Watch I Give it a Year on Netflix

I give it a year on NetflixThe comedy named I Give it a year is about the couple who just got married, and everyone around them give them one year, saying that their marriage will end within the first year. Who will be right, the couple who claim that their marriage will last, or their surroundings predicting a short life for their marriage.

In the film we can meet Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall in the main roles, and then there are lots of other quite famous actors also partaking in the film. It might not be the best film you have ever seen, but if you are a parent, or a newly wed, then you might find some of the jokes and stories in the film quite funny. So, a nice comedy to watch in the evening if you have time.

You can also see Anna Faris and Simon Baker in the film, just take a look at the official cover for the film which can be seen on the picture to the right.

This is just one of many romantic films available on Netflix, so take a look at our New on Netflix and Romantic category to find out more about other romantic films that has newly been made available on Netflix worldwide.

How to watch it on Netflix?

The film is available on Canadian Netflix at the moment, meaning that if you want to see it you will need to get yourself a Canadian IP address. That can be fixed easily, and I have earlier written a long article on how to watch Netflix in different nations easily, so I recommend that you read that article which can be found right here.

If you want to know more about I Give It a Year, then go ahead and watch the trailer of the film and if you have seen the film please write a comment to let us know whether you liked the film or not.

X-Men on US Netflix

Would you like to see X-Men? If you would like to see the X-Men films with Hugh Jackman, then you will not find those films on US Netflix, but if you want to see the cartoon version of X-Men, then you will find two different seasons of this on US Netflix at the moment.

X-Men on Netflix

On the pictures above you can see the clips from the X-Men cartoons currently available at US Netflix. So maybe you wonder if the grass is greener at the UK Netflix, so at the moment what will happen if you do a search for X-Men at the UK Netflix, you will find the following:

Space Racers on Netflix

Well, that is the truth. If you search for X-Men in UK Netflix you will only find the cartoon series for children named Space Rangers which has next to nothing to do with X-Men. So, if you want to see X-Men cartoons, go to US Netflix. If you want to see real X-Men films then there are three ways.

  • Go to HBO Now where there has been quite a lot of X-Men films available.
  • Visit NOW TV Movies and watch X-Men films there.
  • Visit and buy all the X-Men films as Instant Movies! is out for sale

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So, keep coming back and find all the updated and interesting Netflix news you are looking for!

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And the Oscar Goes To… Now on Netflix

And the Oscar Goes To... Now on NetflixAnd the Oscar Goes To… is a new documentary which follows the history of the Academy Awards. The And the Oscar Goes To… premier was in 2014 on the opening night of the of the annual 31 Days of Oscar festival.

The documentary is written, directed and produced by Oscar winning film makers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman with the help of Christopher Pavlick and Rick Spalla. The And the Oscar Goes To… tells the story of the little gold statute that became the most valuable prize in the film industry and the documentary shows the history of the Academy itself which begun in 1927 with Louis B. Mayer. The documentary presents the biggest names of the oscar winning directors, actors and actresses such as Steven Spielberg who tells the story of his special relationship with the composer John Williams who is the winner of five Oscars, he won with the scores Spielberg’s Jaws (1975), E.T. (1982) and Schindler’s List (1993), George Clooney (Syriana 2005), Hellen Mirren (The Queen 2006), Whoopi Goldberg (Ghost 1990) or Tom Hanks (Philadelphia 1993, Forest Gump 1994). The And the Oscar Goes To… also presents interviews with the Academy Award ceremony host Billy Crystal, the producer of the ceremony Don Mischer and the head writer Bruce Vilanch as well as other former members of the Academy Award.

The documentary also features behind-the-scenes that has never been shown before on television. The And the Oscar Goes To… is packed full with special interviews and the greatest moments of the 85 years of Oscar ceremonies.

Now you can watch this documentary on US and UK Netflix. Enjoy, have fun, and get to know even more about the Academy Awards.

Veggietales can now be seen on Netflix

Finally the Veggietales has arrived to Netflix. Not as an original Veggietales production, but this time as a Netflix production. I have not been able to watch one episode yet, but I am curious whether the Christan values it was built upon originally will be seen, shown and “preached” in the Netflix version of Veggietales.

Veggietales on Netflix

The Veggietales has lived a long life before it finally arrived to Netflix on November 28th, and there has been lots of full time movies and shorter films based on the vegetables with cool and interesting characters in the Veggietales. I will soon try to look at one episode (at least), as I am really curious if this is ideal to show small children who want to watch something that reflects good values, builds a moral character and also shares Christian values to the children at home watching Netflix on their TVs, XBOX or maybe on a laptop.

As far as I know Veggietales can be seen on Netflix in all Netflix nations, meaning that if you have a Norwegian Netflix account, then you can watch it in Norway, if you are in the UK you can watch it on UK Netflix, and if you have a French or a German Netflix account, then you can watch Veggietales in your own language on Netflix. Enjoy, and have fun watching!

Black Friday discount on your VPN subscription

VPN saleThis site is dedicated to helping its readers find out how to watch Netflix from abroad. The biggest helper in this is a VPN which will help you get an IP address in nations where VPN is allowed to watch, and thus you can start watching Netflix again from wherever you are in the world.

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Netflix uses twice as much bandwidth as YouTube in the USA

If you speak to people about watching films, clips and stuff online, they will often throw YouTube in your face. But, just today I read an article telling that Netflix is responsible for twice as much bandwidth in the USA as YouTube is.

In fact, during peak hours Netflix is responsible for almost 35% of all bandwidth used in the United States, while YouTube is responsible for about 14% of the bandwidth during the same period. That means more than twice as much bandwidth is used by Netflix. Does this mean Netflix has more users than Netflix? Not at all… and this is why?

YouTube and Netflix bandwidth usage

Donald Duck on YoutubeThe truth is that if you watch a 60min clip of YouTube, then that will normally cause you to use something like 500 MB of bandwidth. This is of course generalizing the subject, because it for sure depends on the quality of the video and the speed of your ISP, but based on tests, that could be near the truth. If you then go to Netflix, and we for sure do, and then we decide to watch a House of Cards episode which lasts around 55 mins (let us say one hour just to make things easier). If you then measure the amount of bandwidth used during the 60 minutes you have been using in front of the monitor watching Netflix you will find out that you have used around 10 times more bandwidth watching 60 minutes of Netflix, compared to watching 60 minutes of YouTube. In other words, you can sit 10 hours in front of the computer watching YouTube, and only then will you have used just as much bandwidth as if you had been watching 1 hour of Netflix.

So, this is of course not possible, but let us say that the 35% bandwidth used by Netflix users represent 35 minutes watched online. If you use some math, then that would mean the amount we are watching Netflix would be 14% multiplied with 10, meaning that we watch 140 minutes of YouTube during the same period. Those are some nice numbers, because that means exactly 75% people spend their time on YouTube, while 25% of the people spend their time on Netflix. That is of course a bit better that all the 25% using Netflix pay every month to do so, meaning that it is much better value than having 75% people maybe press an add now and then!


Five reasons to sign up for a Netflix account

5 reasons to sign up for a netflix accountWant to sign up for a Netflix account? Or maybe you are insecure? Here you can find five reasons that we believe might convince you to sign up for a Netflix account and to get started today watching and enjoying the shows and programs available online.

Five reasons to sign up for a Netflix account

  1. Fantastic Netflix productions
    You can watch fantastic TV shows produced by and for Netflix. Such shows are for example: Lilyhammer, Hemlock Grove, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and several others.
  2. Whenever and wherever you want to
    You can watch Netflix whenever you want and wherever you want. If you wait in line for an appointment, take forth your mobile, tablet or laptop, and watch some Netflix while waiting. Not at home when a film is broadcasted on TV? Watch it at Netflix whenever you have time instead.
  3. There is no risk!
    Netflix knows they have a brilliant product and that is why they let all new users sign up for a free thirty day trial period. So, there is no risk at all in trying, because if you are not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription within thirty days and it will not have cost you one singly Dollar.
  4. New stuff added every day
    You can never get finished with Netflix, because new films and shows are added every single day. And, not only new programs are added, but old classics also come and go all the time. That is why you will like as well, because we will write article about the most important films and shows added to Netflix.
  5. Much better than downloading illegally
    It feels good to follow the law, and as you watch Netflix you are watching all shows available totally legally. It is much better than torrenting or other download activity, and you can get films at a low cost all the time, and also with subtitles working perfectly, in sync and much, much more!

What do you think? Are you ready to try Netflix yourself?

Netflix and VPNs

netflix-and-vpnsAre you using a VPN to watch Netflix? That can be a very wise thing, and there are several reasons why you might be using a VPN to watch Netflix. Many people believe the only reason to use a VPN to watch Netflix is to be able to watch Netflix in countries in which it is unavailable, but they are really wrong to believe that.

One of the reasons we are writing this article at the moment are the recent news telling about the fact that Netflix might do their uttermost to block users using a VPN from their services. In other words, people with IP addresses known to belong to VPN providers will be locked out, and as they try to watch Netflix, it will no longer work. This happened to Hulu earlier this year, and it for sure gave Hulu a small setback, even though quite a lot of VPN providers managed to find a way around, get new IP addresses to their customers and so on. But, as we mentioned earlier, people do not and should not use VPN only for watching Netflix from abroad. There are other reasons as well!

Watching Netflix with a VPN – for security reasons

Let us say that you are in a hotel room in New York. You are using the wireless connection provided by your hotel and want to watch a Netflix film after a long and exhausting day. But, as a smart Internet user you do know that such open wireless connections are dangerous as people can easily steal information from you, and therefore you want to use a VPN to secure your connection. You are still in the United States, and you still have a US Netflix subscription, but for some reason you will then not be able to watch Netflix anymore, simply because you want to secure your Internet connection?

Watching Netflix with a VPN – not to loose speed

Unfortunately quite a lot of Internet providers set speed limits on traffic sent from Netflix. You might have a high speed Internet connection, but some ISPs on purpose set speed limitations on Netflix, meaning that you will face buffering problems and so on as you watch Netflix. Also for this reason many people use a VPN, because once you are connected with a VPN, your ISP can not track your traffic anymore, and though they will no longer be able to lower your Internet speed, and that is why you will be able to watch Netflix in HD quality without buffering problems.

These are just some of the reasons why it is useful to use a VPN to watch Netflix, and one of the reasons it is really stupid thing to try to block away VPN users from Netflix. Of course there are probably hundreds of thousands of people using a VPN to watch Netflix from abroad, that is true, but if they have been creative enough to find out how to watch Netflix from abroad so far, why would they not find a new solution, a new VPN provider or so in the future that would provide them with the same service?

What do you think? If you have any thoughts on this matter, just write a comment!