• Watch Genius on Netflix
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    Watch Genius on Netflix

    The 2016 film named Genius with Colin Firth, Jude Law and Nicole Kidman has already reached Netflix. Would you like to watch Genius on Netflix tonight? I have not yet seen Genius, but after watching the trailer I do feel like doing so. Even though the movie has great actors, it has not received the best critics on the Internet. It currently has a 6.5/10 on iMDB which is considered a fairly low score based on the general positivity of the people actually sharing their scores there. Another portal which normally is strict is Rotten Tomatoes, and there Genius has only received a 51% rating. In other words, this has…

  • Kingsman on Netflix
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    Watch Kingsman on Netflix

    One of my favorite films this year has for sure been Kingsman. I could not watch it in cinema, so I watched it at home later instead, and since many people recommended it to me I had big expectations to the film. And even though the risk of disappointment is much bigger for a film if you come with high expectations, I was not disappointed and actually enjoyed this mixture of an action and comedy film! Kingsman is a kind of James Bond film, meaning it is about some super secret agents which no other agency in the world know about. They will of course need to fight for saving…

  • Before i go to sleep
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    Before I go to sleep – now on US Netflix

    Are you in for a really interesting film in which you will not really get the point before it actually ends? Watch a film which has a story that is intense and will keep you stuck to the chair for the next two hours. Before I go to sleep is the film for you! The film was just made available on US Netflix, so if you want to watch it, go ahead. If you do not have a Netflix account or live in a nation in which Netflix is unavailable, such as for example Kazakhstan or Nepal, find out more about watching Netflix from abroad here. In Before I go…