• viewing history on netflix

    How to view and delete your viewing history on Netflix?

    Recently there has been a lot of focus on all the data Facebook is storing about you. But, how can you see what data Netflix has stored about you? How can you find your viewing history? There might be different reasons for you checking your viewing history. Maybe someone has gotten hold of your login ID and password, and now they abuse your account and watch content for free? You can easily find out if you check the viewing history on Netflix. But, not only can you see if someone else is watching content there with your Netflix account, you can also check out where someone has logged in with…

  • Netflix with local subtitles on android

    How to find content in my language (audio) in the Netflix application?

    Are you watching Netflix on your mobile phone or your tablet and want to find content available in your own language? It is very easy if you know how it is done! I have earlier written an article on how to find content on Netflix with subtitles or audio available in your language. But, that article focused on those watching Netflix on their computer. If you sit down with a tablet or a mobile phone it doesn’t work in the same way, and that is why I am now writing this article. Find Netflix content with audio or subtitles in a different language on a portable device To find such…

  • Are you sad because you cannot find content said to be available on Netflix?

    Do different Netflix plans get different movies?

    Someone just told me that I could watch this great movie on Netflix, but I couldn’t find it, even though my friends can. What is wrong? Is it because they have a more expensive subscription or something like that? As you might know, there are different Netflix subscriptions available. But, those subscriptions have nothing to do with content, purely with how many devices you can use simultaneously and the quality of what you stream. So, I can immediately give you a no answer… Different Netflix plans don’t get different movies. BUT!!! There are a few factors that might cause the differences that you are speaking about. Here are my suggestions,…

  • netflix in local language or with local subtitles
    Questions and answers,  Troubleshooting

    How to find content on Netflix with local subtitles or audio?

    Netflix went global January 2016, but lots of those nations are still suffering from content that is only available in English. Netflix is however adding more and more local subtitles, and sometimes even TV series or movies with local audio. How to find such content? Let us say that you live in Germany, and you want to find out what content is available for you on German Netflix with German audio. Or maybe you live in the Czech Republic and want to find out what you can stream on Netflix with Czech subtitles. Most people have great joy in streaming Netflix with English audio and subtitles, but if you visit…

  • Netflix error on android

    Netflix shows different content in the same region on different devices

    Today I experienced something interesting as I wanted to stream content on Netflix. I used a VPN to stream content on Portuguese Netflix, but I got different content depending on whether I used my iPad, Android tablet or Windows computer. What happened? I wanted first of all to check whether or not I could actually stream Suits season 6 on Portuguese Netflix. I have a popular article on the topic, and to make sure that the information is up to date, I decided to give it a try. In Windows it worked properly, but then on my Android device I could not find it at all. The same was true…

  • Are all VPN providers blocked by Netflix

    Are all VPN services blocked by Netflix?

    I have heard a lot about using a VPN to access other Netflix regions than my own. But, as far as I know all VPN services are blocked by Netflix. Is that so? Thank you for that brilliant question. Since January 6th in 2016 the world in which changing your Netflix region was something that could be done easily. It didn’t happen overnight, but within the following half year Netflix blocked thousands of IP addresses used by SmartDNS and VPN provider. As a result it was almost impossible to find VPN services that could be used for those who wanted to access some other Netflix region. But, were absolutely all…

  • 24 legacy on netflix

    Can I watch 24: Legacy on Netflix?

    24: Legacy just premiered on Fox following Super Bowl 2017. I have just watched the pilot episode and enjoyed it. But, can I watch 24: Legacy on Netflix? Or where to watch it? I must admit that as I watched 24: Legacy I did not do so on Netflix. And luckily I did not have to download it illegally using a Torrent system or so on. Unfortunately 24 Legacy can not be found on Netflix at the moment, so it will probably take around 6 months before it will arrive to the best and coolest Netflix regions. But, if you want to watch 24: Legacy online then the best way…

  • netflix download speed test

    How to check my Netflix download speed?

    Is Netflix buffering or slow? Would you like to check your Netflix download speed? It can easily be done, and this is how you can check it! One of the most frustrating things in the Netflix world is when you sit down to watch a great movie, only to be interrupted by buffering and slow speeds. What is causing the slow speeds? Is it your Internet connection in general, or maybe it is your ISP that is slowing down your traffic? It is easy to check your Netflix download speed If you want to check your Netflix download speed then it can be done very easily at www.fast.com. This is…

  • Is Netflix hindering your success?

    What is most important? Netflix or success?

    Are you a business guy or woman? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to create something big and enjoy great success? Did you know that Netflix might be a hindrance on the way? There are so much to watch on Netflix. Are you always online on Netflix, looking for a new TV series to watch or maybe you have started watching your TV series over again for the second or the third time? Have you ever thought about how spending much time on Netflix might actually be hindering you from getting the success that you really long for? When I first watch Lord of the Rings I remember that I…

  • us-netflix-in-costa-rica

    How can I watch Netflix in Costa Rica with my American account?

    How can I watch Netflix in Costa Rica with my American account? Thank you for the question? If you have a Netflix account that you signed up for in the United States, then you will be happy to hear that you can use the very same account in Costa Rica as well. You will also be surprised to see that there are lots of movies and TV series available on Netflix in Costa Rica that you will not find in the United States, so you might be able to enjoy it for a short time at least. You do not need to do anything to access Netflix in Costa Rica.…