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    Line of Duty season 5 on Netflix?

    When will Line of Duty season 5 come to Netflix? Can I watch Line of Duty season 5 on Netflix already? If yes, how and where? Line of Duty is the name of the super-popular TV series created by BBC in England. It was originally produced for and by BBC2, but due its intense popularity, the fourth season of the show was broadcasted on BBC1 instead. This lead to a major jump in the amount of viewers, and instead of 4,5 million viewers (who watched season 3), the fourth season ran with more than 9 million viewers. A few weeks ago, Line of Duty season 5 premiered on BBC in…

  • Bodyguard on Netflix
    TV Series

    Watch Bodyguard (2018) on Netflix – also in the UK

    Bodyguard is the name of a brand new Netflix series, created by BBC, but presented as a Netflix original series everywhere else in the world (outside the UK).  I am a big fan of BBC series, and the series Cuckoo is another BBC series that is presented worldwide as a Netflix original series. I quickly watched Bodyguard as it was released on Netflix, and I haven’t regretted it at all. If you visit Rotten Tomatoes, you can see that the series currently has a 98% score. That might be a bit too high, but still – it is a great treat, and if you like a combination of politics, action,…

  • netflix coming to germany

    Netflix coming to new nations and other stuff

    Netflix is growing bigger and bigger, and that is why they will soon open up in six new nations in Europe. For many that is great news, because by then it will be possible to watch Netflix in Germany without using a VPN, because it will be a very own Netflix available in Germany. If you want to know more about in which other nations Netflix will open, and when, read the following article on Netflixnews.org. In addition there are daily added new films and shows to Netflix, and recent news also claim that the entire Seinfeld show might be added to Netflix within shortly. For UK users it is…