• Moana on Netflix Summer 2017
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    10 movies to stream on Netflix this summer (2017)!

    The summer has already started and you might be looking for inspiration and advises on what movies to stream on Netflix this summer. Here are my advises and tips! New movies are often the most interesting to stream, because you haven’t seem them before. But, there are also some great old movies that is worth recommending. Here is a list of 10 movies that I can recommend to any movie-lover for the summer of 2017. I should tell you that not all movies can be found on US Netflix, meaning that the movies described here can be found in a mixture of Dutch, Canadian, US, UK and German Netflix. Luckily…

  • Doctor Strange on Netflix

    Watch Doctor Strange on Netflix

    Doctor Strange is the fantastic Marvel movie from 2016. In this the former Doctor played by Benedict Cumberatch, turns into a superhero named Doctor Strange. Want to watch him on Netflix? I remember watching Doctor Strange in the cinema in November 2016. For that reason I did not actually expect Doctor Strange to come to Netflix for a little while, but I was proven wrong. On May 30th Doctor Strange will be added to US Netflix, meaning that people who live in the US, or people who know how to access US Netflix from abroad, will be able to stream Doctor Strange on Netflix from that date on. Watch Doctor…