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What’s coming to US Netflix in February 2018?

The list is published, and here you can see what’s coming to American Netflix in February 2018. I did not get very excited looking through the list. What about you? If you are a fan of American Pie, Meet the Fockers or maybe the Ocean’s movies, then this is great, but based on newcomers, February will not bring us many highlights.The Emoji Movie is “big,” but still, not a good… Read More »

Coming to US Netflix in December 2017

December is already here, and here is the list of movies and TV series that will come to US Netflix in December. What do you think about the list? I am a big fan of Ace Ventura, so the fact that both Ace Ventura movies will be added to US Netflix on December 1st makes me happy. I have seen both movies tons of times, so I will probably not… Read More »

Coming to US Netflix in November 2017

November is right around the corner. What are you going to watch on US Netflix in November? Nothing planned yet? This list might give you some ideas and suggestions! November is a month in which millions of people visit other cities in order to check out Christmas markets. This is especially a tradition in several European cities, and it is a time when you combine hot wine, cold weather and… Read More »

Coming to US Netflix in October 2017

Would you like to know what’s coming to US Netflix in October 2017? Look no further, the complete list is right here! As you scroll through the list you will be amazed at the amount of original Netflix productions on the list. In October we will be able to stream several Netflix original movies, for example The Babysitter (a movie about which I could not find any trailer online), Wheelman… Read More »

Coming to US Netflix in September 2017

Even though Canadian Netflix is my favorite Netflix region, I should not forget about US Netflix. Here is the list presenting all the newcomers to American Netflix in September 2017. If you haven’t checked out the list of newcomers to Canadian Netflix in September 2017, read the following article. It will be an amazing month for those with access to Canadian Netflix. But, it will be quite an amazing month… Read More »

New on US Netflix [August 2017]

Are you looking for a great movie to watch on US Netflix in August 2017? There is some content worth the wait. Review the full list right here. There is some original Netflix content coming to US Netflix in August 2017. You probably already know, that this material will be made available in all other Netflix regions simultaneously. As a result, you do not need access to US Netflix, to… Read More »

NCIS Season 14 on Netflix

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is back, and the fourteenth season of the popular series can now be seen on US Netflix. Want to get access to US Netflix? There are three different NCIS series available. The series simply called NCIS is the original, while NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles are spin-offs from this original series. I have watched the original NCIS series quite a lot, and the… Read More »