• Watch Michael Clayton on Netflix
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    Watch Michael Clayton on Netflix

    I remember watching Michael Clayton in cinema and did not enjoy it so much. That is why I am not so enthusiastic about Michael Clayton coming to Netflix. If you however want to watch the film, you can now watch Michael Clayton on Netflix. It is quite seldom that I do not remember movies well, but with Michael Clayton I have quite a hard time remembering the story of the film. What however comes to my mind is a somewhat serious movie with George Clooney. It isn’t the typical action packed film, but more like a drama moving in a quite slow tempo. Now, since I do not actually remember…

  • Watch Monuments Men on Netflix
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    Now you can watch Monuments Men on Netflix

    Yesterday I wrote about how you can watch Spy on Netflix. Today I will tell you that you can watch Monuments Men on Netflix. Monuments Men is a star packed film from 2014 in which we see a very special group of people leaving the States in order to get hold of missing paintings on other art in danger of being taken and maybe also destroyed by the Nazis during the Second World War. This is not only important, but also very dangerous, so Monuments Men is a mixture of an entertaining and and exciting film at the same time. It is also packed with stars, meaning that you will…

  • George Clooney in Tomorrowland on Netflix
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    Watch Tomorrowland on Netflix

    I just wrote an article and a small review of Tomorrowland in which I wrote that Tomorrowland would probably be added to Netflix within a few months, but we did not even have to wait for months, because Tomorrowland was just added to Netflix! So, if you want to watch Tomorrowland on Netflix then the region to visit is Canada and all you need to do to watch Canadian Netflix with your current Netflix subscription is to follow these instructions. Tomorrowland is a good film which I did not like a lot, but that does not mean that it is not good, simply that it was not a fillm after…