What’s up with Astrill VPN and Netflix? Does it work?

Have you read about Astrill VPN and now you wonder if you are going to sign up for their services? Can you use Astrill VPN to watch Netflix? 

Astrill VPN might not be the most famous VPN provider on the market, but it is still to be recognized as one of the bigger providers, and they have a good rumor online. You can use Astrill VPN to unblock lots of TV channels online, but can you use Astrill VPN to unblock Netflix? Or maybe you do not even want to unblock Netflix, you just want a VPN that will keep you secure and encrypted online while you watch your favorite series and movies on Netflix.

astrillvpn and netflix

Astrill VPN and Netflix

Astrill VPN is making it both hard and easy when it comes to Netflix streaming. While you will get the proxy and unblocker error message as you try to stream Netflix using most other VPN providers, you will never get the error message with Astrill VPN. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

Not everyone will notice this at once, but if you connect to an Astrill VPN server in Sweden, in Germany, in the UK, in France, or in the USA, the result will always be the same – you can stream Netflix, but you will always see the same content. How come? What is it that you are actually seeing?

Astrill VPN is using a Smart DNS service whenever you connect to one of their VPN servers. The result is that they will always manipulate your location as you open the Netflix application on your Android device, iOS device, Macintosh or in Windows. As a result, you will always see the content of the American Netflix catalog as you use the VPN services of Astrill VPN.

This should be considered both positive and negative.

  • It is positive because you do not need to connect to an American server in order to watch American Netflix. You can, therefore, surf quicker as you connect to a VPN server closer to your location, but you will still be able to watch American Netflix.
  • It is negative because you do not have any chance in the world to watch the Netflix content in any other nation. But, since Netflix mostly block all VPN providers anyway, this isn’t such a big problem after all.

In other words, you can use Astrill VPN to watch Netflix and to surf safely while watching a Netflix movie. You will always be shown the contents of American Netflix, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem for most people out there.

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Is Deadpool on Netflix?

Deadpool is one of those superhero movies that has just enjoyed a take-off when it comes to popularity. The first movie was released in 2016, and it became the highest grossing R-rated movie produced every in history. 

The R-rating might scare some people away, but it isn’t really that violent or brutal. The R-rating probably came, not only because of the violence but because of the ugly language used by the characters in the movie. Ryan Reynolds is the hero of the movie playing the role of our hero Deadpool.

Deadpool on Netflix

Deadpool on Netflix

If you want to stream Deadpool on Netflix you are not likely to have any success. You cannot watch any of the Deadpool movies on Netflix so far, and considering that the first movie was released back in 2016, it has got to be some reason for this movie not to be on Netflix.

Deadpool is a Marvel movie, but Marvel sold the rights to the Deadpool story a while back, and thus FOX is the company behind the Deadpool movies. This means, even though Disney bought Marvel, they still do not have the power to decide about the future of Deadpool. As a consequence, it will most likely not appear on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service, or maybe it will if Fox comes to an agreement with Disney? But, you cannot stream Deadpool on Netflix as of now, and that gives me the feeling that it will not be added in the near future either.

It seems as if Disney will make a deal with Fox still – meaning, that Marvel and Disney will have the right to produce future films in both the Deadpool universe and in the X-Men universe). But, Disney will for sure not make an R-rated Deadpool movie, so what will happen then?

I might be wrong, and if Deadpool is added to Netflix, I will be quick to update this article and probably also write a new blog post about it.

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The Young Sheldon on Netflix?

When will The Young Sheldon come to Netflix? Can it be streamed on Netflix already? Read on and find out!

The Young Sheldon is the very popular CBS series that premiered in 2017. It quickly got lots of fans, and there are many who actually enjoy it even more than The Big Bang Theory (in which we originally got to know Sheldon Cooper).

The Young Sheldon 1

You might know that The Big Bang Theory can be streamed in quite a lot of Netflix regions, but what’s up with The Young Sheldon? Is it possible to stream it on Netflix? Are there any regions in which this series can be seen?

The Young Sheldon on Netflix

I have got to put it like this. Unfortunately, The Young Sheldon cannot be streamed on Netflix at the moment. I would love to stream it and watch it on Netflix, but instead, I will have to watch it using the HBO Go subscription I have here in Europe. I could stream it with my CBS All Access subscription as well, but HBO Go is much easier for me at the moment.

But, since The Big Bang Theory ended up on Netflix, it might be that The Young Sheldon will come with time as well. Maybe the first season will be made available on Netflix once the second season is finished on CBS, or maybe as the third season is launched. These are only speculations, but I do not have any real clue or answer to the question.

CAn I watch The Young Sheldon on netflix?

But, I can promise you, that at the moment I see any news related to The Young Sheldon coming to Netflix, I will go ahead and updated this article so that you will find all the information you need!

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Can I use PureVPN to watch Netflix?

PureVPN is a leading VPN provider on the market, and it is both loved and hated. But, the most important when choosing a VPN provider is to find out if it will work and help you with whatever you need!

So, what is the truth about PureVPN? Does it work with Netflix? If you do a quick Google search for the question, you will find all sorts of answers. Some will tell you that PureVPN doesn’t work with Netflix anymore in 2018, while other search results will tell you that PureVPN can be used to watch Netflix. So what is the truth about PureVPN and Netflix? Does it work?

can i watch netflix with purevpn

PureVPN and Netflix – does it work?

The true answer to the question is both yes and no! How is that possible? You do not need to be confused, just read on!

PureVPN doesn’t work with Netflix

A VPN provider has lots of VPN servers all around the globe, and that is also very true for PureVPN. If you connect to the different servers and then try to visit Netflix.com, you will in 99% of the cases be met with the proxy and unblocker error message on the Netflix website. In other words, you might say that PureVPN doesn’t work with Netflix. But, that isn’t true! You just need to know how to use PureVPN with Netflix in order to make it work!

PureVPN does work with Netflix

PureVPN does work with Netflix, but you just need to know how to use it. You cannot connect to any server in their system, but you need to connect to the correct server. And that is really easy. As you open the PureVPN application you need to choose Streaming, Channel, and then you can select “US Netflix.” If you connect to this server you will at once be able to watch American Netflix using the VPN services of PureVPN. As a result, you can stay encrypted and surf safely, and stream movies and TV series on Netflix using PureVPN, without any proxy and unblocker error.

As you understand, this is really easy. If you want to give it a try, visit the PureVPN website at once to sign up for their services and give it a try.

Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

Watch this tutorial to see how PureVPN works with Netflix

Not sure how to use PureVPN with Netflix? Watch this little tutorial video from our Netflix channel to show you how it is done quickly and easily!

Visit the PureVPN website to give it a try yourself!Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

If you have a comment or maybe a question, use the comment field and I will do my best to help you out! Have a wonderful day!


Can I watch Justice League on Netflix?

I have been waiting for Justice League to come to Netflix for a long time. It came to HBO Now in July 2018, but what about Netflix?

As I write originally wrote this article, Justice League could not be seen in any single Netflix region. But, it has changed since then, and now you can watch Justice League on Netflix. But, where? And is it worth watching?

Justice League on Netflix
Can I watch Justice League on Netflix?

I am a big fan of the Wonder Woman movie, but I totally hated the Batman v. Superman movie. But, luckily DC Comics have made some brutal changes in Justice League, making Batman a much nicer personality, and thus the movie was much easier and better to watch. Again I must say that Wonder Woman is my favorite character in the movie, but the other characters also do a very good job making Justice League a nice movie to watch.

Justice League did not make it to the list of top 10 grossing movies in 2017, but it made it to the top 15 list. In other words, this was a successful movie, and people flocked to the cinemas in order to watch it.

Watch Justice League on Netflix

Today (October 25th, 2018), I discovered Justice League on Netflix in Australia. So, if you live in Australia, or follow my instructions on how to access Australian Netflix, you can go ahead and watch Justice League on Netflix right away. It is well worth the job, at least if you like super hero movies like this one. Not totally convinced yet? Take a look at the Justice League trailer beneath.

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Have you tried the (Net)Flix Roulette? Is it worth it?

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the nEnhancer. Today, I have tried the so-called Flix Roulette, a tool that will help you find random content on Netflix based on your preferences.

We live in a world in which it is quite easy to get bored, at least if you have too much time left-over after work (or instead of work). Maybe you are a super smart student who has a lot of time besides your studies, and you love watching movies. But, what are you going to stream on Netflix tonight? That is a question we often ask ourselves, and for that reason, someone created a tool which will help you find random content on Netflix.

The Netflix Roulette

The Netflix Roulette, also known as the Flix Roulette, or the Reelgood Roulette, is a tool that will help you find random content on Netflix. In fact, if you create a profile you can tell them which streaming services you use, and then find random content in all of those (for example, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, CBS All Access). When you have done all of this, visit the Netflix Roulette.

netflix roulette

Here you can tell which kind of genre you are interested in, and then filter the quality of the movie by setting rating levels on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

I have used it a couple of times, and I wish there would be some more filters added to this tool. What about a filter that would deal with the release date of a movie. I might want to watch an action movie with a high score on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, but I do not want it to be an old Godfather movie. What about creating a filter for “released in … or newer” or something like that.

The Netflix Roulette is useful after all!

I anyway like the idea of the Flix roulette, and it will for sure help people looking for a random movie or TV series to watch on Netflix find something they wouldn’t find elsehow.

The Reelgood page is very nice, so make sure to visit it. Create a user as well, and put an X next to the streaming platforms you have a valid subscription to. You can then add movies you want to see, and get a notification whenever it has been added to the platforms you use. This and other functions can be really useful!

There is only information about US Netflix on the site, meaning that you will still have to visit netflix.fromabrad.org to find information on new movies on Canadian Netflix. But, if you live in the USA, or have followed my instructions on how to access US Netflix abroad, the tool is still really helpful!

A whiteboard video explaining how to access US Netflix!

I have just made a little video explaining how you can easily get access to US Netflix. It is a typical whiteboard video, making it very easy to understand.

If you like what you see and want to visit the ExpressVPN website, click the button beneath.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

I understand that the video is very basic, but it isn’t much harder than what you see in the video. So, why make it hard, when it can be really easy? There are so many websites out there giving you instructions on how you can easily access US Netflix. The only problem is that most of these sites are outdated, and the information available is no longer correct.

That is why I do my uttermost to update this website frequently so that anyone coming to this website will find information that is up to date! If you visit the front page, you will see that it is updated every single week (almost), just to make sure that the information served is valid and working.

I hope you are happy about that! If you still have questions or comments, please use the comment field beneath. I will do my uttermost to answer all your questions as fast as possible.

is it possible to watch US Netflix abroad?
The guy in the video above wants to watch American Netflix. How can it be done?

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Once again I got to say – The Netflix VPN block stinks!

I am currently traveling and enjoying a summer holiday in the beautiful city of Izola in Slovenia. It is amazing! But, when you live somewhere else, using the WiFi of someone you do not know anything about, it feels good to use a VPN connection, in order to keep your confidential information your own.

That is especially important when you check private emails, visit cryptocurrency exchanges to see the status of some trades you are working with, as you write articles and comment on stuff on Steemit, and similar activities. In fact, not using a VPN would be pure stupidity. So here I am, writing articles, checking my email, and I just visited Bibox to check some cryptocurrency trades. Currently, I am logged in using the VPN services of HideMyAss, but it could just as well have been any other VPN service.

So, what’s the problem with the VPN?

After writing some emails and fixing some trades, I visited Netflix.com to find a great movie to watch. My decision fell on Kingsman: The Secret Service, and I pressed play.

my choice on netflix

I didn’t have to wait for a long time, because a few seconds later I got error message M7111-1331-5059. I told me that something went wrong, and I need to check if I am using an unblocker or a proxy.

The reality is, I am using a VPN service (which could be called an unblocker), so this is causing the trouble. But, it feels terrible that I have to jeopardize my own security and confidential information in order to watch some stuff on Netflix. To be honest, it feels better to pay for the same content on another platform (for example Google Play), than to risk losing my personal passwords or values to some persons exploiting WiFi networks like the one I am using currently.

Is there a solution to this problem?

  • Netflix could stop blocking proxies and similar services, but that would give them greater trouble with the companies forcing them to do so. So, that isn’t very likely.
  • You could disconnect from your VPN service, in order to stream Netflix, while closing all other websites, and logging out from everywhere. But, it still doesn’t feel nice and completely safe.
  • Why not purchase the content from the Apple Store, from Google Play instead? If you buy it with your Google account it doesn’t matter where you are located in the world when you watch it!
  • Or you could consider using a VPN service that will let you watch Netflix still. It might not work with all regions, but you could use a VPN that works with Netflix in the United States, in the United Kingdom, Canada, and other nations? Read more about that here.
What do you think about Netflix's geo-block?
Can’t watch content on Netflix because of the geo-block – Image from Pixabay

What do you think about Netflix’s geo-block?

Do you see any other solutions to Netflix’s geo-block? What do you think about it? I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. If you like this articles, please share it with your friends, give it a like or an upvote, and write a comment!

Is it possible to watch the World Cup 2018 on Netflix?

I am looking forward to the World Cup, but I am not sure how and where to watch it. Can I watch the World Cup 2018 on Netflix?

Is it possible to watch the World Cup 2018 on Netflix

Netflix is the home of fantastic movies and TV series, but it is not the home of live sports (yet)! I don’t know if they ever will be, but the answer to your question is a big NO. It is not possible to stream the World Cup 2018 on Netflix, meaning that you will have to look for another platform and for another way to stream the matches online.

The first match will be played on June 14th (only one match), but already on June 15th, there will be three different matches with Spain – Portugal as the big highlight.

Where can I watch the World Cup then?

But, if it isn’t possible to watch the World Cup on Netflix, where should I watch it then? There are lots of places to watch the entire World Cup and all the matches online. You can find a sweet mixture of methods in the following article in the IP Address Guide. There you can read about free TV channels broadcasting the event, and also pay-TV channels. The best way to stream the World Cup is probably on Fubo TV, but that is a pay channel. If you want to watch the event for free, all you need is a VPN that will give you access to BBC and ITV in the UK, and you are ready to watch the entire World Cup for free on UK TV. Doesn’t that sound cool? You can read more on how to watch ITV from abroad and BBC from abroad in the linked article.

What to watch on Netflix between the matches?

I wrote about a movie named The Book of Henry in the HBO Now blog a while back. I have watched it since then, and it was a quite interesting movie. I did a quick search yesterday to see if the movie can be found in any Netflix region, but so far it cannot be found anywhere, so I guess we will have to wait.

But, if you want some great action and lots of humor, you should watch Thor: Ragnarok on Netflix in between the FIFA World Cup matches. You can watch it both on American and Canadian Netflix, so get started… it is a big treat!


What will happen if five people want to stream simultaneously with the same Netflix subscription for four screens?

I have a Netflix subscription that is valid for use at 4 different screens at the same time. What will happen at the moment a fifth person tries to use the same subscription while four other people use it?

If you visit Netflix and try to stream something as person number five, you might be afraid that you will “throw out” an already active user as you log on. If you live in a house with 5 people, and you log on to Netflix as person number five, and as a consequence, your teenage daughter was suddenly thrown out of Netflix (as she watched The Crown), you know there will be trouble and heavy discussion around the table later that day. But, is that what will happen if you try to stream something as guy number five on a Netflix subscription valid for four screens? NO!

stream netflix at the same time

What will happen when too many people use a Netflix subscription?

It doesn’t matter if you have a Netflix subscription valid for one screen, two screens of four screens. At the moment too many people try to use it, the new users will simply be stopped and not be able to stream. The result is, therefore, that you will not interrupt or destroy the streaming experience for those already watching, as you will not be allowed to stream content yourself.