Ten Blockbuster movies on German Netflix

Would you like to get an idea about what to stream on German Netflix tonight? Would you like to watch some real Hollywood content that isn’t Netflix original content? Here I will give you ten awesome Hollywood blockbuster movies that you can stream on Netflix in Germany at this very moment!

It is great to see all the original Netflix content available at the streaming platform. But, there are times when you just want to get a mainstream Hollywood movie that you know was loved by millions when it was played in theaters all across the world. So, which movies should you pick tonight on Netflix in Germany?

Do you need help accessing German Netflix?
Do you want to stream German Netflix, but cannot do so because you are abroad? Or do you see some content in this list that you just want to watch, but it is impossible because you are abroad? Well, take a look at our instructions on how to watch German Netflix abroad to find the solution!

If you want information on how to get access to even more Netflix regions, check our main article at netflix.fromabroad.org.

Ten movies worth watching on German Netflix

There are great Netflix original movies as well on Netflix in Germany, but here I will only mention the Hollywood blockbuster movies not produced by or for Netflix.

Justice League (2017)

DC Comics has had a hard time fighting against the Marvel Universe, but they have experienced fairly big success with their Wonder Woman and Aquaman movies. But, before both those movies were released, there as the Justice League movie from 2017. In the movie, we get to see Wonderwoman, and it is a complete breath of fresh air after the devastating and depressive Batman v. Superman movie. This is great action for those in love with the most important superheroes in the DC Comics universe.

Justice League on German Netflix

Gone Girl (2014)

This is just a thriller in the super-class. Here we meet Ben Affleck who is suffering in a tough marriage. One day he returns home to discover that his wife is gone. What has happened? But, things get even worse as he is actually turning into the suspected person for what has happened to his wife. If you haven’t seen Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike yet, go ahead and stream it right now… it is awesome!

Gone Girl - a blockbuster movie on German Netflix

Wonder Woman (2017)

If you don’t really care about the DC Comics universe, you should still watch Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is awesome in the role, and this was a movie liked by millions worldwide. It is a “female” production with the main characters being women, and it felt like a breath of fresh air to the DC Comics universe. Aquaman was great, but he doesn’t even get close to the character of Wonder Woman when it comes to quality and entertainment level. This movie is combining Second World War history with pure fiction, and I liked the concept (evne though I know many people who didn’t).

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

For those in the mood for a real blockbuster movie on Netflix in Germany, Mrs. Doubtfire is the solution. This is Robbie Williams playing the role as a nanny in the house of his wife (they are going through a divorce). He is crazy to be with his children and willing to do anything just to be around them. But, it isn’t easy for a man to play the role of a nanny, and especially when the children start to get suspicious. This is a real classic worth watching!

Spy (2015)

Would you like to laugh a lot, but also enjoy some action and crazy jokes? Spy is a movie from 2015, starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham. This is a spy movie, but with so many crazy things happening that you just have to laugh your way through the movie. I have seen it 3-4 times already, and I have no trouble watching it again. If you are in the mood for a serious movie, skip this one. However, this is a perfect activity for those who are a bit tired and just want to laugh and have a good time in front of the TV.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Can you imagine watching Groundhog Dog with Bill Murray in an action version? If you decide to watch Edge of Tomorrow on Netflix in Germany, that is what you are going to get. A soldier is waking up to the same crucial day every single day, and he needs to live it through to stop the opponent in the Second World War. It isn’t easy, and every single day he dies in different ways. This is one more movie I have seen several times, and that I can easily imagine watching even more times (while waiting for the follow-up movie to come around).

The best movies on German Netflix

Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk received lots of praise worldwide, and I know it was a big Hollywood blockbuster. I wasn’t really that fond of the movie myself, but if you like Second World War dramas that try to show what happened in reality, while also giving you the action experience and some personal dramas, this is a movie worth watching.

You can now watch Dunkirk on German Netflix

Inglorious Basterds (2019)

I have mentioned quite a lot of World War movies so far in this list, and this is one more. But, this is also a very different movie. This is made purely for entertainment, and even though Brad Pitt has the main role in the movie, the German actor Christoph Waltz is the one that I remember. He is playing in an awesome way the role of a Naci officer, and even though he has been great many times, I feel like this is his best role ever in a movie. If you want a comedy/action/drama movie with humor from the Second World War, stream Inglorious Basterds on Netflix in Germany!

The Revenant (2015)

Leonardi di Caprio didn’t win an Oscar before this movie. He was nominated several times, but never managed to win. So, before The Revenant, everyone hoped he would actually win a statue, even though he didn’t deserve it for this role. But, the mainstream pressure made it through, and thus Leonardi di Caprio won an Oscar for his role as a wounded guy in this movie. To be honest, this felt like a depressing and long movie about revenge to me, and I felt depressed while I watched it. But, Leonardo still won an Oscar, so if you want to know why, check out the movie yourself!

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

This is the first of two Sherlock Holmes movies direted by Guy Ritchie. The second can also be streamed on Netflix in Germany, but the first one was both awesome and way better than the second. Here we get to look into the mind of Sherlock Holmes, while the city of London is terrifyed because of a bad guy who does magic tricks and even is capable of raising from the dead (so it seems). This will entertain everyone in love with a good drama in which Sherlock Holmes is the super-detective that sees things nobody else is capable of seeing.

Even though I didn’t like the second movie as much as I enjoyed the first, I still look very much forward to Sherlock Holmes 3 which will be released in 2021.

The best VPN for German Netflix

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The best movies on German Netflix – are you satisfied?

Have you been inspired by reading through this list? Did you find any movies that you would like to stream on German Netflix tonight? Let me know about your thoughts and what you plan on watching this evening on Netflix!

If you have comments or further questions, let me know!

How to watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix?

The Blacklist is the ultra-popular criminal action series from NBC. James Spader is the criminal mastermind Raymond Reddington who is helping the FBI catch bad guys. Sounds cool? Would you like to watch The Blacklist on Netflix? How can it be done?

The Blacklist premiered on NBC in September 2013 and has since then been one of the most popular shows on the network. It has aired on different days of the week, but currently, it is running on Fridays at NBC.

Would you like to watch The Blacklist on Netflix? Is there a way to watch all the seasons of the show on Netflix?

The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix
How can I watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix? And what about the earlier seasons?

How to watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix?

These instructions will tell you how to watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix. But, once you get access to The Blacklist season 7, you will also get access to all the previous seasons, meaning that you can stream all the other seasons on Netflix as well following these instructions!

In most countries, you can only find older seasons of The Blacklist on Netflix. But, in some countries, Netflix is the official broadcaster of the series. As a result, you will get access to the brand new episodes 24 hours after the episode has aired on TV in the United States. As a consequence, the best way to watch all the previous seasons of The Blacklist online, and also to watch the brand new episodes, is to watch The Blacklist on Netflix in a country in which it is the official broadcaster of the show. So, where is that?

Netflix is currently the official broadcaster of The Blacklist in India and in Australia. How can you get access to The Blacklist on Netflix in these countries?

The best way to watch Netflix in India and in Australia is by using the VPN services of ExpressVPN. Their VPN services if working amazingly with both countries, making you able to stream The Blacklist on Netflix, and lots of other great content.

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Watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix with ExpressVPN – step-by-step

  • Click the button above to visit the ExpressVPN website and to sign up for their services. You will get a big discount, and should you buy a 12-months package, you will even get three additional months for free.
  • Download ExpressVPN to your tablet, telephone, computer, smart TV, Fire TV, Android TV, or use one of the ExpressVPN browser extensions.
  • Run the program and connect to a server in Australia or in India.
  • Reload the Netflix application or reload Netflix in your browser.
  • Search for The Blacklist.
  • You are now ready to stream The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix (and all previous seasons).

If you have any trouble, then you are still protected by the 30-day full refund policy of ExpressVPN. It is also nice to know that ExpressVPN has a live-chat available on their website, something that will help you immediately if you have any trouble along the way.

Once you have an ExpressVPN subscription, make sure to connect to a server in Canada to check the content on Canadian Netflix, to a server in the USA to check what’s on US Netflix, and to a server in the UK to find out what’s on UK Netflix. It works with even more countries, so look around and give it a try!

Does this work on Android and iOS systems as well?

If you are reading this article using a tablet or a phone, you might be worried about whether or not this will work on your current device. There is no need to worry. Visit the ExpressVPN site by clicking the button above or the one beneath this text. After you have signed up, you will receive your welcome email with all the necessary information, and you will at once be able to download the ExpressVPN application to your device.

ExpressVPN website(watch The Blacklist season 7)

When you have installed the ExpressVPN application, login with your credentials. You can then connect to a server in Australia or India and start watching The Blacklist on your Android or iOS device.

It is important that you have to close the Netflix application entirely after you have connected to the VPN server. You can then open the application again, and you will see the content of Australian or Indian Netflix instead of the content of your current location.

When did the different The Blacklist seasons premiere on NBC?

  • The Blacklist season 1 – September 23rd, 2013 (Monday)
  • The Blacklist season 2 – September 22nd, 2014 (Monday)
  • The Blacklist season 3 – October 1st, 2015 (Thursday)
  • The Blacklist season 4 – September 22nd, 2016 (Thursday)
  • The Blacklist season 5 – September 27th, 2017 (Wednesday)
  • The Blacklist season 6 – January 3rd, 2019 (Thursday)*
  • The Blacklist season 7 – October 4th, 2019 (Friday)

*the rest of The Blacklist season 6 was aired on Fridays, it was only the opening episode that aired on a Thursday.

As you can see, there has been a tradition to launch the new seasons in the autumn. But, after season five it was a longer break, simply because the decision to renew the series for a new year came very late. This has to do with the decrease in the number of viewers. It all started with an average of around 15 million viewers in the USA during season one, while the average number was around 7 million viewers during The Blacklist season 6.

The fact that the show has gotten fewer viewers is normal. There are only a few shows that have actually managed to get an increasing number of viewers with the seasons, and those are The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones. Besides those, the trend among all TV shows is a decrease in viewers. But, one should not forget about the increased popularity of The Blacklist on Netflix, meaning there are millions of people streaming the TV series from NBC online on the popular streaming portal as well.

Jon Bokenkamp, the creator of the show, has done a great job writing the script and working on the show. He has promised us even more action in the upcoming season of The Blacklist, so be well prepared for more fun and action in the coming weeks and months!

A scene from the first episode of The Blacklist season 7!
A scene from the first episode of The Blacklist season 7!

The Blacklist season 7 – Katarina Rostova and more

We already know that Katarina Rostova will be one of the main characters in the seventh season of The Blacklist. If you haven’t seen season six already, do not read on. But, if you have seen it, you probably know that Raymond Reddington was stabbed by Katarina Rostova in the last scene of the sixth season. In season seven, she will be one of the main actors and she will torture Raymond Reddington to withdraw information from him.

But, at the same time, she is the mom of Elizabeth Keen. And as the task force does their uttermost to find Raymond Reddington, it is most likely that Elizabeth Keen will find and meet Katarina Rostova. What will that reunion be like? I cannot really imagine, but I fear it will be filled with anger, aggression, and disappointment.

Jon Bokenkamp also mentioned the fact that we might meet The Blacklister number 1 in the seventh season of the show. We sure have a lot to look forward to!

Do you need help watching The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix?

If you still need help watching the seventh season of The Blacklist on Netflix after reading this article, write a comment. I will answer as quickly as possible!

How to use a VPN to watch Netflix on an Amazon Fire TV?

Do you own an Amazon Fire TV or an Amazon Fire TV Stick, and now you would like to use a VPN on the device? How can you use a VPN to watch Netflix on an Amazon Fire device?

It is incredibly easy to use a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV. All you need is an actual Fire TV (Stick), a Netflix subscription, and then you need to purchase a subscription to a VPN provider that works well with Netflix. There are quite a lot of VPN providers to choose from, but if I were you, I would go for one of the following VPN providers.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick
The Amazon Fire TV Stick

ExpressVPN with Fire TV and Netflix

This is a great VPN provider for Amazon Fire TV. They have a beautiful looking application ready in the app store, meaning that you can easily download it to your Fire TV. After installing it, add your ExpressVPN username and password and connect to a server in the country you are interested in.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

Be aware of the fact, not all ExpressVPN servers work with Netflix. That is why you might get some proxy and unblocker messages when using ExpressVPN, but still, they have servers working with Netflix in almost ten nations, so you should have no trouble getting this to work.

You can use one ExpressVPN subscription at five devices at the same time, so you can easily use this on your computer, mobile, tablet and at the Fire TV at the same time!

Before you continue, check the content in this article. Based on what I wrote there, I would clearly recommend ExpressVPN as you try to stream Netflix on your Fire TV Stick instead of the upcoming two providers.

NordVPN on FireTV with Netflix

NordVPN is another popular and famous VPN provider. They are a big sponsor of Liverpool FC in the Premier League, and they are one of the most used VPN providers on the market. They work with servers in 6-7 different nations. But, unlike ExpressVPN, they use a smart technology with Netflix. If you connect to a server that doesn’t work with Netflix, you will instead get access to American Netflix. As a result, you will never get the proxy and unblocker error message, but you will instead get access to American Netflix. That is very neat, isn’t it?

Unblock Netflix with NordVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)

NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can use one subscription at six devices at the same time. The subscription is a bit cheaper than ExpressVPN, but in general, ExpressVPN is a bit faster than NordVPN. But, for most people, this should be more than enough.

NordVPN also has an application ready in the app store on your Amazon Fire TV, meaning you can download it and run it at once!

Surfshark VPN on FireTV with Netflix

The last VPN provider I will mention in this article is Surfshark VPN. I just tested this service, and they will actually give you access to around 12 different Netflix regions. As a result, you can stream lots of content in different nations. But, they also use the technology that NordVPN does. As a result, if you connect to a server in a nation that doesn’t work with that local version of Netflix, you will get access to American Netflix instead.

Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Netflix right away)

You will easily find the Surfshark VPN application in the Fire TV app store. They have a 30-day full refund policy, just like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, and they can be used on as many devices as you want to at the same time.

Which VPN provider will you use on your Amazon Fire TV as you stream Netflix content?

I have mentioned three providers working very well with Amazon Fire TV’s in this article. Which one have you decided to use? What was your experience like using the provider you picked? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

If you have any questions or want to receive recommendations, write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

The best VPN for Dutch Netflix

Are you looking for a VPN that will secure your Internet connection while giving you access to Dutch Netflix? Have you ever used a VPN that gave you a Dutch IP address, but locked you out from Dutch Netflix?

A normal VPN connection will encrypt your online activities and as you connect to a Dutch server, it will also give you a Dutch IP address. But, Netflix is working hard to discover and to block IP addresses used by the popular VPN providers, and that is why you will often get some sort of proxy and unblocker error as you try to watch Dutch Netflix with a VPN.

But, which VPN services can be used to stream Dutch Netflix without getting bombarded with proxy and unblocker error messages nor other errors?

Watch lots of Dutch movies on Dutch Netflix using a VPN
Watch lots of Dutch movies on Dutch Netflix using a VPN

The best VPN for Dutch Netflix

There are several VPN providers that work with American Netflix, but not many will let you stream the content on Dutch Netflix.

Using a VPN to access Dutch Netflix isn’t only about accessing a different Netflix region than your present. It is also about describing a VPN that can be used by people in the Netherlands looking for a VPN that they can use to encrypt their online activity without compromising their security as they stream Netflix.

Currently, the best VPN for Dutch Netflix is NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market, and they are one of the sponsors of Liverpool FC. They have a serious product, and they are located in Panama, making them a safe provider if you want to be safe and to be sure that your data is protected.

Unblock Netflix with NordVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)

What makes NordVPN great is that they will give you access to lots of other Netflix regions besides Dutch Netflix. But, the most important is how easy it is to use. While ExpressVPN (the VPN provider at second place) only has one working server in the Netherlands (meaning that you might get the proxy and unblocker error message a couple of times before you actually succeed with your streaming project), NordVPN will work, no matter which server in the Netherlands you connect to.

NordVPN also has good speeds, and very good prices, especially if you purchase a subscription for a longer period of time. You can also use NordVPN to watch other popular streaming services and unblock the websites of many other TV networks worldwide.

NordVPN has a 30-day guarantee on your purchase, meaning that you can ask for a full refund anytime during this period. They support the 256-bit AES encryption, and you can use one subscription at 6 devices simultaneously.

Watching Daylight, a Dutch movie available on Netflix in the Netherlands
Watching Daylight, a Dutch movie available on Netflix in the Netherlands

The second best VPN for Dutch Netflix

If you don’t care about the price, and don’t mind seeing the proxy and unblocker error message a couple of times, ExpressVPN is the best solution for those who want a VPN working with Dutch Netflix. At this very moment, they have three different servers you can connect to in the Netherlands, and one of these works with Netflix. As a result, you have a 33% chance to get it right on the first try, but if you connect to all three servers, you will for sure succeed in the end.

Visit ExpressVPN(and get access to Dutch Netflix)

ExpressVPN costs a bit more than NordVPN, but they give you access to more Netflix regions in total than NordVPN. Another thing that speaks to the advantage of ExpressVPN is their speeds. They have faster servers, and many people consider ExpressVPN to be the fastest VPN provider currently on the market.

NordVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, just like NordVPN. One subscription can be used at five devices simultaneously, and they support 256-bit encryption, they have split tunneling, a kill switch and other important VPN functions available. They also have nice browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

A third good VPN option for Dutch Netflix

Surfshark VPN is the name of a quite new VPN provider on the market. They have good prices, a very nice looking application, and they currently have servers in more than ten different nations working with Netflix. Surfshark doesn’t have as quick servers as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, but for the purpose of encrypting your online activities while watching Netflix, this should be a smooth solution. Their prices are quite similar to the prices of NordVPN, meaning that they are cheaper than ExpressVPN.

Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Netflix right away)

Besides giving you access to Dutch Netflix with a VPN, you can also use Surfshark VPN to stream Australian Netflix, Italian Netflix, and several other cool regions.

Surfshark VPN also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, just like the others. But, they do not have any limit for simultaneous connections, meaning that you can use this with all your families and student buddies at the same time. You can also use the whitelisting function to visit websites without using the VPN services, or the kill-switch to make sure that all your Internet activity will be blocked in case the VPN connections drops.

You don't have to jeopardize your security to watch Dutch Netflix.
Do you have to jeopardize your security to watch Netflix in the Netherlands, or are there VPN providers working with Dutch Netflix? If you have read this article, you probably know the answer.

Which VPN will you choose for Dutch Netflix?

In this article, I have given you the names on what I consider to be the best two VPN providers for Dutch Netflix. Which one will you choose? Have you tried any of these? Are you satisfied? Do you have another VPN provider you prefer? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!