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Friends is finally on US Netflix

Friends on NetflixOn October 29th I wrote an article telling that all 10 seasons of Friends would come to Netflix in January 2015. Now January is here and it is 2015, meaning that you can now watch all ten seasons of Friends on US Netflix, if you want to!

If you have seen Friends before you know what to expect as you watch the series. The most famous actor nowadays from Friends might be Jennifer Aniston, but there are lots of other stars also acting in Friends, so make sure to check up on these Friends and get addicted. A good idea might be not to start watching just before bedtime or in a period of life where you have little time to spare, because once you get addicted, those ten seasons will fly away within a short period of time.

If you watched almost all parts of Friends this is a great chance to see those episodes that you did not get to see, and if you just love Friends, then this is your chance to see everything all over again. So while waiting for Seinfeld to arrive to Netflix, enjoy watching Friends and if you wonder how to watch Netflix from all across the world, read the different articles here on! Be aware of the fact that it is possible to use your current Netflix subscription in whatever Netflix country around the world to watch Friends on US Netflix. All you need is to get yourself an American IP address, and you can watch Friends on Netflix in the United States within a few minutes. Read more about this and other related issues clicking the Netflix from abroad link above!

Have a good time and enjoy watching Netflix!

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