who waters the flowers of Hugh Grant, and somehow she helps him out with the lyrics and…

  • Hot Pursuit on Netflix
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    Suffer yourself through Hot Pursuit on Netflix

    Are you ready for about 100 minutes of suffering? Watch Hot Pursuit on Netflix, which was just made available! Hot Pursuit tells us the story about a cop played by Reese Witherspoon which is to protect the wife of a drug guy, but due to some corrupt cops things turn much more complicated and Reese Witherspoon travels around with this diva lady to protect her from all sorts of bad guys. I thought once that this might in fact be a good film, but I was totally wrong and to me Hot Pursuit was about 100 minutes of suffering. If you want 100 minutes of suffering as well, then you…

  • watch ant-man on netflix
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    Watch Ant-Man on Netflix

    It is almost incredible, but Ant-Man is on Netflix already and you can watch it right away if you already have a Netflix subscription. But, how to watch Ant-Man on Netflix? If you do a quick search on Netflix in your current region you will probably find out that Ant-Man is not among the titles you can watch. But, how can I then say that Ant-Man is on Netflix? I can say so because it is on Canadian Netflix, and if you want to watch Netflix in Canada from abroad then you can use the following solution to easily change your Netflix region and thus you can watch Ant-Man on…

  • Watch SPY on Netflix
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    Now you can watch Spy on Netflix

    One of the coolest films in 2015 was Spy. This was a cool film with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Allison Janney, Jason Statham and even more people. Now you can watch Spy on Netflix! As always such new Hollywood films are added to one certain nation and one Netflix region and that is Canadian Netflix.  If you want to watch Canadian Netflix I recommend that you read the following instructions on how to change your Netflix region. In Spy we meet Jude Law who is taken captive by the enemy. Now they need to send a new agent to get the bad guys, but since the bad guys know about…

  • watch the mindy project on netflix
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    Watch The Mindy Project on Netflix

    Would you like to watch The Mindy Project on Netflix? It is possible, in fact the first four seasons of The Mindy Project can now be seen in a certain Netflix region! Want to know more. Read on. You can therefore now watch all four seasons of The Mindy Project on Netflix, isn’t that great? The coolest is of course to watch an original Hulu series on Hulu, but since lots of people have problem since Hulu is unavailable in Canada, this might be a way of helping Canadians out and give them a chance to watch The Mindy Project on Netflix. If you would like to watch The Mindy…