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    Coming to UK Netflix in February 2019

    February might be a hard month for many to survive. It is both dark and cold outside, but can Netflix bring some joy into the home? I believe they will, at least if you live in England. The list of titles coming to Canadian Netflix in February 2019 didn’t really impress me, but luckily, the list of titles coming to UK Netflix is better. As I looked through the list of titles coming to Netflix in England in February 2019, I got quite happy, and the most important reasons are the following movies. Highlights on Netflix England in February 2019 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is the second Guy…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    With Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in the cinemas…

    It is very interesting to see, that with Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in theaters across the world, people come to this page for information on how and where to stream Guardians of the Galaxy (1) on Netflix. Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the big blockbusters back in 2014. It received lots of praise, and fans have been waiting for the sequel to arrive since back then. Now it has arrived, and even though most newspapers and online portals criticize the movie, and say that it is not at all as good as its predecessor, it still is said to be a good way to spend a few…

  • New on netflix June 2016

    Highlights on Netflix in June 2016

    June is approaching and you are probably looking for some great stuff to watch on Netflix in the upcoming month. Here are my suggestions for highlights that you should not miss out on if you have a Netflix subscription. Do notice that these films are available in different Netflix regions so if you want to watch all of them you will need to visit the front page and read the instructions there telling you how to get access to the different Netflix regions. Not all films presented here have been added to Netflix in June (or will be added), but some were added in May, meaning that you can watch…

  • new on netflix april 2016
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    Coolest films added to Netflix in March 2016

    Are you looking for information about the coolest films added to Netflix in March 2016? Here you can find a list presenting the March highlights 2016. Maybe you wonder why the video beneath is named New on Netflix April 2016, but in reality it is more about telling you what you can actually for sure watch on Netflix in April 2016, as the films were already added in March 2016. In that way the video will not present to you films that will be added in a week or two, but films that were probably added a few days or a few weeks ago, but which will make it possible…

  • Frozen Netflix

    Watch Frozen on Netflix

    Frozen is a film that lots of people love and it is one of the easiest films to watch on Netflix because it is available in almost all Netlix regions. Recently I also watched it and I must admit that it was a nice film, even though I would not at all give it as much praise as most other people have. Before Christmas it seems like Frozen can be found everywhere, so if you buy a sleeping bag, a cup, a backpack for a child or whatever, Frozen is there! It has turned as successful almost as the Lion King, something I do not understand, but since children and…

  • Bride Wars
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    New on Netflix in December 2015

    Are you looking for a film that has recently been added to Netflix in December, or in the end of November 2015? Here you can see a little YouTube video presenting the highlights of films that has been added to Netflix within the last weeks! If you have looked through the film you can see that the biggest of all highlights is probably the first of all Star Wars films, the so called: Star Wars: A New Hope, from 1977. This can be seen on South American Netflix, meaning in for example Brazil, Panama and in Mexico. You can also see that Marley and Me has been added, a real…

  • Elysium on Netflix
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    Just watched Elysium on Netflix

    Not long ago I wrote an article on the fact that you can now watch Elysium on Netflix, a film from 2013 with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. I have now been able to watch it and these are my thoughts on the films! First of all it was a bit more brutal film than I thought, so not just a normal an average film describing a fight between the inhabitants of the earth and the people at Elysium. With the brutality in the film I would not choose this as a family film to watch in the evening, not like Gravity which is a film that can easily be…

  • Big discount today

    Have you considered Amazon Prime?

    Have you considered getting yourself an Amazon Prime membership in addition to your Netflix membership? If that is you, then today is your day, and tomorrow is not. How come? Celebrating their success at the Ammy Awards, especially with Transparent, Amazon is offer their Amazon Prime membership today only for 67 USD instead of the normal fee which is 99 USD per year. This is only available to new member, so if you have not yet tried Amazon Prime, but would like to give it a try, do so today. You can read more about Amazon Prime at the following page, or you can simply visit Amazon.com and sign up…

  • age of Adaline on Netflix
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    Watch The Age of Adaline on Netflix

    Not long ago I wrote about how you can watch the romantic film The Age of Adaline on Amazon Instant Video. Maybe you thought you would have to wait a long time before you could watch it on Netflix, but truth is that you can already watch it on Netflix, and not in the most traditional regions like Canada, US or UK, but you need to visit Mexican Netflix to be able to watch The Age of Adaline on Netflix. If you want to know more about this romantic film, then you should read the article I wrote about it earlier on amazonprime.fromabroad.org. But, to sum it up shortly this…

  • Canadian Netflix overseas
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    Watch Canadian Netflix abroad!

    Did you know that Canadian Netflix rocks? Would you like to watch Canadian Netflix abroad, overseas, in Africa or maybe in the US? Keep on reading! But, before giving you the answer, let me tell you why I was so surprised recently to find out that Canadian Netflix really do rock. If you do not have the patience to read, just scroll down and read more on how to watch Canadian Netflix abroad further down. Here at netflix.fromabroad.org I mostly write about news related to US and UK Netflix and about new films and releases coming to those regions. And then I write technical articles on how to watch Netflix…