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Can I watch Netflix in Saint Martin?

Traveling to St.Martin,what do i need to access my netflix account? What do I need to access my netflix account on a TV while in St.Martin any special streaming device? Thank you for the question! You are a lucky person, because as you travel to St Martin you should be able to watch Netflix without trouble. That means all you have to do is to visit and you should… Read More »

Can I watch Netflix in Latvia?

Hello I am currently an expat living in Riga Latvia.. any chance Netflix possible here? Thank you. Thank you for asking. Since January 2016 watching Netflix worldwide has turned much easier. That is  why you can simply visit while in Latvia, and you will get access to Netflix at once. You should of course be aware of the fact that you will not see the same movies and TV… Read More »

Watch Star Wars: A New Hope on Netflix

I just watched Star Wars: Rogue One in the cinemas and immediately I felt like watching Star Wars: A New Hope at once. But, can I watch Star Wars: A New Hope on Netflix? I have seen Star Wars: A New Hope before, but after watching Star Wars: Rogue One I really felt like watching it again. I was really curious to see how the story in Rogue One really… Read More »

Can I watch Netflix in Croatia?

I am going to Croatia and have a Netflix account. Will I be able to watch Netlix in Croatia? I don’t think so! Back until January 6th 2016 you could not watch Netflix in Croatia. But, since then you things have change and Netflix is now officially available in Croatia. So, as you travel to Split, Dubrovnik or some other beautiful city in Croatia you can simply tune in to… Read More »

Can I watch Blindspot on Netflix?

Blindspot is one of my favorite TV series, but unfortunately it is very hard to watch it on Netflix. Some rumors say that it has been made available on Mexican Netflix, but so far I have not been able to access it there yet. Season 2 of Blindspot will be aired on NBC in the end of September 2016, so if you haven’t seen the first season yet I would… Read More »

Get access to Swiss Netflix

Switzerland is a beautiful nation and one of the most expensive nations in the world. Would you like to watch Swiss Netflix abroad? This is how it is done! Do you miss Swiss Netflix with its nice mixture of German, French and English languages available? Some films have German subtitles, some have French, some have English and some have all three of them. Some children films and series are in… Read More »