• warcraft on canadian netflix
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    New on Netflix Canada in October 2018

    Are you looking for a list presenting what’s coming to Netflix Canada in October 2018? Look no further, the complete list is here! I have just written about what’s coming to Netflix in the USA in October 2018, and the only big highlight on the list was 22 July. This movie will come to Canadian Netflix as well, after all, it is a Netflix original directed by Paul Greengrass. It tells the story of the attack by Anders Breivik in Oslo and on the Utoya island on July 22nd in 2011. It doesn’t just tell the story of the attack, but also about life after the attack for politicians, Anders…

  • Watch Pixels on Netflix
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    Watch Pixels on Netflix

    I remember watching Pixels in the cinema and I really enjoyed it. Now two years later I still like the movie, but I would probably not watch it on Netflix again! Since I watched Pixels in the cinema I have watched it once more at home. I enjoyed the movie the second time as well, but then I watched it with some people who did not really enjoy games in the 80s, and they were even less fans of Adam Sandler, and thus the atmosphere around the second show of the movie wasn’t as good as the first one. But, if you like a good comedy and feel a warmth…

  • Confessions of a Shopaholic on Netflix
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    Best Comedies on Netflix

    There is nothing like a good laughter and a good laughter is supposed to make our lives longer. So, why not take some hours to watch a good comedy on Netflix tonight? Here are some advices for funny films that you can watch on Netflix right now! Before you continue, please notice the following! At the time of writing all these titles were available on Netflix in the mentioned nations/regions. However by the time you read this article things may have changed, making them unavailable, since that is how things work in the world of Netflix. If you want to know more about jumping between different Netflix regions so that…

  • The Cobbler on Netflix
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    The Cobbler on US Netflix

    One of my favorite films as I saw it in cinemas in the last 6 months was probably The Cobbler. It wasn’t an amazing film, but I found it to be amusing and a very nice film with some good jokes and a nice story. Ready for some fun and some popcorn? Watch The Cobbler on US Netflix! The Cobbler is the story in which you meat the cobbler named Max Simkin, played by Adam Sandler. He is a guy without to much purpose and not so much to live for, but then suddenly something happens. One day the machine he normally uses to repair shoes gets destroyed, so he…

  • Just Go With it On Netflix
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    Just Go with It on UK Netflix

    In these days Adam Sandler can be seen in cinemas worldwide with the film Blended. He is a master of those funny and romantic films, and if you want to see one of them, Just Go with It has just been released and made available on UK Netflix. This is a really nice family film in which Adam Sandler brings with him Jennifer Aniston to play his wife and family as he goes on a holiday to a really nice beach paradise. Things will of course not develop in the way he originally planed them to, but that is what makes films such as this one interesting and of course…