The Circle is now on Netflix

The Circle on NetflixWould you like to watch Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in the movie The Circle? You can now stream the movie on Netflix in certain Netflix regions.

It’s only been a few months since I considered going to the cinema to watch The Circle. For some reason time did not allow me to do so, but it came to me as a major surprise as I by coincidence as I did a check on UK Netflix. Since I want to keep my articles up to date, I tested the method described to get access to UK Netflix abroad, and as I check it, I saw The Circle as a featured movie.

In other words, you can currently stream The Circle on:

  • UK Netflix
  • Irish Netflix

I almost didn’t want to stream The Circle on Netflix

There are lots of movies I want to see and stream, and there are lots of TV series I also want to watch. For that reason I wasn’t really sure whether or not I wanted to spend almost two hours to watch The Circle. In general, I really wanted to watch the movie, but I have mostly only heard bad reviews about the movie. Some friends who saw it in cinema, said it was really boring. At iMDB it has a 5,3/10 score (which is quite bad), and at Rotten Tomatoes it is even worse. It has a critics score of 15%, while the movies audience score is as low as 23%. Those are just terrible numbers, and once I saw those numbers, I didn’t want to waste my time on the movie. Could it be as bad as those numbers say?

After watching Emma Watson do her role in the Beauty and the Beast so wonderfully, it felt so in vain for her to take a role in such a terrible movie. And what about Tom Hanks? Could it really be that bad?

I decided to watch The Circle on Netflix anyway

I jumped on my fitness machine and started to stream The Circle on UK Netflix on my iPad. The story didn’t catch my attention, but somehow I wasn’t so bored, meaning that I did want to finish the movie. I of course couldn’t exercise for almost two hours, so I stopped watching after 40 minutes and watched the rest of the movie later.

I must admit that The Circle isn’t a brilliant movie at all, in fact it is quite boring. What interested me was simply the potential in the story, or the potential and the scariness of what the story is about. The Circle is a tech-company, quite similar to Facebook or maybe Google (or the both of them together). For Emma Watson it is about working for that company, while for us as viewers, it is rather the question about living in a transparent world, in which all our movements and words are supervised and stored. Will such information make lives better? Will the world become a better place if we are followed and supervised?

Such important questions are asked in the movie, and those were the questions that made the movie somewhat interesting to me. As the movie ended I wasn’t satisfied at all. The questions asked in the movie were good, and it was interesting to see how it all ended in the movie. But, it should have been possible to create the movie in a much more entertaining way. I felt as if the movie was flat from start till end, and I could just as well have watched a documentary on Discovery. As a result, I would not recommend this movie to anyone, except from those specially interested in online security, online privacy and similar topic.

How did you like The Circle?

I have shared my thoughts on The Circle above. How did you enjoy the movie? I would be really happy if you would take five minutes to share your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “The Circle is now on Netflix

  1. I was just incredibly bored with this movie… waste of both Emma Watson and Tom Hanks to take part in such a movie. How this isn’t the start of a negative circle in their careers. We can for sure watch the and follow them, so let’s hope they will stay alert!

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