• A Christmas prince on Netflix
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    Watch A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding on Netflix

    Netflix is doing their best at creating original Netflix productions that are suitable for Christmas. In 2017, they released A Christmas Prince, and in 2018, the follow-up movie was published on the streaming portal. In A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, the story continues from the first movie. Amber is traveling to Aldovia to get ready for the fantastic royal wedding. But, things don’t go the way she has planned. First of all, she is totally shocked by all the protocol that is expected of her to follow, and suddenly, her entire life is controlled by the protocol. Amber doesn’t like this, and she hopes that at least her future…

  • Netflix December 2018
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    Coming to US Netflix in December 2018

    December will be a fantastic month! Not only because of Christmas but because Netflix will serve us several movies that will be a real treat to watch. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at this video presenting the best Christmas movies on Netflix! Three great Netflix originals coming to Netflix But, what is coming to Netflix in December 2018 that makes me so happy? There are quite a lot of original movies coming that I am really enthusiastic about. Just consider the fact that Jennifer Aniston has the main role in the brand new Netflix original movie named Dumplin‘. She is the beautiful mother who…

  • Holiday Calendar
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    Is The Holiday Calendar worth watching?

    The Holiday Calendar is a brand new romantic Christmas movie from Netflix. In the movie, we meet Kat Graham in the role as Abby Sutton, Quincy Brown as Josh Barton, and Ron Jones as Gramps. I do not really know these actors very well, with the exception of Ron Jones whom I remember well from his role in This Is Us as William. He did that role very well, and he is a solid character also in The Holiday Calendar. But, there is a problem with The Holiday Calendar, and it is a serious one. Around Christmas, people buy products, just because they have to buy something. In the same…

  • christmas on netflix in 2018
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    What to watch on Netflix for Christmas 2018?

    It is finally here, the Christmas season. All across Europe, the annual Christmas markets are about to open, and Christmas music is banging the loudspeaker in malls all across the world. But, what are you gonna watch on Netflix for Christmas in 2018?  I have just made some hours of research looking for the best Christmas movies on Netflix at the moment. I wrote a similar article a few years ago, but since then the information is out of date, and new movies have been made. Well, not really – the best Christmas movies are the classics, those that just stays eternal, and you know there is no Christmas without…

  • Handmaids tale
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    Are you ready for Christmas?

    Christmas is getting closer, which means that people will start looking for Christmas content to stream on Netflix. Are you in the Christmas mood already? What will you stream on Netflix this Christmas? I have written articles earlier years about the best Christmas movies available on Netflix. I will probably do so this year as well, but I am far from being in a Christmas mood at the moment, making it very hard to start looking for Christmas movies on Netflix. But, it is getting closer, and with Christmas markets opening all across Europe in the coming weeks, I guess the Christmas atmosphere will enter into my soul as well.…

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    The best Christmas movies on US Netflix [2016]

    Christmas is soon here and you are desperate to get in the right Christmas mood. Why not watch a Christmas movie on US Netflix? Which movie to choose? I wrote an article back in 2015 presenting the best Christmas movies on Netflix then. Since that article was written a lot of things have changed. Most importantly it has become much harder to change your Netflix region, meaning that you will probably just watch in the Netflix region you are currently in. And, which Netflix region is the most popular with most subscribers? US Netflix! So, here comes the list presenting the best Christmas movies on US Netflix in 2016. If…

  • Fire on Netflix
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    Enjoy a nice Fireplace on Netflix

    Not long ago Netflix launched Jessica Jones and also released the Ridiculous 6 on Netflix. Now they launched another great film, the Fireplace! What is this about? It is a simple movie lasting a bit more than one hour, and during that one hour you will watch a live fireplace with real crackling sounds. It is very nice to take a look at this meaning that even if you live in the smallest flat somewhere without a real fireplace, you can still log on to Netflix and watch  a real fireplace with real crackling sounds. It is available in all Netflix regions and you can even choose if you want…

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    Give the Christmas gift of region free Netflix

    Are you thinking about what to give someone for Christmas? Why not give them the gift of region free Netflix watching? What is that? That is the gift of making someone able to watch Netflix in all different Netflix regions with one single Netflix subscription. But, how is that possible? It is in fact very possible and it is very easy. All you need to do is to read the following article in which I describe how you can easily jump between Netflix regions easily. http://netflix.fromabroad.org/netflix-region-switcher/ Just press the link above and you will find out how you can jump between Netflix regions as well and thus you will be…

  • Love Actually online
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    Best Christmas films on Netflix

    Christmas is approaching and one of the best ways to get the Christmas spirit into our homes is to watch a good film together, and if it even has Christmas as its subject, then the Christmas atmosphere gets even stronger. That is why I have looked around on Netflix for the perfect collection of Christmas films that will help you get in the right Christmas mood. Enjoy the list and if you want to see the video presentation of the films instead, just watch the video beneath. Before you continue, please notice the following! At the time of writing all these titles were available on Netflix in the mentioned nations/regions.…

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    Best Christmas films on US Netflix (2014)

    Are you looking for a nice film to watch on Netflix for Christmas? Want the Christmas atmosphere to come to you through the TV or the laptop screen? Read the following list and you will feel Christmas coming at you within minutes! At first I planned to give the article the following title “Best Christmas films on UK netlix (2014).” I connected to UK Netflix and started looking for the great Christmas films. But there was one problem, I felt as if they were simply not there. That is why I changed and connected to US Netflix instead and that is when the Christmas atmosphere started coming. [stbpro id=”info”]Wondering how…