• Watch Bradley Cooper as he turns limitless in the movie Limitless on Netflix
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    Watch Limitless on Netflix

    Limitless isn’t only a 2011 movie with Bradley Cooper, it is also a TV series created by CBS in 2015. Would you like to watch the Limitless movie, or maybe the Limitless TV series on Netflix? It can be done! A few weeks ago, some friends of mine recommended me the movie Limitless. For some reason, the movie never came to my attention, so I hadn’t heard about it, nor watched it. As I got home, I visited Netflix to see if luck was on my side. And guess what, it was! But, not only did I find the Limitless movie, but I also discovered a TV series carrying the…

  • Watch Michael Clayton on Netflix
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    Watch Michael Clayton on Netflix

    I remember watching Michael Clayton in cinema and did not enjoy it so much. That is why I am not so enthusiastic about Michael Clayton coming to Netflix. If you however want to watch the film, you can now watch Michael Clayton on Netflix. It is quite seldom that I do not remember movies well, but with Michael Clayton I have quite a hard time remembering the story of the film. What however comes to my mind is a somewhat serious movie with George Clooney. It isn’t the typical action packed film, but more like a drama moving in a quite slow tempo. Now, since I do not actually remember…

  • Secret in Their Eyes on Netflix
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    Secret in Their Eyes on Netflix in South America

    Would you like to watch Secret in Their Eyes on Netflix? It can now be seen on Netflix in South America. Watch Jodie Foster and Julia Roberts on Netflix! When you want to watch Secret in Their Eyes on Netflix it is worth knowing that it is available in Argentina, Mexico, Panama and other South American regions. It is though quite hard to change your Netflix region nowadays, so you should maybe consider watching the film on Amazon.com instead. This is a thriller from 2015 and it is a good film to watch if you want to watch a thriller movie on Netflix that will keep you awake and maybe…

  • Selfless on Netflix
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    Can I watch Selfless on Netflix?

    A few months ago I watched Selfless and found it to be a really interesting film. It tells the story of a dying very rich man who gets a fantastic opportunity; to continue his fantastic life in a new and young body. Since money is no problem he accepts the chance and starts his new life. Do you want to see it? Can you and I watch Selfless on Netflix? Yes, it is possible to watch Selfless on Netflix at the moment. By the time you are reading this article the film may have been removed, or it may have been added to several new Netflix regions in addition, but…

  • Now You See Me
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    Watch Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2 on Netflix

    You can now watch Now You See Me 1 and 2 on Netflix. Want to know how and where you can stream Now You See Me on Netflix? Read on! On of my favorite films in the last years has without a doubt been Now You See Me. I remember before watching it in cinema I had no expectations at all, but during the film I simply enjoyed it a lot and since then I have watched it several times more. Now You See Me 2 was also a great movie, and I truly enjoyed it, but making a sequel that would be just as good as the first movie…

  • Captain Phillips online
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    Watch Captain Phillips online on Netflix

    Tom Hanks is a great actor and in his role as Captain Phillips he is doing a great job again. His boat is first attacked by Somalian pirates, but they managed to escape. Unfortunately the pirates do not give up easily and the second time Captain Phillips and his crew is not that lucky and the boat is captured. In this film we can follow the pirates who capture Captain Phillips and later take him captive. We get to see the real faces of the pirates and meet some of their thoughts and dreams, and of course a desperate Captain Phillips who does his uttermost to solve the solution. You…

  • Before i go to sleep
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    Before I go to sleep – now on US Netflix

    Are you in for a really interesting film in which you will not really get the point before it actually ends? Watch a film which has a story that is intense and will keep you stuck to the chair for the next two hours. Before I go to sleep is the film for you! The film was just made available on US Netflix, so if you want to watch it, go ahead. If you do not have a Netflix account or live in a nation in which Netflix is unavailable, such as for example Kazakhstan or Nepal, find out more about watching Netflix from abroad here. In Before I go…