Get access to Brazilian Netflix

By | May 18, 2016

Are you in the mood for watching a film on Brazilian Netflix? Here you will find out how you can get access to Brazilian Netflix, also from outside Brazil!

Normally new blockbusters are added to Netflix regions such as Canada and the United States, but sometimes big surprises are made and films are made available in other Netflix regions, like in Brazil. The best example is a film that was made available on the very day I am writing this article, and that is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. The film was released on DVD about two months ago, and now you can already watch it on Brazilian Netflix. But, what can be done if you want to watch a film on Brazilian Netflix, but can not do it because you are located somewhere else? This is how it is done!

Get access to Brazilian Netflix

Watch Brazilian Netflix

The method might change with time as Netflix is blocking more and more VPN providers, but at the time I am writing this article this is a working method that lets you watch Brazilian Netflix from all across the world.

The best way

Get a subscription to the VPN provider ExpressVPN, download their client and connect to server Brazil (not Brazil 2, but Brazil). Restart your browser and visit Netflix and you are ready to watch Netflix in Brazil abroad.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

ExpressVPN has a full refund policy, in case you should not like the service or it should not work the way you expect it to work.

Another way

First you will need a subscription to the VPN provider HideMyAss (a provider with a thirty  day full refund policy, so no worry… give it a try.)

HideMyAss website

Once you have your subscription in order download the HideMyAss client. Choose “Location Mode”, choose “Choose Location” and then search for Brazil. Select Joao Passoa and connect. This will give you a Brazilian IP address and it will let you watch Brazilian Netflix. It might be that the other servers will let you watch Brazilian Netflix as well, but I can not guarantee that.

This article was updated on May 8th, 2017

Help me out…

If you give this a try and it should not work, please write a comment and let me know so that I can update this article and keep it describing a working way. In other words, if you do not see any comments on this article, that is at the same time telling you that the method described here is still working!

5 thoughts on “Get access to Brazilian Netflix

  1. P Silva

    Is someone else able to watch Netflix from Brasil in Usa as April 26 2017?

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      I am not in the USA, but in Europe, and I just used ExpressVPN to get access to Brazilian Netflix 🙂

  2. F. T.

    Our Netflix USA immediately displayed Netflix Brazil. Key problem though: it would not allow any movies/series to play on either the computer or our TV (with the following message being shown: “your browser appears to be in incognito mode. Please turn off Incognito Mode and try again”. Please advise (perhaps another mode would work).

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      I am not sure what kind of browser you use, but do a quick google search on how to turn of incognito mode in your browser, that should probably help!


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