• Batman: The Dark Knight on Netflix
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    The Best Action Movies on Netflix in 2018

    It is September 2018, and the year is soon to end. But, why not watch a fantastic action movie on Netflix? Here you can see a list presenting some of the top picks in the action movie category on Netflix as of September 2018. The best way to know more about the best action movies on Netflix is by watching the video presentation beneath. Take a look at the movie to hear a small introduction of the movies, and to see some clips from all of them. Would you rather get a short written summary of the best action movies on Netflix? Here you can see a very short introduction…

  • Jack Reacher on Netflix
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    Best action films on Netflix

    I like a good action film and since I have a Netflix subscription a good action film on Netflix is perfect entertainment for an evening together with some nachos and some salsa dip. But, which are the best action films on Netflix at the moment? Here you can find some of my favorites! Be aware of the fact that these films are all available at the time of writing, but I can not guarantee that they will be available at the time you read this article. Hopefully they will be though! If you want to know more about watching Netflix in different regions with one Netflix subscription, read the «Netflix…