How to find content on Netflix with local subtitles or audio?

Netflix went global January 2016, but lots of those nations are still suffering from content that is only available in English. Netflix is however adding more and more local subtitles, and sometimes even TV series or movies with local audio. How to find such content?

Let us say that you live in Germany, and you want to find out what content is available for you on German Netflix with German audio. Or maybe you live in the Czech Republic and want to find out what you can stream on Netflix with Czech subtitles. Most people have great joy in streaming Netflix with English audio and subtitles, but if you visit some people with no English knowledge, can you still enjoy your Netflix subscription? The answer is probably yes, and here is how to find out what you can stream with your local subtitles or audio.

Content with local subtitles and audio on Netflix

If you want to find content with German subtitles, or German audio on Netflix (as you visit German Netflix), do as follows:

  • Visit
  • Press My List.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select “Audio and Subtitles”
  • You can now see all content available on Netflix with German subtitles or with German audio, based on your request.
  • You can also visit this site directly to get straight to the page where you can search for movies with certain subtitles or audio.
netflix in local language or with local subtitles
This is how to discover content available on Netflix in your own language

If you follow this method, you will also be able to:

  • Find content on Netflix with Italian subtitles or Italian audio.
  • Find Netflix TV series and movies available with French subtitles or French audio.
  • Get access to Netflix content with Hungarian subtitles or Hungarian audio.
  • Discover access on Netflix available with Portuguese subtitles or language,
  • and so much more…

If you are located in Germany and want to find content with Croatian subtitles or audio, you might not even find this option in the drop-down menu. If that is so, there is no content available on German Netflix with Croatian subtitles or audio. Based on this you can quickly discover and find content suitable for you and those with little (or no) English knowledge at all.

It will also enrich the Netflix experience of those looking for content available in their own language. Based on what I have seen so far, Netflix is growing day by day, and they are also adding new subtitles and new audio every day. I am happy to see that, and I hope these instructions will help you enjoy your Netflix subscription even more.

When will La La Land come to Netflix

Watch La La Land on NetflixLa La Land has just been released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the United States. When will La La Land come to Netflix?

November 8th, 2017: You can now stream La La Land on Netflix. Read this article for more information.

It is impossible to predict when a movie will come to Netflix, but if you compare it with other similar movies, then my first guess would be around July 2017. Last year Mad Max: Fury Road and Spotlight were among the big winners during the Academy Awards, and both these movies were made available during the summer of 2016. Based on that my guess is that La La Land will come to Netflix sometime this summer, but that is for sure only true about a few regions.

My first guess is that La La Land will first be made available on Canadian Netflix, as that is the region getting the biggest blockbusters fastest of all regions. That was true about both Mad Max: Fury Road and about Spotlight, so why shouldn’t it be true about La La Land.

There are however a few exceptions when brilliant movies are made available on US Netflix first, something that was true about Finding Dory, the brand new Pixar movie.

November 8th, 2017: You can now stream La La Land on Netflix. Read this article for more information.

Is it worth waiting for La La Land?

If you are a big fan of Ryan Gssling and Emma Stone, then the answer is probably yes. I am quite a big fan of both actors, but I have to be honest and say that La La Land was incredibly boring. It is a long time since I was so bored watching a movie, and the incredible truth is that I did not manage to finish the movie. That is almost impossible, considering that I feel like Sheldon Cooper who has to finish whatever I start.

There is however one more example of a movie I did not manage to finish recently. Guess what, Ryan Gosling was playing in that movie as well, and it was The Nice Guys.

Now maybe you completely disagree with me, and that is very fine. But, if you feel like doing so, write a comment and tell me why I am so wrong!

Can I watch Netflix in Saint Martin?

Traveling to St.Martin,what do i need to access my netflix account? What do I need to access my netflix account on a TV while in St.Martin any special streaming device?

Thank you for the question! You are a lucky person, because as you travel to St Martin you should be able to watch Netflix without trouble. That means all you have to do is to visit and you should be able to get started. But, that will not work if you want to watch all the content available on Netflix in the United States. Since you travel abroad the content available will differ and thus you might miss some of the content from home, or maybe you will be really happy about some available content that you could not find at home.

Netflix in Saint Martin

If you really miss US Netflix, then you can read more about how you can watch US Netflix at Saint Martin in this article.

There are lots of great content available at Netflix at the moment, so you have a lot to look forward to. I am currently really happy about the fourth season of Netflix streaming on Hungarian Netflix, the sixth season of Suites which is streaming on Spanish Netflix, and of course the great new blockbuster movies that are available on Canadian Netflix and quite a lot of them also on US Netflix.

What are you going to watch on Netflix while in Saint Martin enjoying a beautiful beach?

Can I watch Netflix in Latvia?

Hello I am currently an expat living in Riga Latvia.. any chance Netflix possible here? Thank you.

Thank you for asking. Since January 2016 watching Netflix worldwide has turned much easier. That isĀ  why you can simply visit while in Latvia, and you will get access to Netflix at once. You should of course be aware of the fact that you will not see the same movies and TV series available as you visit while in Latvia. They have different movies and TV series available, which might come positive to you, or it might be negative as you will miss some of the content that you watch on Netflix at home.

watch netflix in latvia

If you for example miss out on US Netflix content while in Latvia then you can follow the instructions in this article on how to get access to US Netflix in Latvia, and you will get access to US Netflix at once.

Personally my favorite Netflix region is Canadian Netflix, because that is where you can watch most blockbusters. To find out how you can access Canadian Netflix in Latvia, just press that link.

I hope this answer will help you out as you want to watch Netflix in Latvia. If you have further comments or questions, just use the comment field beneath!

Watch Star Wars: A New Hope on Netflix

Watch Star Wars A New Hope on Netflix

I just watched Star Wars: Rogue One in the cinemas and immediately I felt like watching Star Wars: A New Hope at once. But, can I watch Star Wars: A New Hope on Netflix?

I have seen Star Wars: A New Hope before, but after watching Star Wars: Rogue One I really felt like watching it again. I was really curious to see how the story in Rogue One really fits with the story in the movie Star Wars: A New Hope from 1977. And do you know what? I am currently watching Star Wars: A New Hope on Netflix as I am writing this article, and it is simply incredible to watch the movie after watching Rogue One. It feels as if Rogue One really was made back in 1975 and this was such a natural movie made to continue the story from Rogue One.

So, is it worth watching Star Wars: Rogue One? Absolutely! It was a great movie and if you are a Star Wars fan you will for sure like the story and everything that has to do with the movie. But, after watching it you will also want to watch Star Wars: A New Hope (again). So, where can you watch Star Wars: A New Hope on Netflix?

Watch Star Wars: A New Hope on Netflix

If you want to watch Star Wars: A New Hope on Netflix you can currently do so in the following Netflix regions:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Panama
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Costa Rica

You can read more about how you can access different Netflix regions here at this website, so visit the front page to get started so you can watch Star Wars: A New Hope on Netflix as well!

When will Star Wars: Rogue One come to Netflix?

Based on how quickly Star Wars: The Force Awakens came to Netflix my answer would be sometime in the second half of 2017. But time will show, and it might be different this time since Star Wars: Rogue One is a Disney production!

Can I watch Netflix in Croatia?

I am going to Croatia and have a Netflix account. Will I be able to watch Netlix in Croatia? I don’t think so!

Back until January 6th 2016 you could not watch Netflix in Croatia. But, since then you things have change and Netflix is now officially available in Croatia. So, as you travel to Split, Dubrovnik or some other beautiful city in Croatia you can simply tune in to Netflix and watch as you like!

Enjoy Split (Croatia) and Netflix at the same time – Tupongato /

The only little minus

There are quite a lot of stuff missing from Netflix as you travel to Croatia. The reason is simple. The content available in different Netflix regions differ, meaning that there are lots of films available on for example US Netflix which you can not watch on UK Netflix or for example Croatian Netflix. At the moment you can for example watch Spotlight (the Academy Awarded film) or Minions (the film) on US Netflix, but once you leave the US you will no longer gain access to these films.

But, there are also quite some films and TV series available in Croatia which can not be seen elsewhere. So, go ahead and give it a try, and if you have further questions or comments, just use the comment field beneath!


Can I watch Netflix during an interrail in Europe?

I will be traveling around in Europe on an interrail and I will visit lots of different nations. Can I watch Netflix during my trip and what kind of Netflix subscription is required?

That is a brilliant question, so thank you for asking. Lots of people have questions similar to this one, and the answer is quite easy, though it might not be satisfying at all times.

1000 Words /

First of all, Netflix is available in all the different nations in Europe. And secondly, you do not need a new Netflix subscription for the different nations you visit. In other words, whenever you travel around in Europe you can visit or use the Netflix app on your mobile device and watch Netflix easily, without paying anything extra.

This you should be aware of!

So far, so good! But, you should be aware of the fact that while traveling in Spain you will only gain access to Spanish Netflix. This is somewhat different from for example US Netflix, meaning that you might not find your favorite TV series or films on Netflix the way you were used to in your home nation.

As you later cross the border to France you will no longer access US Netflix (or Spanish Netflix), but you will gain access to French Netflix. This is again different in content, and sometimes these changes are positive (but, more often negative). Another thing you need to know is that in such nations as France and Spain they often remove original subtitles and only provide subtitles in French or Spanish. If you like watching with English subtitles this can be a nightmare. You are warned!

I hope this has answered your question!

Which is the best Netflix region?

I have been using Netflix for years and I have been working with this site related to Netflix regions for a long time. Based on my personal experience this is the best Netflix region!

Yesterday I went to a restaurant to eat trout. I really enjoyed my meal and considered it to be the best fish meal I have had for a good while. Some of the other people around the table tasted the trout as well, and they said:

  • It’s not good at all…
  • It lacks salt…
  • It has to much fish taste to it…

What’s the point? I ate a fantastic fish, while the others around the table tested the same fish, and they did not like it at all. The same is true when it comes to the Netflix region question. My favorite Netflix region might not be the best of all regions, but it is the best Netflix region to me personally.

I will try to answer the question “Which is the best Netflix region?” seen from my own perspective, but also from the general and popular perspective!

Which is the best Netflix region? It all depends on what you are looking for!

The best Netflix region (according to popularity and size)

I have been speaking with lots of VPN providers, and they all say that the people want US Netflix. And if the people want access to US Netflix, then that is what they will get. It is no secret that people outside the US are really eager to get access to US Netflix. This is the biggest of all regions, and this is where you can watch the biggest amount of movies and TV shows. They are also fairly quick at getting new TV shows and movies. There is lots of content available on US Netflix that can not be found in other regions, be it local TV programs from the US or preachers living for their daily bread in the US.

Based on the size of US Netflix, this is the biggest and best Netflix region.

The best Netflix region (according to me)

It doesn’t help much to get an enormous plate with shrimps, if you only want to eat a pizza. So, what does it gain me to get access to lots of TV series and movies that I do not want to watch? What matters is what you want to watch! Most important to me when it comes to Netflix is access to the best and newest Hollywood films. And the Netflix region best for that purpose is Canadian Netflix.

I have written quite a lot of articles on great films on Canadian Netflix and more, and it is through my experience following what’s new on Netflix for years, that I like this.

But again, it doesn’t really matter what they have on Canadian or US Netflix… the question is rather – what are you looking for and what do you want to watch on Netflix? It is much more a question of demand, and based on that it is possible to give an answer!

What do you think? Which is your favorite Netflix region?

Can I watch Blindspot on Netflix?

Blindspot is one of my favorite TV series, but unfortunately it is very hard to watch it on Netflix. Some rumors say that it has been made available on Mexican Netflix, but so far I have not been able to access it there yet.

Season 2 of Blindspot will be aired on NBC in the end of September 2016, so if you haven’t seen the first season yet I would hurry up and watch all 23 episodes right away. It is a fantastic TV series and I enjoyed it really much. I also enjoyed The Player, another NBC series, but that did not become a success, and thus it was taken of air after the first nine episodes.

Blindspot Season 2 will be aired soon
Blindspot Season 2 will be aired soon

Luckily Blindspot had much better success and thus the first season was completed and now millions of people wait eagerly for season 2 to be aired. You can watch the brand new episodes on NBC from all across the world just after they have been aired, or you can watch them on Hulu. If you are located outside the US you can find out more about watching Hulu from abroad or watching NBC from abroad in the linked articles.

Here you can see a Blindspot Season 2 trailer that was aired on Comic-Con in 2016.

Nations in which you can stream Blindspot

If you live in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica or Brazil, you will be able to stream Blindspot on Netflix. If you live in another nation, then you will not be able to stream it. There is of course a way around this, and that is if you follow my instructions to get access to Brazilian Netflix from abroad. Click the link to find out how it can be done.

Blindspot on Netflix

What do you think about Blindspot? Would you like to watch it on Netflix? I guess it should come within not so long to most other Netflix regions as well. Another very popular NBC TV series is The Blacklist, and there are thousands of Netflix users who have watched all the former The Blacklist seasons on Netflix, so now they are all waiting for season 4. Unfortunately we will have to wait for one more year at least before the entire fourth season of The Blacklist will come to Netflix, but until then we will have to make it with the first three seasons.

The definition of this article is probably: If you want to watch Blindspot on Netflix, but can’t find it then you have to go and watch it somewhere else. Blindspot is a TV series that you will love if you are a fan of action TV series. And once you start watching you will get hooked up on the story, and you will not want to wait for one more year to watch season 2, and that is why I recommend you to get a Hulu subscription in addition, or simply watch the new episodes of Blindspot as they are released on the NBC website.

Why Netflix is better than CBS All Access?

I am a big fan of both Netflix and CBS All Access, but recently I found out why I like Netflix better than CBS All Access. Curious to find out why?

As you watch TV series on Netflix there is one detail that you do not think about. It is a major detail, but since it doesn’t exist as you watch TV series on Netflix, you do not think about it. But, at the very moment you start watching a TV series on CBS All Access you discover this detail at once. It is called commercials!

Big Bang THeory on CBS ALl Access

When you watch your favorite TV series on Netflix you can watch them without commercials and without stop all the time. As you watch a TV series on CBS All Access you are bombarded with commercials. Yesterday I watched a short 20 minutes episode of The Odd Couple on Netflix, and before I was finished watching the episode I had actually watched about 5 minutes of commercials.

We are of course used to commercials as we watch TV, but once we cut the cord we prefer watching TV without the commercials. Hulu also run with commercials, but for an extra fee you can get rid of those commercials as well.

CBS All Access is only a little bit cheaper than Netflix

Now Netflix has a fee of 10 USD a month (in general) while CBS All Access cost you 6 USD a month. There is much more to watch on Netflix, but at CBS All Access you can at least gain access to the newest episodes of the CBS TV series right away (while you have to wait for them a long time at Netflix – if they do arrive there at all). In addition you get access to the CBS live stream. So, there aren’t just minuses with CBS All Access, but I must admit that those commercials were very long and made the streaming experience more boring.

What do you think? Which streaming service do you prefer – CBS All Access or Netflix?