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    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is now on Netflix

    We have been waiting for it for a long time, but you can now stream Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Netflix. Do you wonder how and where? I was just visiting Canadian Netflix today. My goal was to check that my method for streaming Canadian Netflix from abroad still works, to make sure that what I recommend here on this site is valid and up to date. As I connected to a Canadian server with my VPN and visit Netflix.com I thought I could just as well check if there was any interesting content available. My eyes lightened up as I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on the…

  • passengers on netflix
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    Watch Passengers on Netflix

    I remember watching Passengers last year. I had read lots of poor critics of the movie, and after watching it myself, I kind of agreed! I did not come with great expectations, as I went to see Passengers. The director did a great job with The Imitation Game, and I hoped that he would manage to create a similar success movie again. The fact that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt had the main roles only suggested that this would become a giant success. But, it didn’t! Somehow the movie never managed to grab a hold of me, and for that reason I found it to be quite boring. The movie…