Get access to French Netflix! [Working in 2018]

By | May 24, 2016

get access to french netflixWould you like to watch some French films on Netflix or maybe you miss the French subtitles or French audio? This is how you can get access to French Netflix outside France!

The French language is a beautiful one and if you love it, you will of course love French Netflix. There are also quite a lot of programs and films available on French Netflix that can not be found elsewhere, and that is why lots of people miss French Netflix when going abroad. But, how can you get access to French Netflix when abroad? This is how it is done!

This method is working at the time I am writing this. With Netflix blocking different methods I can not guarantee that this will last forever, but at the time writing it is working. If you have problems, please write a comment and I will check it up and if this method stops working I will write about another solution instead!

Watch French Netflix abroad

If you want to get access to French Netflix this is what you should do!

  1. Get a subscription to ExpressVPN.
    Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)
  2. Download the ExpressVPN client to your computer.
  3. Start the client and connect to a server in France.
  4. Connect to this server.
  5. Once connected you can visit and watch French Netflix.

October 1, 2018 – I have just tested it, and it works!

Give it a try and enjoy watching French Netflix. You can also use ExpressVPN to watch American Netflix, Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix and more. And, if you do not like ExpressVPN, they have a 30-day full refund policy!

If you have problems or questions, write a comment!

9 thoughts on “Get access to French Netflix! [Working in 2018]

  1. Christine Wilson Post author

    I just updated the article, because the previous method described here hasn’t worked for a long time. But, I just tested a new VPN provider and it works with French Netflix, so read the instructions if you want to watch French Netflix outside France. Do not forget that if your Netflix account is registered in France and you travel inside the European Union, you will most likely get access to your French Netflix content no matter what, but if you live outside a EU country, then these instructions will help you access the French Netflix catalog.

  2. Natacha

    I have the same problem, I subscribed thinking I can watch Netflix in France from abroad, but seems to not work. I tried to contact them for the past 2 days with no answer can someone help me here?


    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      HideMyAss will for sure refund your money if it doesn’t work. Wait for a while or try the live chat on their website and you will get your money back. I will update the article within shortly with another working method instead then!

  3. rochedieu

    i tried to use the service and it detect the VPN and block content…

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      Have you been speaking to their customer service? They couldn’t help? Last time I spoke with them they were able to help 🙂

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      Just checked it myself and it seems not to be there anymore. Will find out what has happened and check it out!

    2. Christine Wilson Post author

      I just spoke with them and they said that you should just contact their customer service and they will help you out at once 🙂


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