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News about TV series and other goodies on Netflix. Articles on new seasons added and brand new TV series added on Netflix.

Watch Sherlock season 4 on Netflix

One of the most longed for TV series to continue has just arrived. Sherlock season 4 can now be seen on Netflix, at least if you live in the right country! On January 1st in 2017 BBC aired the first out of three new episodes in their Sherlock TV series. This is a strange TV series as new episodes rarely arrive, normally with a couple of years in between the… Read More »

Fuller House season 2 is here!

I looked very much forward to the arrival of Fuller House in the start of 2016. Now the second season has arrived and I am not gonna watch it! I was a big fan of the original Full House TV series. It was cool and had lots of great jokes to it. I hoped the “Fuller House” would keep up in the same spirit, and I guess it does, but… Read More »

Suits season 6 is now on Netflix

Did you know that there is a Netflix region in which you can follow Suits season 6 while it is running? There are lots of Netflix regions with Suits season 5 available, but only one with Suits season 6 online. I am a big Suits fan, but I only discovered the TV series earlier this year. For that reason I am still only watching season 2 of Suits. That means… Read More »

Watch The Blacklist season 4 on Netflix

The Blacklist season 4 can be seen “as it goes” on Netflix in Hungary. Unfortunately most of us live elsewhere, but if you are in Hungary, this is a great chance to watch one of the best action TV series out there. I just read a post on Reddit saying that The Blacklist season 4 can be seen on Netflix in Hungary. That is great for fans of James Spader… Read More »

Can I watch Designated Survivor on Netflix?

Designated Survivor is a brand new TV series from ABC featuring Kiefer Sutherland as the President of the United States. Can you and I watch Designated Survivor on Netflix? Earlier this morning I watched the first episodes of Designated Survivor on Hulu. I really liked it and thought I should write an article about whether or not you can watch Designated Survivor on Netflix. Now, I had never thought in… Read More »

Watch Downtown Abbey Season 6 on Netflix

I am not a Downtown Abbey fan, but lots of people in my family are. Now they can rejoice, because they can now watch Downtown Abbey season 6 on Netflix. It is incredible to see the amount of fans Downtown Abbey has gathered around the globe. Even lots of hard and tough guys have fallen for this British traditional costume TV series, and people cry to hear that it is… Read More »

Person of Interest on Netflix

Person of Interest season 5 is just about to finish on CBS and that is also the final season of the show. So far only the first four seasons can be seen on Netflix, with season 5 probably coming sometimes this autumn or maybe early 2017. The first 3 seasons of Person of Interest can be seen on about 10 different Netflix regions including US Netflix, Norwegian Netflix and French… Read More »