The Princess Switch review

The Princess Switch is the name of the brand new Netflix original movie. It was released on Netflix worldwide in November 2018, just in time for the Christmas celebration in 2018. But, is The Princess Switch worth watching?

The Princess Switch review
Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch on Netflix

As you probably know already, most Christmas movies are incredibly predictable and they often run on a very low budget. The companies creating the Christmas movies know that we will watch them no matter what, and thus they do not have excellence and high quality as the standard anymore. But, is The Princess Switch just another terrible Christmas movie? Yesterday I published an article about a very boring and predictable Netflix original Chrismas movie named The Holiday Calendar, but what’s up with The Princess Switch?

The Christmas Switch review

Vanessa Hudgens, whom you might remember from the High School Musical movies, is playing the role as Stacy, a baker from Chicago in the movie. She is invited to take part in the annual Christmas baking competition in Belgravia, hosted by the royal family. After arrival, she visits the location of the competition and bumps into another person looking completely like her. The person is no other than Lady Margaret, the future to be the wife of Prince Edward of Belgravia. However, Lady Margaret isn’t that enthusiastic about the marriage and wants to live a different life. They decide to change roles for two days, something that is supposed to be easy and without any complications at all.

We all know that things will get complicated, and the movie is predictable in that way. It is also easy to tell who will fall in love with whom, but that is okay because there are some questions left unanswered that make it interesting to watch the movie all the way to the end.

Vanessa Hudgens does a great job

In the role of Stacy from Chicago and Lady Margaret, Vanessa Hudgens is doing a great job. Her British accent is beautiful to listen to, and she manages to keep the interest up for both her characters throughout the film.

I was surprised by the movie because I expected it to be much worse. In fact, I had a fairly good time watching it, and I even had to laugh a couple of times. That should be considered a big bonus!

The Princess Switch review summary

This is a very nice movie to watch for families, couples, and friends who want to watch an enjoyable Christmas movie containing a romantic story and some good jokes. It will never become a Christmas classic, but it is way better than many movies I have seen in the cinema this year that almost made me fall asleep!

Would you like to know even more about the movie and see some clips? Take a look at my short YouTube review of The Princess Switch.

Have you seen The Princess Switch yourself? How did you like it? What score would you give the movie? I would love to hear from you!

Can I watch The Longest Ride on Netflix?

I have earlier written about the film named The Longest Ride and I remember writing that it was one of my favorite romantic films and that I liked it way more than The Notebook, another film known to be a real hit among fans of romantic films.

Yes, you can watch The Longest Ride on Amazon and you can read more about that in the linked article. But, can I watch The Longest Ride on Netflix? For a long time, the answer has been no, but since 2015, it is possible to stream The Longest Ride on Netflix. But, why can’t you find it then? You can only watch The Longest Ride in a few Netflix regions.

The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride on Netflix

You can currently stream The Longest Ride in the following Netflix regions.

So, how can you watch it in these regions if you live somewhere else? There are several ways, and if you visit you will at once find a way that will give you access to Netflix in both Switzerland and Germany.

Is this a movie worth watching?

Should you watch The Longest Ride? The answer is 100% yes, at least if you do enjoy a nice romantic film. And what makes this film so much better than The Notebook is the fact that it skips out on the very sad parts, and remains 100% very romantic and nice, throughout the entire film. One of my favorite films in 2015. If you want to watch other romantic films on Netflix in addition to The Longest Ride then I suggest that you either read this article or watch the following video on Netflix.

Go ahead and watch The Longest Ride on Netflix. I am sure you will have a fantastic and romantic time doing so!

Watch The Intervention on Netflix

the-intervention-on-netflixThe Intervention is a 2016 movie which just came to Netflix. Would you like to watch The Intervention on Netflix? It can be done!

The Intervention is a movie about several married couples who travel to a house to fix their marriages together. I have not actually seen the movie, but based on the trailer that seems to be the story. It is a mixture of a serious film and kind of a comedy, but probably more of a drama I would call it a comedy.

There are quite a lot of famous actors taking part in this movie and you can find out more about who they are as you take a look at the trailer of The Intervention further down in this article.

Watch The Intervention on Netflix

At the moment The Intervention was just added to Canadian Netflix. You will in other words need to be located in Canada, or get access to Canadian Netflix abroad, if you would like to watch this movie online on Netflix. You can of course buy the rights to watch it on services like Vudu, or Google Play Store, but if you first have a Netflix subscription then you would of course prefer to use that.

Take a look at the trailer for The Intervention beneath and find out whether this looks like a movie to you or not.

If you want to watch something a little bit more like Christmas in the days before Christmas, why not check my list presenting the best Christmas movies on US Netflix instead?

Have you seen The Intervention? To me the word intervention became a normal word to use after watching How I Met Your Mother, a TV series in which interventions were frequently used. Since then I have also seen it in use in the brand new CBS series named Kevin Can Wait, and several other places.

What do you think about The Intervention? Write a few words and let me know!

Watch High School Musical 3 on Netflix

high-school-musical-3-on-netflixThe High School Musical films were legendary a few years back and all teenagers sang the songs from the films. Now you can watch the final High School Musical film on Netflix.

I do not actually remember if I have ever seen High School Musical 3, but I do know that I at least watched High School Musical 1 and 2 back when they were released. The biggest star in these films are Zac Efron who is the cute guy in love with Gabriella Montez (played by Vanessa Hudgens). The films are packed with songs that will get into your head, and if you are similar to me you will have a hard time getting rid of those for a couple of days after watching the film.

Now you can watch High School Musical 3 on Netflix, but maybe you do not find it as you visit Why is that?

High School Musical 3 on Netflix

If you do not find High School Musical 3 on Netflix it is probably because you are located in another region. At the moment High School Musical 3 can only be seen on Canadian Netflix, meaning that it is not available to you unless you reside in Canada at the moment. So, you better be patient and hope that it will arrive in your region as well within shortly.

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Watch The Lake House on Netflix

Are you in the mood for a very romantic film? You can now watch The Lake House on Netflix, so go ahead and get ready for a romantic evening.

I have seen The Lake House a couple of times. It is not at all a favorite film of mine, but it still is a very romantic film and it has some nice and romantic songs in it as well. In this special film we meet Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. They both live in the same house at what should be the same time, but somehow they are separated in time by a couple of years. It sounds very strange, doesn’t it? Well it is, but it still gets very romantic as these persons are attracted to one another and share their lives, mostly through letters in the mail box.

The Lake House on Netflix

Watch The Lake House on Netflix

If you want to watch The Lake House on Netflix then it was first added in August 2016. It can currently be seen in the following Netflix regions:

If you want to watch it on Dutch or on Swiss Netflix just press the links above for more information on how you can access those Netflix regions. If you goal is to have a romantic evening watching a film on Netflix, it might very well be worth it.

You can also read more about other romantic films on Netflix in this article.

Watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix

Are you in the mood for watching the legendary film Dirty Dancing? You can watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix if you follow these instructions!

Dirty Dancing is the fantastic film with Patrick Swayze as the charming dance teacher. During a summer holiday a young girl falls in love with this guy and they start dancing together. In this fantastic story you will see how the parents like this charming dance teacher and we can see how the dance skills of the young girl evolve after lots of practice. Well, this might be a bad summary, but you have probably seen Dirty Dancing 20 times before and you are now eager to watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix for the 21st time. But, can I watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix? Yes, you can!

Dirty Dancing on Netflix

Dirty Dancing on Netflix

If you want to watch Dirty Dancing on Netflix, then it can as of August 8th, 2016 be seen in five different Netflix regions:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Austria
  • Luxembourg

Now, let us say that you are living in London (England) or maybe in Washington (USA). What can you do then? Is it possible to change your Netflix region to one of the mentioned regions? Yes, it is possible!

I have already written some articles on this topic, so check the front page to find out how you can get access to different Netflix regions right away.

I would probably not watch Dirty Dancing once more (I have seen it a couple of times), but if I had trouble sleeping this film would work great as sleeping medicine (for me)! Have a good time!

Watch The Hundred-Foot Journey on Netflix

It took a long time for The Hundred-Foot Journey to arrive on Netflix, but now it is here. If you want to watch the film, go ahead and watch it right away.

The Hundred-Foot Journey on Netflix
Now you can watch The Hundred-Foot Journey on Netflix

The Hundred-Foot Journey tells the story of an Indian family who left the nation and moved to England. But, after a while their journey made them go to France and that is where they end up starting their own Indian restaurant. But, when the Indian restaurant opens its door on the other side of the road to a Michelin starred restaurant, things do get complicated. The owner of the other restaurant played by Helen Mirren does anything in her power to stop the pioneer spirit of the Indian family, but she is not succeeding, especially due to the talent of the young chef in the family.

Watch The Hundred-Foot Journey on Netflix

The Hundred-Foot Journey was added to US Netflix at the start of February 2019. You can, therefore, stream it in the best of all Netflix regions. But, the movie should also be available in one of the following Netflix regions. More information on how you can get access to American Netflix can be found here.

To watch this film on Netflix you will need to get access to one of the following Netflix regions:

  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Italy

To get access to for example Dutch Netflix or UK Netflix, follow the instructions in this article and get started streaming the movie right away.

Is this a movie worth streaming on Netflix?

I have seen the movie, and I liked it. I didn’t like it a lot, but it was still a nice story with lots of food and inspiring for people who like to cook. Have you seen the movie on Netflix? Did you enjoy it? Why don’t you write a comment. If  you have any comment or question related to streaming The Hundred-Foot Journey on Netflix, use the comment field beneath.

Watch Music and Lyrics on Netflix

One of my favorite films is Music and Lyrics. I have seen it lots of times and now I just noticed that you can watch Music and Lyrics on Netflix!

Music and Lyrics is a film with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore in which Hugh Grant plays the character of an old star with few fans left, but some big hits in the past. He then gets one big chance to write a song for a modern and popular young artist, but lyrics don’t come that easy anymore. Drew Barrymore is the girl who waters the flowers of Hugh Grant, and somehow she helps him out with the lyrics and turn into much more than just one he writes lyrics with.

The films is packed with nice songs, good humor and some romantic atmosphere, so ideal for girls, couples and people who like general Hugh Grant films. It is quite similar the to The Rewrite, just way better, so if you have to choose, watch this instead.

music and lyrics on Netflix

Watch Music and Lyrics on Netflix

Music and Lyrics can at the moment be seen on Netflix in Australia and in New Zealand. At the moment it is hard to change your Netflix region, but you can read more about it in this article.

You can also read more about watching Music and Lyrics at in the linked article. Have fun, and hope you will enjoy watching Music and Lyrics as much as I did, and still do!

Watch The Holiday on Netflix

I just can’t believe it! Christmas is just over and 2016 has begun, and now Netflix in Canada is starting the new year with adding The Holiday to their catalogue of available films. A couple of weeks to late, but still fantastic, after all this is one of the best romantic films and best holiday films available. And I guess that means that I will have to make a new film presenting the best Christmas films on Netflix within shortly.

Can I watch The Holiday on Netflix
Finally I can watch The Holiday on Netflix

So, The Holiday is now available on Netflix in Canada. What does that mean for you? If you are located in Canada you can right away visit the Netflix website and start watching. If you are located outside Canada you will have to read the following article telling you how to swap between regions on Netflix, and thus you can start watching Canadian Netflix in the USA, in the UK, in Afghanistan and in whatever country you might imagine in the world!

Why should you watch The Holiday? It is simply a super romantic film with lots of great humor, with great actors (Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black and Kate Winslet). This is one of my favorite Christmas films, but if it isn’t Christmas I have no problem watching it anyway.

You can of course watch it on as well if you would rather watch it there, but if you first have  Netflix subscription why pay extra to watch it on Amazon. Watch it on Netflix instead!

Have you seen The Holiday? Are you as big fan of the film as I am? Are you dreaming of a white Christmas in the UK or maybe a sunny Christmas in the USA? You will get it all in this film. Enjoy!

She’s Funny That Way on Netflix

A few days ago I had the chance to watch She’s Funny That Way on my television, so I grabbed the chance and started to watch it. But do you know what? I never got to the end, because after thirty minutes I had to do something else, and since I had not really being caught by the story, I never finished watching it. But, since the film has just been added to Netflix I might actually finish it later!

She’s Funny That Way is a film that should be a great one, after all it is full of stars like Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, Imogen Poots, Rhys Ifans and Kathryn Hahn. But, a film does not become good simply because stars are in it, and I was not very impressed with She’s Funny That Way.

Maybe you disagree with me, or maybe you just really want to see the film on Netflix, and if that is you, then you can watch She’s Funny That Way on Netflix in England and in Ireland at the moment. If you are located in some other Netflix region then you can easily jump to the England or Ireland region by following the instructions in the linked article.

You can also watch the film on Amazon Video and there you can either rent it or buy the film and watch it online right away. Read more about the film and how to watch it online on in this article that I wrote a few weeks ago.

So, maybe you have seen the film and I would love to hear from you whether you will recommend me to finish the film or if I should just skip it and watch something else instead. So, please write a comment and share your thoughts. And do not forget to bookmark this page to receive updates on what’s new on Netflix and other interesting articles!