Netflix shows different content in the same region on different devices

Netflix error on androidToday I experienced something interesting as I wanted to stream content on Netflix. I used a VPN to stream content on Portuguese Netflix, but I got different content depending on whether I used my iPad, Android tablet or Windows computer. What happened?

I wanted first of all to check whether or not I could actually stream Suits season 6 on Portuguese Netflix. I have a popular article on the topic, and to make sure that the information is up to date, I decided to give it a try. In Windows it worked properly, but then on my Android device I could not find it at all. The same was true on my iPad. What’s going on? I had no clue really, but found it to be very strange.

Later I connected to VPN servers in the Netherlands to get access to Dutch Netflix, and yet again the same problem occurred. I got hold of all content in Windows, but the Android device and the iPad did not find all content. What was the problem? What was the solution?

Does Netflix make a difference depending on your device?

I asked myself, does Netflix have a different offer depending on whether you stream the content in Windows, on Mac, on Android or an iOS system? That sounded strange to me, and I was right. There is no such difference created by Netflix. So what was the problem then?

My SmartDNS created the problem

I use a SmartDNS provider named Unlocator to stream quite a lot of content online, and that is setup on a router in the office. This is the basic connection used by my Android device, iOS device and also my Windows computer. But, in Windows it doesn’t seem to create any problems, but I tried the following:

  • I changed the WiFi connection used on the iPad and the Android device to a basic connection, with no SmartDNS setup.
  • I yet again connected to the VPN servers in the mentioned nations.

Guess what happened? Suddenly I could find all the content I didn’t find earlier, and thus I could stream Suits season 6 on Portuguese Netflix, watch lots of Star Wars movies on Dutch Netflix and find lots of other goodies.

If you have the same problem, my best advice would be for you to check your DNS servers. They might cause the problem.

Have you got a question, a comment or maybe you have experienced something similar? Write a comment and let me hear about it!

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