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    Line of Duty season 5 on Netflix?

    When will Line of Duty season 5 come to Netflix? Can I watch Line of Duty season 5 on Netflix already? If yes, how and where? Line of Duty is the name of the super-popular TV series created by BBC in England. It was originally produced for and by BBC2, but due its intense popularity, the fourth season of the show was broadcasted on BBC1 instead. This lead to a major jump in the amount of viewers, and instead of 4,5 million viewers (who watched season 3), the fourth season ran with more than 9 million viewers. A few weeks ago, Line of Duty season 5 premiered on BBC in…

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    How can I watch American Netflix on my Amazon Fire TV Stick abroad?

    I have an Amazon Fire TV stick, and now I would like to watch American Netflix on my Fire TV Stick. But, how can I do so if I live outside the United States? Is there a way to access American Netflix on an Amazon Fire TV or an Amazon Fire TV Stick outside the USA? The Fire TV Stick is a very convenient tool if you want to stream content online on your TV. I have one myself, and I frequently use it. Lots of people compare the Amazon Fire TV Stick to the Google Chromecast, and the question is which is the best of them. I cannot give…

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    Get access to Dutch Netflix! [Working in 2019]

    Do you want to watch Netflix in the Netherlands? It can be done, also after Netflix started their manhunt on VPN providers. Here is the solution! I am always out there testing different VPN providers and SmartDNS providers and that is why I do my uttermost to help you out so that you can find out how you can watch Netflix from abroad. There is no longer one solution that will give you access to all different Netflix regions, but if your pure goal at the moment is to watch Dutch Netflix, then I am about to tell you how it is done. If you want to know more about…

  • Get access to South Korean Netflix

    Can I watch South Korean Netflix abroad? ˙[Working in 2019]

    South Korea is a fantastic nation and their Netflix catalog has a lot of great content. But, how can you watch South Korean Netflix when traveling abroad?  By now, you have probably noticed that there is content on Netflix in South Korea that you cannot see elsewhere in the world. For example, at the time I am writing this article you can stream the Jumanji movie from 1995 and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle on Netflix in South Korea, but you cannot stream it elsewhere. So, what can you do if there is content on Netflix in South Korea that you really want to watch, but you live somewhere else?…

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    What’s up with Astrill VPN and Netflix? Does it work?

    Have you read about Astrill VPN and now you wonder if you are going to sign up for their services? Can you use Astrill VPN to watch Netflix?  Astrill VPN might not be the most famous VPN provider on the market, but it is still to be recognized as one of the bigger providers, and they have a good rumor online. You can use Astrill VPN to unblock lots of TV channels online, but can you use Astrill VPN to unblock Netflix? Or maybe you do not even want to unblock Netflix, you just want a VPN that will keep you secure and encrypted online while you watch your favorite…

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    Can I use PureVPN to watch Netflix?

    PureVPN is a leading VPN provider on the market, and it is both loved and hated. But, the most important when choosing a VPN provider is to find out if it will work and help you with whatever you need! So, what is the truth about PureVPN? Does it work with Netflix? If you do a quick Google search for the question, you will find all sorts of answers. Some will tell you that PureVPN doesn’t work with Netflix anymore in 2018, while other search results will tell you that PureVPN can be used to watch Netflix. So what is the truth about PureVPN and Netflix? Does it work? PureVPN…

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    Do you get the Netflix streaming error message?

    Are you one of the many people suffering from Netflix streaming errors like the following: F7111–1331–5059 (or an error code somewhat similar)? Those getting this error message all have one thing in common and that is that they have been using either a VPN service or maybe a DNS service to watch Netflix. Maybe you did not even know about it, or maybe you knew, but now you have a problem that you can not watch Netflix like before. Maybe you have used a VPN provider that worked with Netflix for a long time, but now it has suddenly stopped. What can you do? Is there anything you can do…

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    Proxy error message M7111-1331-5059 on Netflix

    Are you trying to watch Netflix, but when you try to start the selected content, you get error message M7111-1331-5059 instead? What causes the error? What can you do to fix it? There is quite a lot of different error message on Netflix, but M7111-1331-5059 is one of the most common error messages. This is an error telling you that you are using an unblocker or a proxy server, and Netflix will not let you stream their content because of this. So, what can you do? What to do about error M7111-1331-5059? Are you using a proxy server, a VPN, or an unblocker service (SmartDNS)? If your answer to this…

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    Can I use Substratum to change my Netflix region?

    Substratum just released their platform in beta version, meaning that people get more and more eager at using to, in order to ensure their net neutrality and to surf the web without limitations. But, can I use Substratum to change my Netflix region? Since Substratum is only in a beta version, nothing can be said for sure yet, but at the current moment, you can not use Substratum to change your Netflix region. But, when it will be released in the final version, you will most likely be able to do so then either. The goal of Substratum is not to work as a VPN, tunneling all your movements through…

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    Get access to German Netflix [Working in 2019]

    Are you in the mood for watching German Netflix, but you are stuck with proxy errors (using VPN services) or simply get access to other Netflix regions instead? This is how you can watch German Netflix abroad. I just gave this a try myself and immediately I got access to German Netflix and could watch Shaun das Schaf online on Netflix. I have tried quite a lot of different solutions to get access to German Netflix from abroad, but unfortunately most of the VPN providers and SmartDNS providers are blocked, meaning that they can not be used to get access to German Netflix outside Germany. But, there is a solution…