How to check my Netflix download speed?

Is Netflix buffering or slow? Would you like to check your Netflix download speed? It can easily be done, and this is how you can check it!

One of the most frustrating things in the Netflix world is when you sit down to watch a great movie, only to be interrupted by buffering and slow speeds. What is causing the slow speeds? Is it your Internet connection in general, or maybe it is your ISP that is slowing down your traffic?

netflix download speed test

It is easy to check your Netflix download speed

If you want to check your Netflix download speed then it can be done very easily at This is a brilliant and easy to load website which automatically will check your download speed from This test in itself is brilliant, but it will turn really interesting if you get slow speeds. That is when you should do one more speed test, but this time you should visit I really hate that site because it is so heavy to load and lots of flash tools, but there you can do one more speed test. This speed test will check your Internet speed in general and after doing it you should compare the results. If you discover that both connections are slow, then the conclusion is that you ISP (Internet Service Provider) is having a bad day (or a bad life) and there is little that can be done. If you see that the first speed test at had poor results while the second test had much better results, then your ISP is probably slowing down your traffic from Netflix. They are in other words making your Netflix experience sour on purpose. They might have several reasons for doing so, but they should not get away with it.

If this is happening you could and should complain to your ISP. But, you can also fix the problem easily by using a Virtual Private Network. I am often recommending such when I write articles on how you can access German Netflix, how you can access US Netflix and so on. Just follow the instructions in any of those articles and you will both remove any speed limits on Netflix from your provider, and you will also get access to Netflix in another region at the same time.

I hope this answer to the question has helped you. If you have further questions or comments, use the comment field beneath!


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