• Great colors and animation work in Robozuna on Netflix
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    Robozuna – more action for kids on Netflix

    I might not be the biggest fan of original Netflix productions, but when it comes to children programs on Netflix, the original productions are great. Recently I have been watching three different original Netflix productions for kids; Hilda, Trollhunter, and Robozuna. What I have discovered watching these series is that Netflix is doing great producing content for kids in the 7-15-year-old age group. Kids in this age group, and especially boys, love robots, action, transformers, and cars. All the three mentioned TV series fit into this category, and maybe especially, Robozuna. The first season of Robozuna consists of ten episodes. Here we follow Ariston, a young guy who takes part in…

  • Trollhunters on Netflix
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    Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia – perfect for kids who want action!

    Netflix has understood something that is very important – if you reach the kids, you will reach the future adults! It is no wonder why Netflix is producing a whole lot of children material, and Trollhunters is one of the best of them all! Does the name Guillermo del Toro say anything to you? Maybe not! But, if you have followed the recent years in the movie industry, you might remember the movie The Shape of Water. Do you know which director received the Academy Award for Best Director in 2017? Guillermo del Toro for his work with The Shape of Water. But, what does this has to do with Trollhunters? It…

  • Hilda on netflix
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    Hilda is beautiful, but scary!

    Hilda is the name of a brand new Netflix original series created for kids. It is recommended for kids aged 7 or older, but I would have my doubts letting seven-year-old kids watch this all by themselves. Hilda is a beautifully created children series. The drawings/animations feel old-fashioned, but that is exactly what makes them so nice. With Hilda, Netflix has managed to mix an old look, with a brand new and interesting story. Hilda is out in the wilderness, and they know for sure that there are trolls out there. But, when the trolls suddenly come alive, it starts to get scary. And when their house is later attacked…

  • Frozen on Netflix
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    Best children films on Netflix

    Netflix has understood the importance of reaching the children and for children to love Netflix already fro young age. In that way they will for sure keep on using the services on their older days. That is why Netflix is packed with children films, and here I will mentioned some of the best children films on Netflix in these days. Notice that these films are available in the mentioned regions at the time of writing. It might be that they will no longer be available in those regions by the time you read this, but hopefully they will be. If you want to learn more about switching between different Netflix…